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  1. Thanks. Just confirms what I was already thinking. Appreciate the response.
  2. On the horizontal line, as a shaft moves closer to "fade" is this designating the shaft will produce more fade or more fade correction? TIA
  3. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1554126-how-does-one-remove-copper-finish-off-a-tm-hi-toe-wedge/
  4. Played basically the same for me. I prefer the F9 because the rails are better IMO.
  5. My personal experience is the previous models would scuff very quickly and played like a "value ball". I tried the Cut DC recently and it's an excellent ball IMO. I've noticed minimal scuffing and performance that is equal to the Vice Pro Plus.
  6. 155 yard par 3 17th at Stone Creek in Valdosta. This is the sight of my first hole in one several years ago. 7 iron today with perfect flight, lands about 6 inches in front, one hops and stops about 3 inches past. Really thought I was going to have my third ace.
  7. I'm working on my 6 iron. That's the longest iron I carry but I can't hit the thing to save my life. I hit perfect 7 and 8 irons... feels like the same swing with the 6 and its a chunky hook. At this point, the 6 iron will be in the corner on game days in favor of a PXG hybrid. Gotta do what you gotta do.
  8. I used to like Reed. I've defended him in the past. But he just can't help himself. At this point, you have to wonder if there is something wrong with him mentally.
  9. I just recently started using Keto Chow. It's a meal replacement shake designed for the Keto lifestyle. I'm currently only doing 1 per day (breakfast) but after my initial few weeks, I'm thinking about moving to 2 per day (breakfast/lunch) with a sensible dinner. I'm fighting through the hunger/cravings when I'm at my desk (mostly because I'm a boredom snacker) and each day is a little easier. The Keto Chow is pretty good. It's "thicker" than most supplement shakes I'm used to. Some flavors are good, some not so much. They also have broth to use for a meal and supplement drops for electrolytes, magnesium, and similar to fight keto flu and nighttime leg cramps.
  10. Nice review. I have been using the Yeti Flip 12 for about 2 years and it seems to do the job but the limited capacity can be an issue on hot days (which we have quite a few of here in Georgia). I use the Yeti blocks instead of real ice and winder if that might be a negative. This backpack might be a better option because of the additional space for wet ice and more drinks.
  11. I completely understand the need for a beater club in your situation. Honestly, unless you're playing in a tournament, I wouldn't worry about it much. It's not like you have the rules Karen's chasing after you every shot. That said, it sounds like you've already found your solution and it works. I'm currently working to reduce the number of clubs in my bag overall and have always thought 14 was too many anyways. I'd like to get to 10 or 12 clubs total.
  12. So my question... if you needed your 3 iron, would you be okay with taking out your "good" 56 and just keeping your "bruiser"? Is there anything other than aesthetics that make it unplayable from normal situations? Personally, having 2 identical clubs is worthless to me. I also don't worry about how my clubs look... they're designed to get beaten up and to me, the more worn they are, the better they look.
  13. Paula Creamer came in behind me at a Planet Smoothie in Orlando about 12/13 years ago or so. I said hi and left it at that... didn't want to creep her out.
  14. I agree as well. Not sure why Mr. 82 got clipped but that's garbage to me. Why was his response necessary? Because he's bringing up a valid point that mental health is directly affected by the lack of God in our lives. Also that people get caught up in a catch phrase that they say simply out of response instead of because it's what they actually mean to say. It's like my kids. They'll say "you look handsome" but have no idea what that even means. Its just a conditioned response to them at this point. All of that said, I also feel like Rick's message is positive and his heart is in the right place. Thiught's and prayers.... Sent from my SM-G975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. NSFW... but first thing that come to mind.
  16. FTR... his "friend"... yeah it's me. I'm the friend. And that was the most glorious gift in the history of gifts! The ONLY downside was Bryson didn't sign it "Hulk Smash". Oh well... time to start planning the next one.
  17. Kinda like UGA football. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. I guess I'm weird but I carry several towels. One is the standard towel used for clubs after each shot. It clips on my bag. My second is my Putter Tuck towel which is a putter cover/towel combo. This goes to the green with me and is used to clean wedges, the ball, etc. My 3rd is a larger towel I keep with me in the cart and is used to wipe sweat from the south Georgia heat or snot during the short brisk season. Lastly, I have a small washcloth sized towel for various use that is stashed in the drink pocket of my bag. Granted, this is when I'm in a cart. If I walk, its the club towel and Putter Tuck only.
  19. Mr 82 already knows this but I got fitted for the new Callaway CBs at Club Champion. They quoted me 7-11 days but to expect delays. Well, the USPS delayed it 1 day from expected delivery date and they arrived in 12. At the same time, I custom ordered the gap wedge directly from Callaway at the same specs a few days later (forgot to order with the rest) and it was built and shipped (out of Mexico) and to me in 5 days. I actually had it before the rest of the clubs.
  20. I'm in Valdosta and play with Mr. 82 on the regular and am a member at The Lou. If you need help with other course in the area to play (or not play) feel free to PM me as well. I'm also a member at Stone Creek in Valdosta.
  21. Please Provide the following information Geoff Hahira, GA Normally wear 11 but think I'd do 10.5 in these Adidas Code Chaos. Comfort. As a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, I'm looking to increase my overall foot comfort when wearing shoes for an extended period of time. My symptoms came on very suddenly without warning and, while I'm well controlled now, my feet still seem to get a slight tingle or like I'm walking on marbles near the end of my round. I'm wondering if a better shoe design might help.
  22. Miyazaki tried this but it didn't take off. Sent from my SM-G975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  23. Name/City State: Geoff - Hahira, GA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Maybe once a week for 15-20 minutes How many 3 putts do you average per round? 4 or 5... some days are better than others What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? This is something I can use at home and don't need to drive to the course for. It would fit perfect in my workshop or my office. Having access to this technology would allow me a better opportunity to practice my putting. Thanks for the opportunity.
  24. Yes please. I need details! I'm serious! Sent from my SM-G975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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