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  1. Mizuno components are manufactured in Japan but the final assembly is done in Georgia, USA. I hope Mizuno hears about the complaints and moves their assembly to a place where the employees care about keeping their jobs.
  2. Just received my Mizuno S23 52° /10° bounce S grind and 58° / 12° bounce D grind wedges. I ordered them through golf galaxy. It took 2 months for the 52° wedge and 3 months for the 58° wedge to get to me. They said it was because I had them flattened 2° flat. Also, because I had them modified I couldn't order them together, I had to submit two separate orders. It would have been nice to know this ahead of time. I could have had them adjusted locally for about $10 each and received them a 5 or 6 weeks earlier. They sent updates with estimated delivery dates a month in the past. Sorry about the rant but its been frustrating.
  3. Mizuno M Craft II cut down to 33 inches. Absolutely love it.
  4. Sometimes a 3 wood is a better option than a driver. Many slower swing speed guys hit the 3 wood further and straighter than their drivers. Something to consider.
  5. I tend to keep my irons for a while. 30 yrs worth below. Pinseekers (ping knockoffs) Titleist DCI Gold Titleist 690 MB Titleist 718 CB I'm planning on getting fit this year. Not really sure what's out there but Titleist and Mizuno are on the list.
  6. Just ordered a Mizuno S23 52°/10° and 58°/12° wedge. Both 2° flat. Looking for a bit more forgiveness and more bounce than my current wedges. I had about $65 in golf galaxy gift cards and more importantly I needed to address my new equipment itch.
  7. I shot a 1 over par round at Laguna Seca golf course in Monterey CA when I was a 15 handicap. That was about 10 years ago. Last year I shot a 2 over par round at Aptos Seascape in Aptos CA as an 11 handicapper. I didn't necessarily hit the ball a lot better than normal but my short game and putting was uncharacteristically good for the entire round on both of those days. I think that's the ticket to a career low round.
  8. I usually play the Vice pro soft. It performs well and is inexpensive. I think its a great ball for the price. That being said I just played a round with the Titleist AVX. Really good golf ball for me. I'm going to play a couple of more rounds with it and if it keeps performing like today, I'm going to make the switch. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I don't lose many golf balls so maybe I can justify the cost? I still have half of the 5 dozen Vice balls I bought last year (I played 70 rounds of golf last year). I tried the pro V1s. I hated them. Probably the worst feeling golf ball that I've tried in a long time. Especially putting and chipping.
  9. Almost never. If a free bucket comes with round or if i have a lot of time before my tee time i might hit a few. Otherwise its putting, some chipping and a lot of stretching.
  10. I actually seem to play better when I walk so i walk every chance I get. I think walking allows you to stay loose and mentally break away from the game in between shots. I'll keep walking as long as I'm physically able to. I have a caddytek with a seat. I like the extra bit of storage for sweaters, water, etc. The seat costs extra but was well worth the extra $40.
  11. Check out Proquip for rain gear. I believe they are based in the UK so they should know something about rain. They will custom tailor your suit, waist and inseam sizes. Zippered front pockets, 2 velco rear pockets, zippered legs, and belt loops along with a stretchy waist band and a sticky band to keep your shirt tucked in. Very reasonably priced compared to footjoy, etc. I only bought the pants as i had a good rain jacket.
  12. I always work on my posture (I need to stand taller), takeaway (keeping my hands in and clubhead out) and top of swing extension (chest pointing up and out). Then I work on my putting. Long lag putts and shorter straight putts mostly. Then if I can find a place with a chipping area i work on my short game. Unfortunately I have to drive about an hour away to get to a place that has a decent chipping area. And good luck finding a place with a practice bunker.
  13. I use Titleist gloves and get about 30 rounds of golf in with each pair. Cheaper gloves don't last. I keep them in a zip lock bag with a desiccant bag or two. This keeps the gloves from getting crusty. I generally change them out because they stretch out and become a bit slick.
  14. Lets see, Pin Seekers (ping knockoffs). Titleist DCI Gold triangle. Titleist MB 718. Hogan Icon (my younger brother tried them, never saw them again). Now it's the Titleist 718 CB. Wow, more than i realized. I'll probably get fit later this year. I've never been fit for my irons.
  15. I prefer to walk but most of the courses around here aren't walker friendly (too much elevation changes and distance between tees). I did buy a cart last year and i walk whenever i play walker friendly courses. For those thinking of purchasing a cart. My recommendations. Get a seat. Brake lock on the handle instead of near the wheel. An attached bag to put things ( jackets, i take off my bag straps when i use my cart, etc.).
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