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  1. The ProVison-a1 ball in Gel White had the Blue markings,,,,, I forgot I had included you in on my trial,,, here is the Super Yellow v1.01 ,,,, What about these new Forktee's....really handy with the International SpeedGolf group,,,
  2. It would be good to hear from more MG Golf C4 users ,,,,, that would be an interesting comparison I would like to see.
  3. Why isn't there more players testing the C4 version balls,,,I think they feel a bit softer than the Costco balls,,,,and do the same thing? Wouldn't it make sense to test Costco vs these seeing these are supplied by a golf company that did break the mould in regards to pricing for premium spin balls and could do with some support intead of a really large corporation that has received an obscene amount of free media when the only real story was they were " US$4.95 cheaper than MG per dozen!" Costco being 4 piece is not an advantage ,,,, Titleist for 16 years have said they can do ev
  4. This is how the 2017 "ProVision-a1 " - FlexiGel U (TPU) Cover White and PInky should look ,,,, Ball markings? not sure yet.
  5. Hi PM,,, no not yet that was to dial in the whitness I am wanting to achieve,,, the urethane version that glows will only be arriving for my testing next week,, I hope! What i have liked to understand this past week was that Costco will probably just run the one painted white ball,,,,, and as you know that doesn't really excite me in any case,,,, once you go really bright its hard to go back.
  6. Hi Foz,,, I'm working with my team on a UVEE PINKY version for mid 2017,,,,, like this but playable in daylight and with feel,,,,,,let me look for the prototype images,,
  7. This is one of the reasons the Costco was cheaper to make as the normal cast process is slower and as such more expensive ,,,like this Titleist cover being poured here ,,, Costco is a TPU injected approach and they feel and sound different,,,, what is the difference worth to a retail amateur player ,,,, not as much as it used to.
  8. Talking to Nassau they have gone quickly from having spare production capacity to being maxed out but they are going to also increase their production ability in 2017 ,,, approx 100,000 dozen a month is going to Costco (info from a Korean market source)
  9. Do you think they will drop the Callaway and Titleist (HVC or HP model I thought?) lines they have been selling?
  10. I would think this new Costco ball and the others to follow will absolutely flatten the used/lake and more importantly refinished golf ball companies ,,,,, Costco will probably add a good quality 2 piece or 3 piece Surlyn model for 2 dozen at $19.95 next,,,,,,, Why play used ,,,,, they wont even be worth fishing out of the dams,,,, in Australia we have described this type of cheap retail pricing over the past 8 years by many ball companies as supplying balls at a cost that the recreational players dont care about losing them any more,,, they buy balls to lose which used to be used ones
  11. Last year when I took my father to visit some of the ball companies in Korea during the Presidents Cup the Grand Hyatt at Incheon was using the Genesis for their hotel limo service ,,,, I was impressed and yes youare right some people just want to buy the prestige and believe the marketing without any questions ,,,, They support certain brands like they support their favorite football team, with a heart felt passion ,,,
  12. Probably but for more + shipping or on Ebay ,,, here's the thing Costco knew there would be a potential large take up of this product BUT you would have to join their membership group and pay for it to get the best deals,,,, they make as much money from memberships as they do from sales so their reason for smashing the price is a bit clearer when they have two possible income streams from this exercise ,,,,, Smart marketing plus $100,000's of free media attention to drive it. Will they ever advertise within the golf industry media ,,, I doubt it they will probably just do the token
  13. Hi OH, I see a group of the boys have now moved over ,,, thanks for the kind words 2016 has been exciting and now interesting. Great question ,,,,, Dick's / Golf Galaxy did a smart thing a while ago they bought the Maxfli brand for in house use and then added the Top-Flite / Strata brand ,,,,, they had seen what you could do by having legitimate golf brands with long term heritage ( both had gone broke mind you) so players would TRUST these products without much advertising or promotion that they sold under these brand names as being consistent with their well known heritage and as such
  14. Hi PJ,,, the latest MGC4 ball is probably very close but not from the same plant,,, do you mind posting where they are made ,, it should be some where on the latest MG ball packs as the 332 dimple may be a US factory? but I would not have thought so. The MG balls were the beginning of all this as they got to buy a premium performance ball without having to do the expense of developing one,,,,, I still don't know for sure why they did not have the same free media as the Kirkland,,, they were less the half the price and played fine. Cheers, Boz
  15. This was the original disrupter in the premium urethane ball area ,,,, why didn't it get more recognition. I believe they should have done the reviews etc much earlier to make their case and or the market today is more open to playing a non Tour validated design ,,,,, I find it all quite interesting though and it will be but one of a large number of similar bargain performance balls to hit your market.
