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  1. I had my first iron fitting about a 2 weeks ago and I specifically chose outdoors. A LPGA golfer said that you get more percussion and pound on your hands using a indoor turf. Outdoors give you the true feel and the soft soil gives you a better feel
  2. When I saw your IG and interest in being a tester for the Callaway Paradym I saw it as a sign, lol. Obviously new clubs are an investment and being a beginner golfer I want to be confident in my choice of clubs. I love that you give members an opportunity to test products out.
  3. I got fitted for KBS Max shafts with the PXG irons but tried the stock HZRDUS shaft with the Callaway and they performed pretty good.
  4. I recently had my first iron fitting about a week ago and got to try all different brands of clubs. Out of 8 different brands I zoned in on the Callaway Paradym. Now what I’m stuck on in making my decision is do I go with the Paradym or Paradym X. How do you determine which is the best?
  5. Hello everyone, I finally got the bug to get out and golf more and play with better equipment. I am a self taught golfer, played basketball in college. I love the competition and want to play better. I’ve played with the same irons for about 10 years so I think it’s time to upgrade my equipment and bring down my handicap. I recently joined a Womens golf league so now that I’m learning the golf rules I’m determined to play better too.
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