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  1. Congratulations @cksurfdude @Invader Zim 315 @StrokerAce and @azstu324 Going to be an amazing run with an amazing driver. Can't wait to hear what y'all think.
  2. I use gloves until they get a hole in them or they lose their Velcro durability. After rounds, I tend to just Velcro it to my bag so it is readily available. I tend to lean more towards Callaway golf gloves that I buy in 2-3 packs at PGA Superstore. I have had good luck with them and long durability.
  3. As a 16 handicap, I tend to buy a couple nice sleeves of balls at the beginning of the year and pull out one sleeve per round. If I lose all three in the sleeve, then I move to the next. Not picky one bit on which ball I use. Only thing I do look for is if balls are damaged in anyway, then I won't play it and throw it in the practice bag. Or better yet, in the Happy Gilmore hole bag!
  4. I own 2 spikeless Jordan’s and 2 spiked Jordan’s and have 0 issue with any of them. I have found them all to be extremely comfortable and provide great traction on the course. As others have mentioned, i use the spiked ones when the course is a little bit more wet or when playing early in the morning.
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