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  1. Im sure its out there, but drop the link. Would love to get something like this.
  2. I am lucky enough to be going to my 2nd Masters, in 3 years next week. I am still 0-15 in the lottery, but like everyone else, Ill be waiting to be disappointed in July when they tell me I wasn't selected. First time, a buddy(not me) won Monday Practice round tickets in 2020, with the world the way it was, Augusta National say that, then placed our tickets in a small lottery to go in 21, didnt get choosen, but the honored out tickets and we went in 2022. I was okay with waiting as we were able to go to the online merchandise store and purchase anything we wanted. This year, two close friends won the ticket lottery(weird I know), one has Tuesday, the other Wednesday, so I am lucky enough to be going on Tuesday. I am over the moon excited to walk the grounds again, eat the pimmento, and finally try a Peach Ice Cream(they did not have them in 22). I say this today, April 4th. that I feel I will be more level headed in the merch tent, but I know otherwise that will not be the case. I cannot add anything that hasnt already been said, but getting away from work and cell phone for 12ish hours on tuesday, inside the gates of Augusta, pure bliss!
  3. I was in the industry for 15 years. Started as a cart boy, loved being at a golf course and decided that's what I wanted to be when I grew up. I went to a PGM school and was working towards my Class A, held various Assistant Pro jobs in the North Houston area for 8ish years. The courses were very nice, private clubs, one is now hosting the LPGA Chevron, so it was nice to jump on a quick nine in the afternoon but there are other aspects of the job that aren't showcased. Your day off is a Monday or Tuesday, you work all weekends and Holidays, Large Member tournaments are 14+ hour days and the base pay is something I couldn't live on. At 22, it was the absolute dream job, but as I got older, I had to walk away. I have a deep respect for PGA pros and very grateful for my time in the industry but I thoroughly enjoy being on the other side now. I do miss being on staff and getting free clubs and clothes though.
  4. Playstation for me and have been since the original came out, but to each their own. I always preferred the controller over Xbox but now the PS5 is very similar so there really is not a huge difference. But the best thing currently that Playstation has over XBox, is the ability to distribute endless amounts of Justice in the name of Freedom!! Justice awaits!!!
  5. I mean, you have a valid point and argument. Also, let us know how that works out for you... My Katana is 3 months old, and I'm really on the fence with getting the Patriot. The Navy and Gold Logo would look very clean. Even if it was to sit in the corner of my office for decoration.
  6. BUY THIS BAG, DO NOT HESITATE!!!! I have the Anyday Katana and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a bag, plus this price point is an absolute steal for a Luxury type bag. I waited a year for Black Friday sale but kick myself for not buying it sooner. I have been meaning to do an unofficial review, this is not it, but feel the need shoutout how happy I have been since my purchase. Plus, I need more in real time shots, rather just unboxing. Being a strict Hoofer guy for 20 years, this bag puts its to shame in my opinion. I do not walk the course any more but the extra pound or two I would not foresee it being an issue. There is more than enough room for everything I use, and I have not missed the full side storage compartment in the least. 14 clubs, Alignment Sticks, towel, and anything I may tinker with at the range, not a single instance of irons being "stuck" or difficulty removing/putting back into the bag. Also, yes, you can remove the zipper tassels if it doesn't suite your eye. Again, I highly recommend you get on this group buy!!
  7. Give the Cart dogs a break, probably a wild tuesday night. You know the Pro is just getting out of bed and the shop wont open for another 30 minutes at best.
  8. Pulled the trigger and bought the Ghost Golf Anyday Katana bag with my name on the ball pocket. Looked at them for a year, couldn't justify $415, but black friday discount, Christmas Money from MIL(Yes I'm 35 and get Christmas gifts from the in-laws), so just couldn't pass up less than $100 out of my pocket for the bag. Now I wait by the mailbox for my Christmas Gift...
