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  1. In my 16 years of golf (10 being more serious), I have had 4 sets total. One I just bought this year! First Set was an old 80's department store set of irons called PowerFlows. They were my dads old college clubs haha. Cant find any info about them on the internet haha. Second Set was Adams Idea Iron/Hybrid set. For a 300-dollar set at the time, very nice beginner set! Love the feel of the hybrids still to this day. Third Set was Titleist 718 AP1 4-AW. Gift to myself for graduating college Set I just purchased recently was '21 Callaway Apex Irons 5-AW. Cant wait to play with this set!
  2. I know, kind of frustrating that it was an incomplete fitting. I might go back and see if the PGA pro can sort of "complete" the rest of the fitting. Also a good excuse to hit on the simulator since theres still snow on the ground lol. Yeah only real golf shop near me, unless i drive over to Minneapolis (which is a hike). They got good golf gear and up-to-date club models, just expensive. I agree on the hunting gear, way too expensive there, but thats what happens when you're the only store that sells it around town lol.
  3. Thanks for sending that info! Its in line with what I assume is the right setup. I agree with you on the static fitting part. Good baseline, but can yield inaccurate results if solely relied on.
  4. Not at all. I am curious about the static guidelines. Do you have any info to share on that?
  5. Thats what happens i guess when you go to a free fitting session at your golf club haha.
  6. Agreed. Based off how i was hitting them and feel, im very hesitant to go back to +1" unless i tried it. I feel like the whole fitting experience was incomplete. Also curious if lie should have been considered in the fitting as well? The PGA pro told me if i ordered the irons, i could get the lie adjusted once the irons come in.
  7. I was fitted for my first real set about 5 years ago. Went to a Scheels by my house and got fitted for Titleist 718 AP1 iron set. They had me fitted for +1" shafts. I am just under 6'3" in height. I have always struggled with my longer irons, but have always been good with the shorter irons (8 and below). Recently, I went to get refitted for a new iron set and was interested in Callaway irons since I love the Jaws wedges. Got fitted for Callaway Apex 21 irons in the standard shaft, felt amazing. When I asked why they didn't consider shaft length in the fitting, the fitter just said to go with my last iron shaft length (which is +1"). My worry was that I got fitted in standard length, and was hitting them really well, getting great numbers on the trackman... I also asked the PGA professional about this, and he told me it's a combo of many different things, but going with what's most comfortable in the end. My assumption was shaft length was correlated with player height. What is everyones thoughts on this? My gut was to go with the middleman and play with +1/2" shafts.
  8. Recently just purchased 2 new Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges, 52 and 56 degree S Grind 10 Bounce. True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 Shafts. Always been a Callaway Wedge player, cant wait to try these out!
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