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  1. I hear that! I also agree! I like to watch all the golfers !
  2. I think he will make it through the rounds and look decent! And JT will push him! To still play the sport he loves even being a glued together like a puzzle!
  3. It’s always fun to watch one of the greats regardless of where he lands on the leaderboard!
  4. I have gone to some events when they get to the Midwest! I think they would generate just as much watch time as the Asian tour and the lpga nothing against Thor talent but I think it would! And I follow the tour when I’m able! But with no coverage on tv it’s hard!
  5. Hahaha happy bigger number day! Happy birthday everyone!
  6. I’ve never seen a LIV event but wouldn’t mind! I hate the fact that there was so much arguing and bs and LIV gets its tv spot yet the Kornferry tour get no love or air play! That’s what I want to watch people fighting to get a card to play in the PGA or LIV or where they want to go! But to give no love to Kornferry is still the number one gripe I have with the whole golf world
  7. Let the world play golf! Happy HoLIVdays! Hahaha I don’t like the way they started things! But it brings golf to a whole new set of viewers and people who like that kind of things! It also sparked lots of conversation!
  8. Definitely a great review! Makes me need to put this on my list to Santa!
  9. Good morning! HE IS BACK BABY! Happy HERO day! Tiger makes his return (again) today! My favorite golfball on the planet is up for testing (Thanks spy crew)! Xmas lights are almost done and it’s 40 degrees today I’m so pumped for a great day today and I hope you are too!
  10. Anyone having issues playing this morning
  11. Good morning spy’s! Today is filled with turkey orders at the shop and some golf clash in my down time! Rain and 40 today so doesn’t look like much golf in my forecast today!
  12. This bag is definitely sticking as my number one it’s so comfortable and easy to use and really just simple enough to carry everything I need and then some!
  13. Working my way up! It’s been so long since I played I think I just deleted everything before
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