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  1. These things look sweet. I could definitely replace my 62s with the 63s. I wonder what changed besides the looks.
  2. Thanks. I hadn't even considered that and based on what you said, it seems to be what I am looking for but when looking online, it says that it is for smooth swing players. I have a pretty aggressive swing toward the ball. So, I was also looking at the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6, the Matrix Ozik HD6, or the Oban Devotion 6. Do you know anything about any of these?
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a mid launch, low spin driver shaft that would go into my 9.5 Cobra ZL driver. I have been struggling to lower my ball flight with the stock VooDoo shaft. After talking with others and looking online, I have found out that this is a typical problem with this shaft. I am a 4 to 5 handicap with a 105 mph clubhead speed. Right now, the stiff, stock shaft that I have now launches the ball at around 16-18 degrees with high spin. I would prefer a shaft that weighs somewhere in the mid to high 60 grams, but would be ok with one that weighs somewhere in the low 70's. I also have no price limit.
  4. This is the best idea for golf that I think that I have ever heard. Its hard nowadays to find the perfect equipment without trying it out before buying it. Go MyGolfSpy.
  5. I've played the Penta now for weeks, ever since it first came out. I love it. It spins like the pro v1 but is more durable.
  6. I'm loving the look of the black clubhead. I wonder if this will be a workable, players driver or an extreme forgiving clubhead. I would be willing to give this driver a fair try even though its from Adams.
  7. I could definitely play these. I mean, its not a blade and the shape that I would prefer but even the tour players are beginning to play more forgiving, larger clubheads. I think that I could get used to a larger shape if it meant a forged PING iron.
  8. I prefer using my Scotty with perfect, tuned weighting that matches the clubhead instead of messing with the weight on different greens. Not going in my putter anywhere in the near future.
  9. The only problem I have with them is that they are Adams clubs. Gunmetal black looks great though!
  10. I'll tell you right now that I have the mp 62's with 1/2 in. long project x shafts and love them. They have a soft feel and slight forgiveness with great workability. I would have to say that it does take a good iron striker to hit the 62's well. I have had several of my friends (mid to low handicappers) try out these clubs and haven't liked the low forgiveness that they offer. Personally, I would say to go with either the mp-62 or x forged because they are made by companies with solid reputations of making good, forged players irons. Whatever you do though, choose the club that looks and feels the best to you and be confident that it is the right choice.
  11. Titleist has hit the spot with these clubs. Wow, these things look amazing. I hope that the crown is still the classic Titleist look.
  12. It almost looks like the cavity is slightly deeper than previous "s" series clubs. I wonder if the top line is similar to that of the s57.
  13. The fact that PING is going back to a forged club is great, but where is the forged blade? Does anyone else want to see a forged blade, or is it just me?
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