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  1. Oil futures at $71.50 on wti crude. The markets don't appear to care they want to drive the price up. Good thing we have a market based system.
  2. Agreed. This is likely the final season of LIV in its current incarnation. I said from the beginning it would be good off-season team competition where the top finishers each season captain teams and draft from the voluntary roster to hold events globally for charity and outreach under the LIV banner, then return to the Professional tour schedule and LIV takes a back seat for 7 1/2 - 8 months of an abbreviated PGA/DP schedule.
  3. G'Morning golf addicts. It's been 45 hours since I swung a club. Going to Lakewood CC at 2pm. I never score well here. Hoping the theme of mergers carries into my golf game and I can merge all my personalities into 1 who knows how to play golf for all 18 holes. Like Station in B&T B.J. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and remember "Station."
  4. My thoughts: Awkward. So much is on record. Chamblee went so far in defense of the PGA and with the most eyeballs on him. The backtracking, revisionist narrative and retcon will need to be expert level. Major reason Monahan will likely stay in his job. Monahan should step down. Mishandled is a kind word. 3 1/2 years ago this could have been the likely result had he been open to it. He instead used resources to pay lawyers (who play at CCs regularly anyway) and paid actors (who also play golf regularly at nice places) to run a gambit of litigation and propaganda. Purported mission of growing the game. This merger leads in that direction. The resistance to it, as I see it, was using resources that could have been directed at the stated goals. Pushback I hear most often is now PIF and thereby the Saudi govt has financial majority interest in the sport of golf. Simple solution (not for me, but many of the loudest voices) INVEST IN GOLF. Take some of your $ from your offshore account you hide it in and repatriate it, build a golf course. Let juniors play for $5. Now you're doing something besides talking. NCAA and the alumni of every University, build a course. If you have one, build an executive on an adjoining property. If people are unhappy about the Saudi investment representing such a large amount they are encouraged to help dilute it.
  5. G'morning MGS and happy Monday. Exciting day of laundry and errands. No golfing, I played 4 days in a row, time to rest my aches and pains today. Hope a lot of you get out to the course, good luck!
  6. @Ben Joest "great minds..." etc etc This is on RockBottomGolf
  7. Update to this, Standings are posted I'm not sure if the scores updated automatically or more scores will be manually input, but it feels good to see my name on "the podium" so to speak
  8. Sat down and compiled all the rounds that hadn't been inserted in my Bushnell, so I could look at the statistics on their app and see where improvement can be made. Pretty obvious hitting more than 30% gir and 65% fw would help my scores significantly. Also got an idea of putting, I've been under my average for all the golf I've played since adding the counterweight in the grip.
  9. I find for me I will unlock something with my driver swing that feels good, but then I'll start to incorporate that into short iron shots and vice versa. A huge part of it is the "present in the moment" concept in the sense of understanding the athletic task at hand and unlocking the muscle memory for that specific task, with a touch of intuition and a sprinkle of luck. It's a simple recipe. It just ain't easy to cook up.
  10. Date 06/04/2023 Course Name Clearbrook GC/William F Larkin GC at Colonial Terrace Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 12 Gross Strokes over/under par 11 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 69 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 240 Played 9 today to pair with an odd 9 holes I played Friday PM so going into today I knew I had an E score going and today I managed to keep the same ball in play, shoutout to Oncore Elixirs. Similarities between the two 9 holes sessions I finished bogey-double both days. I may have to change my name to richk7holes. Took my phone out 0 times, thus no pictures. Also 0 3 putts both days. Maybe putts don't like when I take their picture Differences on Friday I hit almost every FW but a hair off in the rest of the game. Today hit only 1 FW and 3/9 gir but scrambled like a maniac for 7 holes before I pressed my luck to a whammy and a double whammy on 8-9.
  11. My finish on #9 today was similar hole played 180y to the back, 163y to a front location. I hit 5i toe side and wound up with the ol' chip-over-bunker scenario I decided future encounters with this shot will be approached with a focus on staring at the back of the ball, Jedi mind trick myself to not see the blasted trap.
  12. Played 9 holes at Clearbrook GC Par 35. Happy with the 41 I shot, finished bogey-double on 8-9 so could have been much better. Round started with excellent ball striking +3 through 7 holes (-3 net), my contact drifted to the toe and I played the final 2 holes down the right side. Coming in I said I wanted to avoid 3 putts 15 putts made a 4' and a 15' from off the green to go with mostly adequate lags. And avoid any score worse than 6 Double on #9 was a 5 with a mucked SW. 6 on #3 was on the 450y handicap 1 par 5 hole. Birdied #4 260y par 4 driver-PW and the above mentioned putt from the fringe. Also shot a personal best from the white tees on this 9 hole. Makes sense since previous 43 and 44 scores were accompanied by not checking one of the 2 objectives above.
  13. Dick's Sporting Goods had them, driver fairway and hybrid, right where the Maxfli and Ping headcovers normally are. @J7Hawkins
  14. G' Morning, sports fans. Big day of watching golf, Rose Zhang...Rory McIlroy..Tom McKibbin. The stars are showing today. I will slide in 9 holes with Dad around noon and then back home to watch the finish of The Memorial.
  15. Date 06/03/2023 Course Name Bel Aire GC Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 14 Net Score to Par 8 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 235 Lots of great shots, lots of whaddya doin'? moments. 8 pars, 5 bogey, 4 doubles, a triple and a birdie on #9. Lost 3 Elixirs and switched to a Srixion q star tour. Pretty sure I prefer the Elixir on approach and around the greens.
  16. That's funny, I shot the same 38-37 today for 75 but mine was at a par 60 executive. Still, when I say I shot 75 I sound good, lol. Don't have to mention the course rating or gross score to par.
  17. I wouldn't call it loose, but not hard to get off. I'll add a photo later, but the inside is a faux-furry type material that glides easy even though it fits snug. I like'a a'lot Added: upon further inspection I think the inside may be lined with authentic Cookie Monster fur. Probably what drew my eye in the first place.
  18. I can't speak to the Cobra putters besides some tinkering in store with them, but the Sik putter I use definitely had that effect when I switched to it. Everything was rolling past the hole by 20% too much. I think the heavy weight of the head is part of the equation in my case, but you may be on to something in regard to the DLT face delivering optimal starting roll.
  19. 3 months ago I was at 12 Callaway clubs and 2 Titleist. Then a Sik putter entered. Then sub70 5-PW forced their way in. Then a TM stealth rescue replaced the 2 Callaway hybrids I was carrying. I was at 5 brands, but then: *Ping has entered the chat*
  20. @GolfSpy BOS halfway through the round, swapping out a left handed set
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