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Testers Wanted! Callaway Ai Smoke Drivers & AutoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shafts ×


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  1. I noticed Jason Day was using these balls at the masters this week! Interesting as it seems pros almost never go for balls with graphics on them. I rarely see a pix ball or triple track these days.
  2. I've found the same thing with the hitting mat. I've been putting it on a concrete slab in my backyard and hitting pitch shots for my dog to chase and it really could use some more padding. I think they intend it to be used on top of the putting mat, but I still think there are better options out there!
  3. This is like learning that the plastic end on a shoelace is called an aglet! lol
  4. Par 5 along the river with a fairway that is BEGGING to be hit. I miss it every single time....
  5. Congrats to all the testers! I am definitely excited about this one
  6. I'm 27 and use a push cart! lol If people think that's lame I don't really care
  7. I have mavrik 4 & 5 hybrids and agree they go left to right for me. I really like that for my own game as I know I'll never miss left. It could potentially be a shaft issue too? Maybe you could try something that has a bit more of a 'kick' in the tip?
  8. Yeah I haven't seen any OEM replacements either, but I would fully recommend SpryEvo! I replaced an Odyssey insert with one of his copper ones and I love it.
  9. A prime example of indian not the arrow is PGA Tour pro Taylor Montgomery. He has had the same putter for years and even spray paints it himself every once and a while. But man is putting more fun with a pretty putter lol
  10. There's always gonna be someone else that spends more............... at least that's what I tell my wife lol
  11. Putters are my favorite club in the bag. Do I have a problem? Yes. But I would pay a little extra for something that performs better and/or looks better. I think custom Lab putters or a rare/custom scotty cameron is right about where the line gets drawn for me which I think is around $700-$800. You use it on every hole and its the thing I practice the most. If a putter gets me excited to practice on the putting green I think the money is well spent over something like a new driver where the prices are getting up there as well.
  12. Playing a few rounds on the sim while watching Keith Mitchell try and bring it home this weekend! Still been loving the Birdieball mat, absolutely no signs of wear. My favorite part still is having actual cups to putt to, makes practice more satisfying. For sim play, having a proper putting surface has also been a game changer!
  13. I'm glad you guys suggested switching the paintfill, I think the black looks a lot better. finished it off with a black stepless shaft and a Garsen Quad Tour non-taper grip. What do you think?
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