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  1. Good morning and happy Friday! Another Masters filled day today! Weather looks beautiful which should lead to a beautiful day! I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!
  2. I was able to get out to the driving range last night with my wife. I didn't work much on my swing, but I helped my wife with her swing. It was the first time she had gotten out to hit a ball this year, so she was pretty rusty. However, I have been impressed with her willingness and eagerness to get better this year. She wants to get better and get into some leagues, which is a dream come true. Last night, we worked on her not swaying in the backswing, hitting down on the ball, and getting a better turn in the backswing. For her first time out this year, she did an awesome job! It was cool to see her get the ball up in the air and hit some really nice shots. She was happy with her performance and I was happy to see her happy. I can't wait to get out and have more nights like that!
  3. Good morning and happy Masters Thursday! I plan on having the tournament on in my classroom all day today and tomorrow. A great day to sit back and enjoy the most beautiful golf course in the world! I hope you all have a Masterful Thursday!
  4. Goood morning all! Up and at em early this morning. Workout is complete and am now taking the dog for a quick stroll around the neighborhood. Long day of work ahead of me today, so a good workout to start the day is a great start. Unfortunately, no golf for me today, but lots of golf in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the same goes for all of you! Let's have a wonderful Wednesday!
  5. Good morning! Pretty low key day today. Work, then golf practice, then workout, then sleep. Can't complain about that. Coffee is flowing this morning and the vibes are high! Let's all have a terrific Tuesday!
  6. The best week of April is HERE! Tiger returning to the field, past winners competing for another green jacket, LIV vs PGA goes at it again... What a week it is going to be! I've got the cut at -1 with the low amateur being Christo Lamprecht. Good luck everyone!
  7. Good morning spies! I had a great day yesterday with a trip over to The Seventy to get fitted for a new Sub70 driver. The 849 Pro was nice, however, I got a sneak peek into a new prototype driver they are releasing this summer! This thing is a BEAST. Matte black with more carbon on the crown and body. It looks absolutely stunning! I decided to wait and order a driver until this new one releases in the summer. If you are contemplating a driver right now, this just may be worth the wait. I was also able to see some of the new prototype irons that are in their early stages of development. They have multiple new irons expected to drop early 2025 and even have some new wedges as well. I have always been a supporter of Sub70, but now, the excitement is a little more than usual. Anyone who is able to go experience The Seventy in Sycamore, Illinois should definitely go. It is the ultimate man cave with great fitters and an environment like no other golf brand. Let's all have a miraculous Monday!
  8. Good morning and happy Saturday! Can't wait for the day today. I have a massage scheduled this morning and a tee time scheduled after that. Then, tomorrow I'm headed up to get fit for a new driver. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!
  9. Hey! It is a little less than three hours for me. I live outside of Iowa City, Iowa, so it's a pretty straight shot on the interstate. I have been there once before and I absolutely loved the experience. Ver inviting and an awesome little shop. Even had a couple of beers with the Sub70 staff after my fitting. If you can go, I would definitely recommend it!
  10. Good morning! Last day of school with the students this week. Professional development day tomorrow full of meetings, so that should be fun. Hoping for a better weathered weekend this weekend to get some golf in. On Sunday, I'm going to The Seventy to get fit for a new Sub70 driver and potentially another wood. That's my highlight for the week! Let's hope it goes well! Let's all have a thoughtful Thursday!
  11. Good morning and happy Wednesday! The weather is absolutely disgusting today with a snowy mix. Planning on spending the day inside and wishing for warmer days. The coffee is going to be flowing soon, so at least I'll have one warm part of my day. Let's make it a wonderful Wednesday!
  12. Good morning! It is a rainy and cold Tuesday morning here in Iowa. The weather has not been good the past few days and unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to change for this week. Luckily, I don't have any plans to be outside, so I can stay nice and warm. I was able to get out and hit the range yesterday which felt nice. I'm trying to work on a consistent shot shape for this year. I have never consistently hit a draw, however, that's all I'm hitting with my irons at the moment. It's a nice draw, but now I am trying to figure out how to do the same thing with my driver. Getting fit on Sunday for a new driver, so hopefully, they can help me dial in a consistent ball flight and shot shape. Let's all have a terrific Tuesday!
  13. Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Up and at em early this morning by getting a workout in. Starting a new workout plan this week, so I am hoping that I can get into a new routine of keeping myself in better shape. Should be an easy week of work this week as it is only a four day week with students. The school year is quickly counting down, so I've got to make the most of these last 9 or 10 weeks. I'm counting down to all of the golf I will be able to play this summer... can't wait! Let's all have a miraculous Monday!
  14. Good morning spies! I hope your morning is off to a cracking start. Just got up to work out and hit the bike again. Have to work on some grad school this morning so I can watch all of the basketball games tonight. The weather is finally starting to trend in the right direction, which means golf is close! Can't wait to jump back on the course and start working on my game. I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday!
  15. Good morning! Early morning for me today as I am trying to get back into the habit of working out. I haven't not been good about that lately and decided I need to kick it into high gear. Biked 5 miles to get it started pretty easy. Hopefully, this is a journey to consistent workouts. In other news, I booked a driver fitting at The Seventy for a Sub70 driver. Not this weekend, but the next weekend, I am meeting my father-in-law to get fit. I'm excited to try out their driver and talk to the professional. Going to get back into the golf season in full swing... pun definitely intended. Let's have a wonderful Wednesday!
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