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  1. First time on here in a long ass time. Added myself.
  2. My league just wrapped up last week. Sixteen weeks from October to February definitely helps keep me occupied during the offseason. Granted there's probably going to be a bit of time here in Ohio before we can actually see the course again. I think it dropped another couple inches again this morning here in Cbus. Yay. Adjusted signature: In my RotoGrip bowling bag: 15 Lb DV8 Hellraiser Terror 16 Lb Track Havok Scariest part is I have a massive delta drill press, bowling ball drilling jig, two sets of bits and various sizing tools and practice balls currently taking up space in my basement. I got them when my old job told me to just toss it all in the trash. Drill press is still brand new and like some of the older golf gear in the basement with it, I'm not sure why the hell I still am holding onto it at this point.
  3. Really eyeing up the new callaway XR lineup and big berthas. Reshafting or replacing my wedges in probably should be at top of the list but the pull of a shiny new driver may throw a wrench in those plans.
  4. More central Ohio love! Welcome! What's that bring the Ohio contingent numbers up to now?
  5. It's got a seat but I'm a kind of large man. What's the weight limit on that bad boy? Lol
  6. Clubfinders.com has a ton of single irons but you have to call to check availability.
  7. Tommy Armour is still toiling away as the Sports Authority house brand. Damn shame too. The clubs have gotten better but nowhere close to the 845's from the mid 90's. Letting go of my silver scots was a huge mistake. On a side note, the 845 DLT ball is my current favorite. 4pc two dozen for $25 I'll take it all day. Thread jack over. Sorry.
  8. I still want to know if UA is planning on bringing Spieth's shoes to market. I think their "spine" sole tech would be an interesting match with some spineless designs.
  9. Nice looking dog. Congrats on the latest addition to the family. Does this mean a dog pic thread is coming soon?
  10. Powerbilt replaced all the irons? That is above and beyond service if I've ever seen it.
  11. How many more times does he think he completely tear down his swing? He's had good results every time but what happens if he falls into one of those ruts that other players who changed a working swing? Like Paddy or some of the guys that jumped on stack and tilt. What if tiger makes a change that goes horribly wrong and he can't score at all?
  12. I believe this may apply to the above situation...
  13. Pretty good read from Forbes that tries to explain the millennials bolting from the game in droves. Actually does make some valid points http://www.forbes.com/sites/mattpowell/2014/07/24/sneakernomics-how-golf-lost-the-millennials/
  14. That is insane. Awesome. I set foot into a costco for the first time ever the other day with a friend. Signed up for a membership too. If this is the norm for how they treat people I may be a customer for life.
  15. From the article I read, Dicks has a number of golf galaxy leases coming up for renewal and will be reviewing them. The dick up here is currently in the middle of throwing together a massive brand new complex here in columbus. A large store with an equally impressive field and stream and a brand new building for golf galaxy as well. Surprising this is they're abandoning perfectly good spaces less than a half mile away.
  16. There's a special place in hell reserved for golf club theives.
  17. Ok, quick update: just got back from the annual buddies trip and this putter is definitely staying in the bag until further notice. I've never putted as well on the greens where we were as I did this weekend.
  18. Looking forward to these. Loved the older hybrids with the copper medalion on the bottom but never could bring myself to pull the trigger on one. Depending on the reviews I may have to give them another look. Especially if he's doing real deal tour ad shafts. That matte black looks pretty sweet.
  19. The only ones I've seen lately that I really want to try are the line from Asics. I've only had experience with their wrestling and running shoes but it was all good. Still have two or three pair laying around here somewhere. The golf shoes intrigue me.
  20. I'd post the link to the blog but I refuse to promote it. It's listed under News and Tours. Granted the bookies are gonna take bets on anything they can, that's their job. And because nothing is complete without a little Tiger pandering, the headline reads "You can bet on it that Elin Nordegren will be Rory's next girlfriend" Really, was that necessary?
  21. I'm loving that white wingtip with the blue. Although the "subtle" brown is probably something I could get away with more wearing to work to head straight to the range afterwards.
  22. From the magazine that brought you Paulina Gretzky telling us all about golf fitness comes today's breaking news. Rory Mac and Caroline Woz have split. And it's apparently the most important story Golf Digest can cover. There's a wonderful photo gallery right at the top of the page and one fascinating blog covering the odds on who will be Rory's next main squeeze. Odds calculated for everyone from Michele Wie and Miley Cyrus to Pippa Middleton and Elin. I'm so glad it's the offseason and there's no real golf news to cover. I'm also glad I've finally let my subscription lapse and am cutting them out of my social networking feeds. I'm sure it sucks for Rory breaking off his engagement. But this kind of tabloid journalism has been on the rise since Tiger and the women and the fire hydrant and I frankly don't see the point anymore. Sorry. Needed to rant. I've come back in and edited this a couple times already but I'm just really annoyed that this is their lead story. And the blogger posting the odds? Douche. Classless douche. I'm done.
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