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    CLenahan reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Review Recap: LEAN LOCK Putters   
    The Testing Opportunity
    One of the more unique opportunities in 2023 was the LEAN LOCK Putter Forum Member test.
    LEAN LOCK makes several bold claims such as, "switching to the LEAN LOCK putter and putting system eliminates variables and increases your consistency and confidence, especially on those nervy short putts.
    “By anchoring the shaft to the target side (outside) of the leading arm, LEAN LOCK stabilizes the putter, eliminates wrist movement and minimizes clubface rotation.
    “The connection to the lead arm is so secure you can grip the putter with less tension, yet still have superior control."
    We needed four golfers to test the putter as well as dedicating time and effort to learning the LEAN LOCK method to provide a thorough review.
    For this testing opportunity, the selected testers received support and virtual fitting with LEAN LOCK founder Brian Tennyson as well as their choice of the APA Blade - Proto 1.0 or APA Mallet - Proto 1.0.
    About The Testers

    The four selected testers had handicaps between scratch and 25. A couple listed putting as a strength, the others not so much. They also had various swing speeds and experiences with different putters.
    What Testers Said - Fitting and Initial Impressions

    Tester warrenator8:
    “I will say that the customer service and fitting process were excellent as we prepared for the test… Brian really believes in his process and product, and you can tell that he wants you to succeed. The videos are an excellent help in learning the process, both the free videos and those that are for sale.”
    LEAN LOCK offers videos, books and more to help their users get the most out of the product and ensure they have as much knowledge as possible to succeed in this putting method.
    What our Testers Said - LEAN LOCK Putting Method

    Tester EasyPutter went into great detail describing the method and details of what needs to be done to make the method work.
    “Posture - awareness of position, relaxed, bend at waist so eyes are directly over putter alignment line, be mindful of balance! And practice it to get comfortable and “assume the position” whenever going to putt.
    Grip position - lead arm thumb pressure, can lift fingers off grip and move them like keys on a musical instrument, hover the club head before beginning the swing allows for down and back on the backswing to follow the surface.
    Open Shoulder - path of the putter is pretty straight for 6” behind the ball, trail side low gives 2 degrees up at ball contact.
    Moment of Impact - speed should be greatest at the moment of impact, not before or after - longer backswing, maybe a tap.

    Basics of Putting - focus on what makes the ball go where you want it to go, speed and clubface direction at the last 6” before impact. Shoulders open, feet angled to path line, dominant arm lined up with the path of the putt, shift hips forward to angle shoulders - helps putter to pull away low and come back up to the ball.
    Jack Nicklaus effect - forward press shaft, arms bent tucking putter back under the vertical line from eyes to ball. Slow backswing and start to forward swing.
    Dominant Hand - Brian invented a putter and stroke that incorporates facing the hole and rolling the putt using the dominant hand, which is what all teachers teach but then all the other teachers have the student stand facing perpendicular to the putt and use the major muscles and not the dominant hand, exactly opposite to what was first said.”
    Long, I know, but important as it is again about not just the putter, but the method of putting.
    What Tester Said - The Putter

    Tester CLenahan had mixed feelings on his APA Blade 1.0:
    “The classic Anser shape and finish are big wins for me. The branding is obtrusive, the mirror finish back insert looks great but is distracting in bright sun. The headcover is the main loser here for me; it feels cheap, and I do not believe it will last. Sound and feel are solid. You are going to be asked on the practice green what you have; it’s an attention grabber for sure.”
    Tester GirlDad18 tested the APA Mallet Model 1.0:
    “It is comparable to an Odyssey #7 in look. I immediately loved the look of it when I unboxed it. There is a sight line on the head to line up your putt. I use a line on my ball for putting, so this is essential for me. The head is black and milled. It has an exceptional feel and provides a nice soft tink sound when hitting the sweet spot, kind of like hitting a spoon softly on the bottom of a cooking pot or frying pan, not a clang.”
    What Testers Said - On-Course Performance

    Tester CLenehan had his ups and downs during testing which was expected when trying a new method.
    “Put in the work, and you will get the results. I had some very frustrating times, and very nearly gave up a couple of times. I finally am starting to see results that reflect Brian’s claims.”
    Warrenator8 found a positive change.
    “Overall, I definitely have seen an improvement, especially by the end with distance control, almost draining a forty-foot putt in my last round of the testing period.”
    The Final Verdict

    This testing opportunity was unique. It relied on testers putting in a lot of time and effort to make it work and finding results. So what were the final scores when the test was finished?
    Overall, the putter and putting system was well received and all the testers are going to continue using LEAN LOCK for the time being. With scores ranging from 80 to 97 out of 100, the testers believed to varying degrees that there is something to this method and the putter itself.
    Here is what our testers concluded.
    Tester EasyPutter: “The LEAN LOCK Putter and the LEAN LOCK Putting Method are a bonafide revolutionary putting system that when properly studied and applied as designed will, in my experience, improve putting and result in fewer putts per round.”
    Tester warrenator8: “One thought that kept recurring for me was if I put this much time into my old putting form, would I be better off with it?... This is not just any putter. LEAN LOCK is a method. Most likely, totally different than what you are accustomed to doing. Practice, reading and watching videos over and over are what it takes to make the LEAN LOCK and method work. Without this, it will not work for you.”

    Tester CLenahan : “The LEAN LOCK is more than a putter; it’s a whole paradigm shift in the mechanics of putting and armlock technology… If you are willing to practice, you will get results.”
    Tester warrenator8: “I am happy that I went through this test, as I was pleasantly surprised with the results and have found my putter for the foreseeable future. Adapting to the putter and routine takes getting used to, but I have found it to be worth it.”
    To read the full reviews and data our testers collected, go here: LEAN LOCK Forum Member Reviews
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