  9. I like this alot. 1. Practice, Practice, Practice. Being a husband, father, full time employee, my game has suffered. I"m not entirely upset as I love my Wife and Son, and my job pays for this fun habit we all share. I started utilizing my lunch breaks when I work from home 2 days a week, to beat a bucket or pitch/chip/putt, has really helped. My main goal when on the range is tempo and path. I get quick with my hips, drop my hands, and then the ball is lost... 2. Transition Range work to on course This one speaks for itself, when I practice "real" life lies, be able to replicate those shots, movements, etc. from the range to the course. 3. Get under a 2 handicap. Currently a 4.7 but I dont see the 2 being to farfetched as I know my issues, and If i can just harness some of them in a little bit, we will be there. 4. Qualify for Houston Am. and actually compete I know I can do it, just havent played tournament golf in 10 years, so its a different mentality than rounds with buddies. **Ultimate 5 year** Qualify for the Texas Amateur
  10. Man I'm in if you need another. Tag away! @koakes348
  11. This is awesome and hope the "sign up" is still open. I am currently in the process of upgrading my entire bag, and last remaining item is the driver. When I did my fitting in July, I was able to narrow down to a few but couldn't get a great reading off the LM as I was pretty tired, and lacking confidence in my path at the time. I was able to narrow it down to the TSR2 or 3, Ping 430, or the Paradym Triple Diamond. All shafts were an X flex, just depends on my wallet, which is currently suffocating after TM Steatlh 2+ 3W, TM P770's, and 3 SM9's purchases over the summer... but that's golf. 1. Current Gamer is a Ping G25 9* w/ a Diamana "White Board" 70X. I still love this Driver, and when everything is flowing, goes a long way, so this was obviously the last part of my upgrade process. I was in the industry in 2013 as an assistant pro out of college trying to make it on tv(very hard to do) when our local Ping rep walked in and asked if we needed anything. Joking I shouted, "yeah how about a G25"? He replied with a "Sure what shaft"? Next day I was hand delivered the driver and it has stayed in my bag ever since. That, and when not working as an assistant, items are full price... Photo will be included when i get home from work*** 2. Why should I be picked? I feel like I am very knowledge able about golf, the analytics, numbers, etc, where I can provide a comprehensive official/unofficial review for this driver. I live in Houston so weather isn't an issue and can play year round. I work from home 2 days a week, and usually, one of those days, use my "lunch" break to beat a bucket or chip in putt. I am currently trying to get back to scratch and actively compete in local amateur events and not fully embarrass myself in 2024. 3. Driving has really been my least confident club in the bag this year, losing strokes, and balls, to a terrible quick movement and dropping my hands. When I do catch one, it goes. There hasn't been a "memorable" round due to this movement, but it is always nice to outdrive my buddies with top of the line equipment. Probably the best driving round, was early spring, prior to loss of confidence, at Blackhorse North in Cypress, 12 of 14 fairways, the two misses were just off, everything just clicked. This round was probably what sparked my thought process of upgrading the bag and amateur evens in '24. Best of luck to everyone out there, and would love the chance at this.
  12. Was able to sneak away at lunch and get the second range session on the new irons in. Going from a gifted set of blades not fit to my standards to a fully fit bag, takes a little time. Learning the feel of the irons still, so only worked on impact, shot shape, and tempo. Swings felt very smooth, impact felt great, and very pleased with the flight. Distance wasn't measured or even taken into consideration, that will be next session. Cant wait to get these dialed in and brought to the course.
  13. Player with the most points: Brooks Koepka Player to Clinch the cup: Collin Morikawa
  14. It utilizes your phone or watch’s GPS. To start you have to manually adjust either during or after a round, the club choice, but over time it picks up on previous shots recorded and acts as a “caddie” and will eventually give club predictions and metrics that way. You can see on the picture of what it shows as you play the hole. Yes that was a “terrible tee shot I toed…” not really, but the best example where I had a good hole. I did recently jump on the Arccos bandwagon and very much enjoying it. I will probably keep both if I can to utilize all data both apps offer. Hope this helps.
  15. 4.6 here and just got fitted into the 770’s last weekend, 2 degrees flat and Project X 6.5. Tried all the majors but ended up choosing these. Sound was crisp, dispersion was the best, was actually able to lower my ball flight which will be nice. I sid have the single flyer go an extra 15yards I’ve read about, but not worried. Can’t wait for these to arrive and get out to the course.
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