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  1. Hi everyone I’m Juan aka thegolferdude with another round of testing the chrome tour and tour x golf balls. SkyTrak data Today I hit shots with SkyTrak data. The balls in today’s comparison test are the Srixon Z-Star yellow, Calloway Chrome Tour and Calloway Tour X. I did a warm up session of 30 shots with each ball. I then performed a 10 shot test with all 3 to compare them. My findings where the chrome tour and tour x performed better than my current ball the Srixon Z-star. As far as the tour and tour x goes the data collected was vey similar. If I had to pick a ball to put in play I’m going with the chrome tour. I like the softer feel, the sound at impact and the durability of the tour ball better than the tour x. Both balls are excellent and performed better than my gamer ball. Im actually going to put the chrome tour in the bag as my gamer ball this year. I’m hoping to be able to play a round with these balls soon, stay toured for that test. Thanks for the opportunity to be a tester I’ve enjoyed comparing and testing this product and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome so far. Thegolferdude
  2. Hi all I’m Juan aka thegolferdude I’ve got a cool update today. Not sure if anyone has cut these balls open yet. I’ve uploaded pictures of the inside of the tour and tour x ball. Both look to be a 4 piece ball. The tour has a blue core and the tour x has an orange core. Thanks for checking out this testing update.
  3. Hi everyone my name is Juan aka thegolferdude here to give an update on my testing of the Calloway tour and tour x balls. Feel and sound: I’ve alternated hitting these ball for a week now both ball are preforming well. I can pretty much tell which ball is being hit by sound. The tour x is definitely louder little firmer feeling. The tour is has a nice softer sound and feels a bit softer. I prefer the tour ball so it wins this round. Durability: I have been hitting these balls ofo of a mat into a net in my garage. That being said the only damage to the balls is from the strikes, 3,7,9 irons used. The tour ball is definitely holding up p better than the tour x for some reason. Check out the pictures below. Overall think both balls are holding up better than others have in my home setup. Durability test the tour ball wins this round. Putting i like how these balls roll, I was surprised they had a very similar sound and fell tho. I had a difficult time telling which was which. Putting is great with both balls on an indoor putting surface. Putting test is a tie. Weather The weather has been crappy lately hopefully I’ll get to do some outdoor test soon. Stay tuned for those test. Later this week i plan on getting some simulator data for y’all.
  4. So far I’ve hit both balls the same amount of times, probably 50ish hits each. The tour x is starting to show some scuff marks where as the tour ball still look new. As of now the tour ball has the lead of my favorite ball of the 2. I like the sound when hit and the durability is better.
  5. Hi everyone, I had a chance to hit the tour and tour x for about 30 minutes last night. First thoughts are the tour sounds more muted when hit and the tour x is noticeably louder clicker sounding. I like the sound of the tour better, that being said it seemed like the tour x popped off the face of the club better. I did not use the launch monitor during this session or any other ball, just want to get a fell for these 2 models. Look for more updates from Juan aka thegolferdude.
  6. Hi everyone my name is Juan aka thegolferdude, I’m a first time tester. I just got my box of Callaway balls today, I’m super excited to get to test these out. I like many others received 6 chrome tour and 6 chrome tour x. I did notice the alignment lines where reversed on 2 of the tour and tour x balls has anyone else noticed this? Check out my unboxing photos below.
  7. Mizuno MX-25 3-p I found the heads for 60 bucks. Cleveland wedges 52,56,60 refinished with a blueing technique. Shafts installed KBS C-taper s+ soft stepped, with pure grip grips.
  8. I have a galvo style laser engraver that I used to engrave them.
  9. This is how I filled the hole in the hosel used a brass rivet.
  10. Yeah I’ve always liked the B60. I’d did all the work myself it really wasn’t that bad learned a lot in the process. I enjoyed the build.
  11. Had to drill a hole in the bottom of the hosel and hammer it out with a punch. The shaft still wouldn’t come out that when I broke it off and chiseled the rest out. I used a rivet to cover the hole I’ll post a picture of that later.
  12. I believe the steelfiber adds weight and stiffness/ stability over the original steel shaft. The couple rounds I’ve played with it, I feel like I have more control and my putting stroke is much smoother. This is helping the ball to roll better and have a bit more accuracy.
  13. I like the weight it added to the putter. It clocks in at 550 grams now, the original shaft was lighter. I play amt white s300 in one set of irons and c-taper s+ in another set. I’ve always liked a stiff heavier shaft. The steelfiber seems as stiff as my c-tapers s+.
  14. I’m only comparing the steelfiber to the original shaft. I think it has made a great old putter better. I’ve play a few rounds with it now and I like how the club performs so far.
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