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  1. Holy smokes...must have been quite the "all you can eat" buffet!
  2. Thank you for the time it must have taken to put that list together!
  3. I don't suppose anyone has come across Pro V1s on Black Friday deals? I have a couple people that have everything to buy for and you can't go wrong with Pro V1s.
  4. Definitely sounds like someone with personal experience in this area!
  5. For those that don't regrip their own clubs, Golf Galaxy has: Free Grip Installation with Purchase of 10 or More Golf Pride MCC, CP, or Z-Grip Grips | Golf Galaxy
  6. Nicely done...bringing it back to golf. And yes, chocolate in a golf bag is a mistake everyone makes once, and only once!
  7. I had always teed everything until last year when I started SEVERELY hooking irons (mainly my 7 for some reason) from the box. It helped to play it off the deck but this year I am back to teeing almost everything with mostly better results. Like several have stated, why not take advantage of a perfect lie?
  8. You have to let the Peeps sit opened for a few days to "firm up" ...then, yumm.
  9. The GPS -vs- rangefinder is an interesting question that I have been thinking about lately. I have and use both but have used the rangefinder almost exclusively for the last several years. The only time I use the GPS is at an unfamiliar course or when I am a couple fairways off course and can't see the pin. I have always thought that the rangefinder is the better option since it is giving me exact distance to the pin. Recently, I have been wondering if this is flawed logic. I keep hearing that most golfers, especially crappy ones like myself, should almost always be aiming at the middle of the green instead of the pin. If that is true, is it possible that using the exact distance to the pin may be costing me strokes? If so, then the GPS is probably the one I should be using most of the time. Any opinions on this side of the GPS/rangefinder question?
  10. Great results for the GB raingear! Thank you @WaffleHouseTour for the detailed testing! I am interested in the further testing to see if the "puffiness" affects shorter shots but I am guessing it won't make much difference. When I am wearing something looser fitting, I find that you can just tuck the extra under your arm before the shot and it seems to be fine.
  11. I think I may just have hit upon a "side hustle" that could be very lucrative. I could contact pro golfers and have them pay me NOT to pick them in these contests!
  12. I would be careful thinking a hybrid will help the pull/hook. I have had major issues trying to find hybrids that I don't hook the heck out of. I have tried many different ones and pretty much the only ones that I didn't hook were the Taylormade Rescue knockoffs I still carry in my bag. If you find some modern ones you don't hook please let me know... I would love to try them myself!
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