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  1. A lot of pros are using the LA golf shafts in their putters. Tom Kim, Bryson, and Morikawa too name a few. Their iron/wood shafts are starting to see play as well. Their putters are expensive, and have never seen them been used. I got a dozen of these balls for 15 bucks during the testing/trial period. They are very nice, but not any better than other premium balls. They spin like crazy on wedges. I just hate they logo and lines printed on the ball. There is two rows of wording which makes it hard to use as a putting line. Just very busy. I cleaner and simpler design and the ball would be perfect. Again, for the price, I'm never buying these full price though.
  2. Helps keep the sun off and not get burnt. Doesnt help too much with the heat. Just remember to fold it or it will blow away.
  3. Just put in a UST All In retrofit shaft into my single bend Bettinardi. Have hit a lot of putts on my mat, and played my first 9 holes with it yesterday. Overall, I love it. The putts feel softer off the face, which is what I was looking for. With the steel shaft I felt the putts were a little more harsh off the face. Overall, the putts feel like they are rolling better and more on line with better speed. This could just be a placebo effect, but time will tell. I had a Quintic lesson before, and will have another Quintic lesson to compare the butter before and after the shaft change. This should give me real numbers to see if the shaft makes a difference. For $100, it was a no brainer decision. Feels like a new putter. If this needs to be in a different sub forum, please move it.
  4. First Post here. From the Philadelphia, PA area. I play pretty casually around all the courses in the NJ and PA area. I typically do not keep score and just play for fun. I would say my handicap is around an 8. Recently I have started keeping score and playing with people more often. I feel this will make me a better player. Mostly get lessons online through Skillest. Have really been working on putting, and have got a few lessons on Quintic. Just put a UST All In shaft into my putter and love it. Goal is to get to scratch by next year. Struggle is off the tee. If I hit a good tee shot, then the rest is easy. Chipping, approach and scrambling is my strength. I can hit the ball like trash and still scrap out a decent score. My clubs are pretty new with a few old ones that I love.
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