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  1. I was doing some testing with the CTX and it is very close to the Z Star Diamond I have been using but seems to be just a little higher spin on mid iron and a little lower spin on the driver. My only concern on pulling the trigger on the current 4 for price of 3 is the cover durability. But now there seems to be a trend with it not being the best wind ball and being in Texas that’s a pretty big deal for me. Maybe I need to see what # I see with the regular tour
  2. I was impressed with the QI10 on mishits when I tested it, especially on low strikes the spin didn't go up to much.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. The durability feedback from the testers so far has seemed a little bit of a mixed bag. Did some short game test with them today and about the same as the Diamond. How does the CTX do with wind from what you have seen? That’s one thing I have been impressed with on the Diamond is it doesn’t seem to balloon even being a high spin ball.
  4. I did the Gold Galaxy free ball fitting event today and the Chrome Tour X was the best fit for me. Was also getting the best ball speeds with it on 7 iron and driver. My only concern is the cover, definitely got some scuffs from my wedge with 60 to 70 yard swings. To be fair I got the with the other balls as well. I guess I am just used to the Srixon balls and how durable they are. I still got a few to test out against the Srixon as I do really like the the feedback on putting with the TruTrack version.
  5. I was a bit behind the others but my intro is up.
  6. I have had a busy week but will have my intro up soon. I hope to post it tonight but this weekend for sure. I enjoyed the intros from the other guys so I have I have to try and keep up.
  7. I am not sure on the LTDx as I have never hit it. But the dark speed LS is very low launch from my experience when hitting it at same loft the the AI Smoke LS and QI10 LS
  8. I am actually trying the JumboMax grips right now myself. I got a ultralight and the tour to start. I did gain a little speed with the ultralight but was not as consistent with my strike and the tour and the counter weighting I was make center contact basically every time. So I plan to get a few more tours this week and will put one on a wedge to test with short game and one on the driver. Unless there is something with the driver of in the short game I really don't like I am thinking I will be switching to them.
  9. Totally agree they should all offer both options. I am actually someone that uses the side labels on the ball to set alignment when putting but find when it gets much bigger then that I focus on it to much and try and guide the stoke and distance control suffers. I am actually planning on trying the Pix or Tru track balls as I can still get just the side stamp for the small alignment and feed back on roll from the design. At this point I am thinking the only way I stay in the $50 plus dollar range it will be for one of those for the feedback. If not and stick with a traditional design I plan to look at either the Maxfli Tour X or Mizuno RB Tour X in the $40 range or Srixon's when I can catch the buy 2 get one sales they seem to do a few times a year.
  10. Very honored to be selected along with the other testers. Looks like have a good group with variety to give some good perspective. Look forward to getting started.
  11. Congrats testers, can’t say I am a big fan of the look of the alignment but interesting in seeing your thoughts
  12. Introduction: Let me start by saying how much I appreciate this opportunity and big thanks to MSG and TPT. Also to John Sinclair for his time in for the fitting. My name is Zack, I was born and raised the Dallas TX area and lived here most my life other then a few years in California for college. I worked in the golf industry throughout most of my 20’s primarily in a teaching role where I was a lead instructor for a city course teaching both adults and kids then an indoor facility with Edwin Watts. I have moved into IT engineering for my career and I am a single dad. My son is starting to have some interest in the game so I get to do some practice with him but the majority of my golf is sneaking out after work when my son is at his mom’s. My Game: A little on the history on my game. I started playing 24 years ago in high school. I picked up the game pretty quickly and was constantly shooting in the 80s by end on freshman year. My last few years of high school was was consistently in the high 70s. My game was at its best in college where I got down to scratch. Throughout my time in the industry I didn’t keep a handicap but my average score was mid to low 70s with a bad day being high 70s. After years of averaging about 1 round per year I played a handful of time last year and have got the bug again. I still don’t keep a handicap but currently averaging about 8 over par when I play. For a few reasons, I still don’t get play as much as I would like so I practice more than I play currently but with my analytical, perfectionist mindset, I enjoy practicing. Manufacturer claims and My Thoughts: TPT has a proprietary manufacturing process that allows for ……..You know what they explain it better then me. So give it a watch, I’ll wait This has me very excited as if this it true I should see a noticeable difference in dispersion and hopefully from this distance due to the added confidence and ability to play a softer/ligher shaft. How I plan to test: Going to start by comparing the shafts in the SIM bay against my current for launch, spin, ball speed, distance and dispersion. Current shafts: Titleist TSR3 Driver - Graphite Design AD DI 6X and Accra TZ6 55 M5 Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 5 Wood - Graphite Design AD TP 7S PXG 0317 Gen2 22 degree Hybrid - Aldila NV Blue 90S And obviously I will have to put them to the test on the course and what performance benefits it can provide. For these to stay in my bag the primary thing would be dispersion as that has always been the weakest part of my game. But of course some added distance along with that will be welcome.
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