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  1. Congratulations testers! After testing the Edel Irons last year they have quickly become my favorite brand by far! Looking forward to all of your thoughts and reviews
  2. Good morning all! Sunny day but chilly out! Hope it’s a great day for everyone
  3. Morning all, chilly start to the day. Need to move a couple days worth of firewood inside before the snow comes, then going to spend the afternoon rolling some putts downstairs on the mat and watching the flakes fly! Have a great day everyone!
  4. Happy new years everyone! Sun is shining and having a nice hot coffee, have a great day everyone!
  5. Morning all, had a fun night playing 18 at the simulator with some friends. Time to head into work for the day. Hope its a great day for everyone, first time i've seen sunshine in close to a week I bet.
  6. Morning all, another cloudy and possibly rainy day! At least it’s Friday, going to the simulator tonight with a few of the lads. Have a great day everyone
  7. Morning all! Been a while, been working nights lately which has really ruined my energy levels during the day. Hoping to get out of this funk after the holidays. Hope it’s a great day for everyone
  8. Morning all! been so busy its honestly making me sick, like just really not feeling good. Have a half day at work today then have to help my wife out and do a few things. Only saving grace is playing in a best ball tournament tomorrow! Have a fantastic day everyone!
  9. I think so but maybe a touch biased! These have felt great in my hands every single time out
  10. Been away for a while, crazy busy. Finally relaxing and actually on vacation down in the outer banks for the first time in my life. Brought the clubs hopefully get a round in somewhere! Hope everyone is having a great day
  11. Good morning all! Life has been insanely busy, at least the weather has been great lately. Working a double today then off tomorrow. Hope it’s a great day for everyone!
  12. Haven’t been on the forum much lately trying to keep up with life, but have still been playing with these every week if not twice a week, and still loving them! They have continued to be the part of my bag with the most amount of confidence by far. I have added more weight to the heads pretty much across the board compared to where I left off with testing last month(currently 4-6-8 on my 7 iron for example), except for the wedges which I have kept basically box stock. I have been consistently shooting below 90 for the first time in my life, even on mediocre days on the course, a lot of which I contribute to these irons. I’ll grab some pictures of them after work but they are wearing in beautifully and I’ve grown to like the MCC grips as time has gone on, although I think they are eating my glove a little quicker than my usual tour velvets.
  13. Morning all!! What a crazy couple of weeks I’ve had. Feeling like I’ve been walking backwards most days. The weather is gorgeous today though and I’m finally getting a chance to hit the course and walk 9 after work. I hope it’s a great day for everyone!
  14. Morning all! Back home from playing a decent round this morning with my cousin and a couple people from work. My driving game was horrendous, only saving graces were my irons to keep me just barely under 100 Going to go take a ride on the motorcycle and watch some of the open the rest of the day! Have a great one everybody!
  15. Morning all!! What a crazy week, thankfully today is the last day. Been working doubles pretty much every day, very tired and ready for a relaxing weekend and 18 holes on Sunday morning. Hope it’s a great Friday wherever you are
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