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  1. Maltby sells excellent products! I own two sets of their forged irons (both purchased as a pak), a Maltby pure track putter and a KE4 driver. I’m happy with the performance and feel of all of these products and they are a lot less in cost.
  2. Anyone have one of these? I bought one based on the recommendation of Steve Johnson, a European PGA member who has a YouTube channel. I was skeptical, but thought “what the heck” and took the plunge. I was amazed at what this device taught me. I practiced with it for two weeks, three times a day, five minutes per session. After one week of following the prescribed regimen, I learned what I needed to do to stop the wobble. Then, after my second week of practicing the regimen, I went to the driving range, hitting off of grass, to see if this device “walks the talk.” Wow! I was amazed at my “flush” contact, consistency, and shot dispersion. This literally teaches you how to swing the club and get in the “slot.” If you buy one of these (gemgolf.com), don’t think you bought a piece of junk because you can’t stop the wobble after a few tries/practice sessions. Remember…it took me a week of practice. Also, GEM Golf also has a YouTube channel, which is very well done, and will guide you through the process. In closing, I don’t worry about positions, slotting the club, shallowing the club, etc, etc., because when you learn to stop the wobble with the GEM, all of those things (positions, slotting, shallowing, etc.) happen automatically. Steve Johnson also shows you how to use the GEM on his channel as well. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. Check it out at gemgolf.com.
  3. Yeah…I bought one…and found it useless. Not to mention I didn’t get through a warmup bucket of balls at the range and it broke. I must admit…Rocco is one hell of a salesman.
  4. I’m also a tradionalist…collared shirt (no sleeveless “wife beater” shirts), no cargo shorts or slacks, shirts tucked, no backwards hats, belts, and I DETEST SLOW PLAY. You either hit it well or you don’t…it either goes in the hole or it doesn’t, so there’s no sense standing over it to long and being rude to the other players in your group or the groups behind you. Padraig Harrington, Patrick Cantlay, Azahara Munoz, and Carlotta Cigando…do you hear me!
  5. Ever since my first trip to Ireland, I converted to links golf. If you ever go to Ireland, you gotta play Lahinch, Ballybunion, Tralee, Enniscrone, Rosses Point, and Portmarnock Hotel Links. There are also some lesser known courses that are shorter (69 pars) with spectacular views…like Spanish Point and Kilkee.
  6. I used to work at MacGregor in the late 60s until the mid 70s, during my high school and college years, when they were located in Cincinnati. We made great clubs back then…the VIPs, Tommy Armour Silver Scots, Tourney Customs, MTs, DXs, and persimmon woods, especially the deep face George Bayer model. I see the current MacGregor iron offering that will be tested is an updated version of one of their best selling vintage models, the MT wingback. It will be interesting to see what the feedback is after testing, because when I worked at MacGregor the lie angles were flatter and lofts were weaker. That said, I know I’ll get flack for saying this, but today’s “standard” club offerings being upright promote an over the top downswing, making it more difficult to swing from the inside on the downswing. Don’t get me wrong…you can play that way and have success, but I have my doubts it’s consistent.
  7. I joined because I enjoy reading the product reviews and reading the opinions of others.
  8. I have a set of Maltby TE forged irons (4-GW) with the the Recoil shafts (R flex) they offer in the PAK. I use these when I travel, along with an Orlimar Hip Ti driver, Callaway Big Bertha 4 wood, and an old Ping Anser putter that’s probably forty years old. I use this set when I travel, because I do not want the airlines to abuse the Bridgestone Tour Premium CB irons I play when I am home. The TE forged irons perform as well as my Bridgestones and are less than half the cost I paid for my Bridgestones. Tou can’t beat that! The Bridgestones are on their last leg, so I am definitely going with a new set of Maltbys in the not to distant future.
  9. I would not be surprised if it turned out to be one of the Maxfli Tour series balls.
  10. I walk as well, but do not carry my bag. I use a push cart as well.
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