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  2. Speaking as someone that has done extensive testing on golf balls (including machine driven), I'd have to say that half of the diference seen in tour products is actually the golfer. When the balls are hit by an unbiased machine, and launched at optimal conditions for each ball carry distance diferences aren't much (±5 yds). I believe that it mostly boils down to if you like the way it performs and feels. It's the ball for you. I've personally hit every tour ball on the market, for my swing certain balls fly too high, others I feel are too hard, but haveing been a scratch player for 20+ years I can get all the tour balls to do what I need. I play Pro V1 because I like the feel and the flight when I hit it. Plain and simple... my second choice would be the Bridgestone Tour B330-S. Bridgestone makes excellent product.
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