  16. Hi Stephen,,, hope your well and all the best for the holidays,,, I have been working on two technologies since the last run in the US in 2010/11/12 ,,,, both make the balls look brighter Firstly my ongoing UVEE ™ Project that I begun in 2005 with its StayBright-A tech ™ - we are now onto the 4th generation using Rare Earth Photo-luminescent nano pigments within the outer cover that glow as you can see from the prototypes below,, they absorb UV light energy better than ever and turn it into a bright light effect for a longer period. Secondly a new Super Yellow with a StayBright
  17. Here is a new ball type we are currently evaluating from Japan and Korea the Kaede (Maple Leaf) Dimple balls,,,, I wouldn't get too caught up in the added distance story BUT they do play ok and they are great looking and in the right specs they will be interesting ,,,, they are built to conform to the USGA rules,,,,, these are images from the Korean market website,,,,
  18. Hi Foz, hope your well,,, thanks for the post the other day,,, It wasn't designed for Costco specifically it was a design Nassau Golf - Korea had in place for any company to order, they just suggested a set of specifications and Costco had the balls sent to Gary Mayes and his team I understand at GBT Tech USA to test and assess the quality ,,,,, they just wanted something like a Titleist ProV1 -or X even though it is not a cast urethane cover it is an injected TPU type as they probably also wanted to hit a particular price point to show the world they are a cheap place to shop. if
  19. Just a quick update as I know everyone will try and look at my website,,,, its turned off , I did this in late 2012. I am not actively looking for sales as I have been just looking after the player base I have around the world plus my local proshops only. 2017 is different and will be special ,,, I just have to look at how to create a simple pathway to my designs directly in the US and from everything I see going on with the Kirkland balls etc I am just happy to be a boutique player around the globe,,,,, Sorry my information is not so easily found,,,
  20. This is one of the latest Vision ProTour - V - Prototype designs in Super Yellow the 2016 Test Team Squad were testing for me here and in the UK and Germany,,,,
  21. Here are some of the latest Improved Focal Point IFP ™ print tech designs we have been running in Korea over the past two years,,, partially as a fashion concept but with a more important advantage being identification and improvement in watching the ball through a shot,,,, We have been working on the larger clearer markings since 2005 and this was the logical extension of the idea,,, Goker is a Korean market Elite / Premium brand owned by our manufacturing partner,,, The UK designed TruVis concept dates back to 2004 but we always took the idea to be a great ball identification app
  22. Thanks for the post ,,, the paid for review I was referring to was never compromised by the payment ,, it was done before they ,, Costco decided to pull the trigger from what I understand as they were not sure about Nassau's heritage and capability ,,,, I was and had answered some questions for a friend without fully knowing the how and whats involved,, In relation to the right type of Yellow,,,,I know there are large numbers of players that don't like it for normal play ,,,, but if the conditions of play were really overcast / very dull / twilight after work / really early in the morning st
  23. Hi BH, Thanks for the post and normally I don't have anything to say about any of the other balls in a market but the Costco thing is a very big deal to all of us on the manufacturing side of things. Its not aimed at Costco / Kirkland its Nassau Golf Korea ,,,,GBT Tech or GolfBallTest that did the commercially paid for first review and product evaluation for Costco asked my opinion on the factory ,,,, Taylor-Made had pulled back so far on forecasted orders that Nassau where desperate and as such they have blinked I mean they were even happy to sell to me what ever I wanted ,,,,,,, What I
  24. Thanks for the post and a good question,,,, I don't run a website at this time I have been running under the radar with my approach for the past 3 years as many of my ideas and designs were being borrowed by the larger OEM brands,,,, I worked for Titleist for 23 + years and have been developing new ideas for 12 years under my Vision brand but the 2008 GFC got right in the way of my International plans ,,,,, There is a good amount of published information at VisionBall at facebook or Wayne J Bosley at Linkedin that will give you an insight into what I am about,,, and yes it is not
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