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  1. Welcome to the world of Spies I love the San Antonio area. The Quarry Golf Course was a challenging course but absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Hi Spies I got another round in with "Big Red" - my new name for the Red Rooster Rain Gloves. I figured since they are a definite keeper in my bag I'd give them a name. They have not failed me at all. The grip remains tight with no slippage even when soaked. I laid a club on the ground hoping to make the grip extra wet and to try to crate "slippage" - it just didn't happen with Big Red. I haven't lost any additional roosters from the palm area either.
  3. Hi Spies Got another round in this week. White Ball played about the same for me this week. I played it against a Stnine Misty and Srixon Soft Feel. Also have been chipping/hitting into the net in the back yard. The trajectory is very similar on all 3 balls. I get a little further carry with the Srixon and the Stnine. I don't feel that the carry on the Titleist would rule it out. It does seem to need a little firmer tap on the green against the other 2 softer balls. Here's a layup onto the green with all 3. You can see the Titleist is just short of the green while the Srixon and Stnine are on it. Like I said not quite as far distance carry but not short enough to throw it out of the bag!
  4. Just finished up 18 holes with the Titleist Test balls. Played half the holes against Callaway ERC Soft and Saintnine Misty (my usual ball) the second half with Srixon Soft Feel and Saintnine U-Pro. (I have used all of these along with Callaway Supersoft or Callway Chrome Soft. I only had used balls of the Callaways so I didn't test against them. I get balls from my daughter as birthday/Christmas presents so I've tried a variety.) The Titleist had similar trajectory as the other 4 balls. It did not travel the same distance as the other balls and came up shorter. It is a firmer ball than the "soft" balls I normally use. The sound of the Titleist is much more solid sounding when hit with driver, woods or irons. It travel very straight - I usually have a slight slice but I didn't with the Titleist. On the green, again the ball was much more solid and not as Soft as the other balls. I needed to give a little more stroke to get the Titleist to travel a similar distance as the other balls. My perspective on the Titleist is - it seems to be more for someone with a faster swing than I have. My husband uses ProV1 and the Titleist Test seems to favor the same type of play as when I've used his ProV1.
  5. Hi Spies, Played 27 today in tells ranging from 55 to 45 light rain by the end. The gloves seem to be working with still maintaining a form grip. @Vegan_Golfer_PNW asked about the rooster wear on the palm. I had the same issue but it was after 42 holes that I noted it. There are a couple of things that I feel could be improved upon - First - i use touch screens for Acros and and also SkyCaddy but need to remove a glove to do so. It would be nice to havecdome conduction threading on one of the fingers to be able to mainiplate the screens without removing the glove. When my handscwere wet it was more difficult to get them back on. Also a nuisance if editing between holes. Second - I pinch the ball between 2 fingers out of the cup and they are too slippery between fingers to do this. I needed to remove the flag or pinch between my thumb and index finger. My fingers are long enough to reach the bottom without removing the flag. This wascalso a nuisance. No real swing issues with the grip just some added conveniences would be a great befit. Other than a missing rooster the gloves and these minor inconveniences I would say I am still not really disappointed. You can see that the gloves still look fantastic also. Had another golfer approach me about them, how they work, he liked the looks of them.
  6. Got mine today!! Headed out to play with these and my Red Rooster Rain gloves. It's 53 and Temps are dropping throughout the day with rain expected.
  7. Hi Spies, First round in with these gloves. It was very cool outside, no rain but the grass was wet. I had no "slippage" with my grip. The grip remained firm and consistent throughout the round. Hoping to get a rain round in soon. If not, I'll be wetting/rewetting my grip to see how they perform. Have to say - I've had no disappointment with these yet!
  8. Hi Spies! My trip ended up longer than expected due to a sinus issue and not being able to fly. Got home late last night. I've finally gotten my hands on these beauties! Let me start with - looks do not disappoint!! Red Rooster went above and beyond on this. I wasn't sure if they were shipping men’s or women's gloves so I provided sizing for both. They shipped BOTH! With a personal note and a sticker (See below.) The women's medium seems to fit a little better than the men’s small. The men’s small has slightly larger fingers and are a little looser. The feel is fantastic! I was not disappointed at all. We all know how anticipation can lead to disappointment when you finally get something you've been waiting for. Have a tee time slated for late morning tomorrow after the frost leaves the grass. More to come soon!
  9. Hi Ben Unfortunately my trip ended up longer due to a sinus issue and not being able to fly. Got home late last night. Just posted picks of gloves. I have a round slated for tomorrow morning.
  10. Only 2 more days before I get home and get my hands on the Roosters!!
  11. I got a text from my hubby that my gloves have arrived!! However, I'm out of town until next Tuesday. The suspense is killing me!
  12. Just got an email from Handup gloves. They have been making bicycling gloves for years. I've been using their golf gloves - they have held up well for me. If you want to give them a try they are having a sale until October 22. 3 for under $30 for leather gloves - lots of styles to pick from. Put 3 in the cart then add the promo code below. https://handupgloves.com/?em_source=google&em_adid=358379085482&em_campaign=1348661498&em_keyword=handup gloves&utm_term=em:google:358379085482:1348661498:handup gloves&gclid=CjwKCAjwp8OpBhAFEiwAG7NaEifU45EJRA5gLSiB-G3LIO3_tnpjuj3nn71F6gUEQK1I4zeL7aW8KBoCMQ4QAvD_BwE
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