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  1. Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forums - but I look to become more active after lurking for a while. 1. I've been playing since I was maybe 9 or 10. I started playing with my Dad on vacation, then started playing with him and his work buddies as I began to put things together. However, I was a competitive swimmer and didn't have time to dedicated to competitive golf in middle school / HighSchool and certainly not in college. I only picked it back up around 2008 when I found a set of Tommy Armour irons out front of a row home in Baltimore being given away for free (full disclosure, I was walking back from the liquor store with a 30 pack of bud light for a party when I snagged my first "adult" set of clubs). I got back into it and after a few years bought a set of Titleist 714 AP1s. Fast forward to 2022 and I upgraded to a fitted set of T100s irons, a TM SIM 2 driver and 3 wood, 2 new TM wedges (60 and 50) and a Vokey 56. I've been working down from a handicap of 18, now I'm solidly at 11.5. I'm happy in the low / mid 80s, but have broken 70 once (well twice if you consider a simulator as a real round). 2. Everything. Honestly though, I love the personal improvement aspect of it. I'm fighting myself, no one else. Sure, I could lose to a better player, but if I execute to the best of my ability, I'm happy. I like working on the technical details, seeing improvment with small changes... and seeing regression when I change something the wrong way! I'm not a tinkerer with my swing by rather focused on improving everything around it - aiming, control, etc. 3. I've hung around for a while, but finally want to get more involved in sharing / engaging! Might also like to be chosen as a tester some day too 4. I'm from the NYC metro area, but now live in the Annapolis, MD area. The closest course would be The Preserve at Eisenhower Golf Club in Annapolis, which I play a lot, but i play league at Compass Pointe in Pasadena so that's probably my home course. 5. It gets VERY hot and humid here... We have a lot of good courses, but none THAT close to me... too many private clubs and well, I'm not rich! However, there is a great golf culture here and decent courses available, so I can't really complain. 6. I run a cyber security business - if anyone is looking for Dark Web Threat Intelligence, let me know! haha 7. Well... it's my name so.... ha I have 2 kids and my 8 year old daughter is showing real interest (and skills) in the game... if there are any others that want to play a father / daughter round and round out a 4 some, let me know! Also would love to find a way to do business networking with other golfers - I don't know where I went wrong, but I've never found my customers or partners want to play golf! So if you are a professional in the cyber world, let me know - maybe we can go play 18!
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