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  1. Sounds like you had a great fitting session, would love to do one of those. I prefer blade putter, both aesthetically and for performance, it seems to allow me to connect with the ball better coming off the face. I have an EvnRoll, I love it although it is heavy and took me some time to get used to it. I also have in another set of clubs a Bettinardi Mizuno Black Carbon blade putter, that I liked a lot also but the EvnRoll took its place. I think your numbers look good. Did they say anything about your swing arc, strong, moderate, etc such that they were trying to compensate for that with the putter?
  2. PJ - I would agree with that. I currently carry a PW at 44.5 loft, a Utility Wedge at 50 degree and a 60 degree. Similar to you, I have a variety of other, expensive wedges sitting around from 52 to 58. I have to say I also have a PING Chipr that i sometimes use, which is 9 iron loft but a very heavy weighting. I use the 60 degree for flop shots/going over the bunker mostly. Otherwise the other 2 wedges I use and just vary my swing strength (full, half, etc). I agree with you that it is too complicated, when just playing for fun like most of us do, to worry about all those different permutations of grind/bounce/loft and the weather conditions and the ground. I am sure it adds a couple of strokes to my game but I am not close to par anyway and I am here for the fun, camaraderie and exercise of walking so it is enough for me.
  3. I prefer plastic just because they are re-usable and don't chip. Although I have both in my pouch that I use, for some reason the shorter tees used for PAr 3's in wood I prefer more.
  4. Same - i have a small collection of putters on my practice area that I only use there and I will not part with them.
  5. I am also playing an EvnRoll, I like the heavier weight and the way the ball comes off the face. It is expensive but seems all of the top putters are, for me it was worth the money as I have more confidence with that putter.
  6. Would agree with the sentiment that actual instructor time is usually well worth it, as they can see and touch you, so while YouTube videos have a place, instructors will make more progress. That said, probably the best "tip" I ever got was around my putter swing. I have a moderate to strong putter arc, which I didn't really notice so much before (it just felt natural to me), and while it is ok to have it, there are also putter fittings that can address that. I went to a putter fitter and he measured it and i changed my putter to one that was engineered for that kind of stroke. I think it has helped over time as I typically don't have a lot of 3 putts anyway.
  7. i like quite a few of the players, probably my top 3 would be Rickie Fowler, Rory and Scottie Scheffler. I have recently spent more time following Sheffler and I like him quite a bit, well grounded young man who just gets it done.
  8. I have been using for a few years now an Evnroll ER3, which is heavy, wide blade putter. I find that it get a much better feel coming off of the face with it and even if I hit it off the toe or tip sometimes, it is not such a huge miss. I have a moderate arc in my swing so the heavy weight helps me to control it. I also played for some years a Mizuna Bettinardi Black Carbon putter, I have to say that was my preferred stick before I tried the Envroll. I still use the Bettinardi when I travel as I keep it in another bag, but I prefer the heavier weight feeling of the Evnroll. I also tried Odyssey White Hot (too light, but I have one) and See More putter as well, I didn't ultimately like the feel coming off of the face on that.
  9. I am a walker and most at my home course walk (95% I would say). I recently played with a friend is much better than me, he shot 84 I was 92, and we walked and finished in 3.5. When I play with my normal partner, who is worse than me, it is never less than 4 hours and sometimes 4.5. I have taken 5 or more hours when the course is full and there is someone holding up others. I fault 2 things: 1 - Marshall doesn't exist or if they do, they don't do their job, and 2) the level of knowledge of golf etiquette is horrible (the number of naked divots in the greens is a good indicator as to how people are). So they don't let faster players through or they take forever to search for balls or they don't play ready golf, etc etc. You need Marshalls to move play. And some clubs don't let singles out - you should be at least a twosome in my view, no singles should be allowed on weekends.
  10. hi Jim - I joined the club where I am because, if i play it say 20 times in the year, the membership is completely amortized, so if I play it more than that, which I should, then I get my money's worth. now where i am a member is not very expensive - about $1,500 or so, that is not expensive at all by US standards. I was also a member of other clubs that were say more like $-45K per year, and still joined them as they were the closest clubs to me AND they had other aspects - such as a swimming pool, that I wanted to access or my wife to access. I have toyed with the idea of NOT paying the dues for a year and just play the other clubs on a rotational basis, but the club where i am a member is also closest to me and my friends go there as well. IF there was a club relatively close by that had better service than this one, I would likely switch as I don't like the service levels where I am, but at the same time you don't pay a lot either. Fees in Europe are not as steep as in the US typically and golfers are less in numbers it seems. This club has the best practice facilities and a good golf school but I don't use them very often.
  11. Might be best to get refitted, there is something about the shaft length and kick points along with shaft weight that you just need to work through in the fitting. I just found that the shorter length help me have more control for accuracy and no impact on distance really.
  12. Same. I experienced it the other way, I had a shorter shaft in my PING 400Max, then when I went to the PING 425 the shaft was longer (maybe 1 inch), can't hit it straight, reduced the shaft and the dispersion was better. I am still playing the Max400 as I just like the contact and feel better, but for example with the shorter shaft yesterday on my home course, I was 11/13 FIR (my average is 53%), I feel it is much better for my swing. But I only drive the ball about 200-210, I don't swing big either.
  13. It is part of the legend of golf to be quiet and respectful while others focus on their shot. If it was me, I probably would not play with him again or I would kindly inform him that I noticed that the music/noise affected my play and therefore would prefer to play without it. I have also recently noticed at my club a recent phenomenon whereby if someone misses their shot they yell or scream out (this is more something the Asians at my club do), and for example if you are in the middle of your stroke and you hear this loud scream out, you are startled and it affects you. So my view would be no music on the golf course. I go there for the game, camaraderie and some exercise, not for music and anxiety.
  14. what didn't you like about the 9W? I have a 7W and it is my favorite club, I was thinking to pick up a 9W actually.
  15. Looks like there is a lot of sound advice here, my own view would that it doesn't make a huge difference and you should use what is most comfortable. The differences between 54/56/58/60 as you move one to the other are not huge, but the difference between 54 and 60 are more noticeable. Shaft, bounce, swing speed all will affect it more than the 54 vs 56 for example. Your set of 45/50/56/60 is actually what I am using now and find that I use the 60 rarely but it has its time, and the 45 I use the most frequently even close in as I am just comfortable with that club and adjust my tempo to the distance and topography. I just find it more versatile than the higher lofts.
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