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  1. Mine: 1951 Chevy pickup. SBC 350, 700r4. Original frame with Fat Man Mustang II front end and GM 12 bolt rear. Dad's: 1937 Dodge Business Coupe. Ford 302, AOD trans.
  2. So I have severe inflammation in my hands that causes numbness. 2 days of CBD oil and the numbness is gone. Stop for about 3 days and it comes back. The stuff I'm using is 100% certified THC free (I'm not affiliated so I will not share the product name). There are good and not so good products out there. FWIW, my dad saw my results and decided to try it. He says his joints don't hurt anymore and he is able to move around more easily.
  3. ga_pike


    I could be wrong, but I think they got the term from the old FGI forum way back in the early 2000's. I remember people building SMT and Bang Thrivers. I remember guys taking the SMT Nemesis (370cc or 405cc) and getting 12, 13, or higher lofted heads and building them as Thrivers. Bang had some larger headed 3 woods as well that a few guys did the same with. The idea was simple. Get a larger driver sized head, increase the loft, shorten the shaft and have a guaranteed fairway finder for tight holes.
  4. What equipment is made in the USA? My search started with shoes... so far, I'm not finding much. Allen Edmonds and Jack Grace. But I'm also interested to know what other equipment is made in the USA? While we are at it... what equipment is made in the UK or other European Countries?
  5. Seems like this was a great event... especially for the first year and all the crazy logistics. I'm sure they learned lots and will make improvements moving forward.
  6. Looks like a great idea for places that don't have a Top Golf. From my checking, a Top Golf investment is $15 to $50 million. This could be an option for a significantly lower investment. The ability to have it outdoors on the grass area is really nice as well. I could see these popping up in smaller markets as a more affordable option.
  7. So, just to sum the scoring up as we sit as of this post... The average score for the E12 Speed was 59. The range was 47 to 68. To basically be within 20 points total is fairly impressive and speaks to all 5 testers seeing similar results. As of this post, we only have 3 of 5 scores for the E12 Soft. The current average rating is 83 but the range is a much larger 66 to 97. It will be interesting to see where the final 2 scores come in and if we have a standard deviation greater than 3 or 6 sigma.
  8. $15,000 is the minimum requirement to go to court. They will ask for way more than that when the time comes. This will head to mediation before going before a judge to see if an agreement can be worked out. If not, it will head to court and go from there.
  9. I playing in a flighted tournament once. Basically, you went out and shot a score on day 1. Then, they flighted the event based on your day 1 score. On day 2, if you improved by 9 or more strokes, you were bumped up a flight. Guy in my group on day 2 is 14 shots better than day 1 going into the last hole. He proceeds to purposely tank the hole so he isn't bumped up... I think he 8 or 9 putted and bragged about it. Cheaters will always find a way to cheat... no matter what you do to try and stop them. On another note... I once played an event and shot 36 on the front. Some of my best golf ever... then proceeded to come home in 50. I hit several giant slice drives, chunks, tops, etc. It was ugly. Still finished 2nd in my flight with an 86. Several guys in the group wanted to say I was a cheater but my playing partners stuck up for me because they could absolutely tell I hadn't done it on purpose.
  10. I agree. How many other sports do you practice with equipment that is not the same as what you play with?
  11. While I'd still like to see an MGS version done with all the excellent data... there are a couple of range ball tests out there that seem decent enough. They all basically come up with the same conclusion... don't use range balls to judge distance or for a proper club fitting. They are simply good enough to allow you to work on swings and impact. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/gd-tested-range-balls https://blog.trackmangolf.com/the-difference-in-range-ball-distances/ https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/features/equipment-features/2018/may/tested-range-ball-vs-premium-ball/
  12. Maybe everyone on the site could snag 4 or 5 range balls from their local range and send them in. Then MGS tests them all for an average of performance? That would account for the vast difference in range ball quality across the board. Sure it's a lotta balls... but that's what you need to be the best... right?
  13. First... there is nothing wrong with cargo shorts unless you have tube socks pulled up to your knees. Don't do that. As for shirts (I'm a big guy as well), I came across Joe's USA and really like their stuff. You can find just about any color you want there. https://www.joesusa.com/polos-knits/ They sell Joe's branded and also Port Authority items. Hard to beat their prices and the quality seems really good IMO. While I personally wouldn't wear tan shirts with tan shorts, you do whatever you want. Even though I'm bigger, I still like to wear bright shirts. Again, you wear what you like and whatever is comfortable.
  14. 1. The Ocean Course Kiawah Island 2. Kinderlou Forest 3. Quarry Golf Course, San Antonio 4. We Ko Pa 5. Tour 18 (Houston) 6. The King and The Bear 7. Orange County National (Panther Lake) 8. World Woods 9. Shepard's Crook 10. Ballantrae Golf Club That may not be a perfect order but it's close. I have several courses that could be in my top 10 that were not mentioned.
  15. Overall I really enjoyed reading the test and seeing the results. Only thing I would have liked to see was an additional set of data for 95 MPH.
  16. I'll see your Hayseed Dixie and raise you Rock Sugar...
  17. The 15 minute love scene between Tony Stark and Captain America was a bit much...
  18. I volunteered every year we had the South Georgia Classic here in town. I always chose to be a walking scorer. I'm not sure if that's an option but if you get selected and you can do that, it's hands down the best job of them all. Often times I'd finish up 18 and they'd ask me to go take over 9 for someone who couldn't make it or even pull a double. You can't ask for better access to the event.
  19. There is a DIY thread somewhere that explains how to build a set yourself. My thought was with all the positive reviews, go ahead and drop the coin. Apparently it works as advertised.
  20. So this afternoon after work was my 2nd day. My swing speeds were down a good 6 or 7 MPH and still jumping all over the place. I'm thinking that it will take 2 or 3 more times to "normalize". One thing for me is I have "bad shoulders"... always have. I was never able to do military presses when lifting weights as my shoulders would pop out and swinging as hard as I can does make them sore. Some of this will get better as I improve the strength in my shoulders with this move. It is a bit different thinking though... I've always been told I swung too hard and needed to smooth out (better tempo) but my understanding of this is I'm supposed to swing as absolutely hard as I can. Doing this, I'm trying my best to stay on balance but I'm catching myself stepping through... not the worst thing I assume. Anyone have similar experience when they started? Thanks!
  21. Seriously... the only thing I saw in the video was the old man with his socks pulled up to his crotch.
  22. So, I've run through my allotment of balls and decided to finish up stage 2 of my review. Check it out at the link below!!
  23. So after reading this thread and the article, I pulled the trigger. Mine arrived today and I did my first protocol this afternoon. Couple of observations... 3 swings per side is way more intensive than I expected it to be My swing speed is all over the place... I assume that is normal to start with? Right handed swings are tough for a lefty I'm understanding this is 3 times a week... I assume at least 1 day off in between?
  24. Dave Marr was talking about this on his radio show this morning because of the New Orleans event. I called in and suggested "Don't Mess With My Toot Toot"... good old Louisiana song!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGnu3GdUna8
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