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  1. Great info and you are exactly right! Putting it closer to the pin is what matters.
  2. Good morning! @EnderinAZ glad to hear the surgery went well and golf is in the near future! High chance of rain today which is needed, but it's putting a damper on any golfing. Wife and kids are down at the coast for SandFest (2 story sandcastles) so it may be golf and soccer on the TV today. Tomorrow's weather is looking better, so hoping for at least one round this weekend. Have a great day everyone!
  3. I have a yellow handmade hzrdus that I tried out and need to sell.
  4. Fair enough. Don't fix something that isn't broken.
  5. Well after a long day and electrical moves, we have a door! Bonus is that I now have a TV outlet outside so we didn't have to do j boxes.
  6. Great little read! I choke down if I'm in between clubs and need to gap the distance. I will choke down on wedges to flight the ball lower and have also done it on the woods at times.
  7. Let's go! I have the egg for the ribs, pellet grill for the pizzas and steaks and the griddle for the burgers. ha
  8. You mentioned "average" golfer and I take that as most don't do fittings and buy off the shelf. Even still, I have bought drivers with the wrong shaft, because I kept the right one and just had adapter changed. I 100% agree that the prices have gone thru the roof, but I also will hunt for the deals and slightly used ones if I really want something. There are some great DTC companies that you can get a full set of irons under $900. Foreward Golf irons are similar build to Srixon and I can get the heads for $600. On CPO, I can find last years driver for under $300 or the model before for under $200. Just saying, if you want to minimize the cost of clubs, there are certainly ways to make it happen. The only thing new I have bought is my Srixon Irons and a set of last years Vokey wedges. Clubs just don't hold value.
  9. Between FB, Callaway pre owned and several others, there are a ton of quality ways to buy used. Shoot I can go find thus years drivers for under 300. People change clubs constantly or have a bad round and get rid of them. I have found irons with barely any wear for half price. It's just having the patience to go out and hunt for it.
  10. Great novel, I mean read. Great info @Shrek74. It's always interesting what ends up working for people and their swings. I love my Srixons but it wasn't until I found the right shaft in my fitting. The Mizunos and Titleist were really nice as well, but ended up trying something new.
  11. Happy Birthday! @barney_bogey @msanagustin @juspoole @rjacobs4 @DymnDog
  12. This section made me think of a saying we always say with my playing group. "There is no “debt” in golf. The golf ball does not know what happened on the last shot nor where you stand in relation to par. The “debt” only exists in your mind, but it can become real when that negativity bleeds into your game." We always say, "the scorecard doesn't know how you made that par" Good or bad shots, you got there and got it done.
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