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    Saint Francis, Wisconsin
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    ALL things golf! Raising my children to be good people and healthy. Living my life as freely as I can

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    101-110 mph
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. Long Drink and birdie brain or Goat Fuel
  2. I love my BagBoy bag I got to test but then other tests popped up and I have now despised I need to pick my opportunity carefully! But it’s so hard to not just apply to everything and just test my brains out! You know test my marriage! That kind of thing!
  3. DTC is great on the pocketbook I recommend Sub 70 for sure and I’m in love with the cobras too! There is also nothing wrong with a mix and match bag
  4. That is a moment to be remembered that’s the first and last broken ball I ever wanna se with the odin name on it lol
  5. There is a shindig coming in July in MN I’ll be sure to go !
  6. I’ll be golfing in South Dakota this summer and let everyone know
  7. Keep me up to date on the soon to come trip! Not to mention the countless heated range/ bars so you can stay tuned in the winter and crack a few with the boys!
  8. Welcome to the squad! I don’t want to speak incorrectly but sign up ended before the season but I’m at the bottom and one good week you could beat me
  9. The Sun Day is just room for changing it to suM day
  10. I second that! For example Greyson has some good looking clothes but the price point is stupid
  11. I had my daughter pick this week! She is 3.5 YO
  12. @MattF @DiscipleofPenick@Josh Parker @GolfSpy_APH looks to me and I agree the Midwest is where it’s at!
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