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  1. Glove off when putting Glove on for every other shot Glove off between shots especially in the summer I sweat so much in the summer that I have to wear rain gloves sometimes Then I have take 2 gloves off to putt
  2. sg419

    Mizuno RB

    https://mizunogolf.com/us/balls/rb-tour/ 270 Dimple design
  3. It is personal preference I have a PXG with the Weight kit and change the weights to make it lighter when playing fast greens. I played around with the weights and ended up ordering extra weights because the standard weights in the kit didn't work out for me Trial and error They are no correct answers
  4. So I bought a dozen of these balls last weekend and went and played 18 with them I play the Snell Black normally and I have been testing out several new golf balls lately in case Snell gets nuked by TM I normally would practice a few times with my ball the Snell and a new ball to get an idea on how it performs compared to my gamer. But I bought them on a Friday and played them on Saturday morning in my normal playing group Driver: I found myself in the same areas as I would normally be if I was hitting my Snell at least nothing noticeably different in distance Same with my irons This ball flies high, noticeably higher I played the BridgeStone for a while and I thought that ball flew high but this one topped that. The TR held the greens just like the Snell Black The greens right now are super hard, as we have had very little rain in the south Nothing backed up, but it stopped on the greens just like the Snell does The main difference besides the height, is the feel off of the putter The TR is very mushy and I am not use to that at all. I liked the line on the ball but I am also a big fan of the TRUVIS, I just don't like the Chrome soft Overall this ball is a winner for me I am really digging the line and the ball held up nicely over the course of the round Will it replace the Snell Black? If it was the same price as the Snell Black, yes My top 3 right now: 1. Snell Black 2. TM Tour Response 3. Wilson Triad PS I play to a 9 HCP Driver swing speed 96-99 As with anything your results may vary Good luck
  5. This was the absolute worst ball I have ever hit They felt dead I bought a dozen of the SD Tour at Wal-Mart for $17.99 and it was not worth it The ball was at least a club short on irons and felt dead when putting. I had to really nail the ball to get it to on a putt. They lasted 3 holes and I went back to my ball and my ball was flying normal, so it was the ball. I might have gotten a bad batch, but I am not going to try it again. Maybe your experience would be different but mine was bad. I'll stick with the Snell
  6. sg419

    Best wind ball?

    This is my experience in Windy conditions 1. Snell Black 2. Srixon Z-Star 3. BridgeStone RX I currently game the Snell Black and I play the Z-Star when the have the 3for2 Special. The Snell replaced the BridgeStone RX, which is a great ball also
  7. I purchased a dozen Triads about 2 weeks ago and gave it a try heads up with my regular ball the Snell Black Was looking for a possible replacement in case of the nightmare scenario of Snell being kicked out of their manufacturing plant Here is how it went for me: I found the Triad to be very similar to the Snell in Distance , both off the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and the irons. The feel off the putter was relatively the same but the sound was more muted when struck than the Snell Black Very similar performance when chipping or hitting bunker shots. 2 big differences in the balls: 1. The Triad spins a lot off of my irons, a whole lot. I hit a gap wedge that spun back 6ft and I am not a high spin player, the Snell backed up maybe a foot. ON another shot I had a 9 iron back up 3ft when the Snell just hopped out the divot. I had to adjust what club I hit into the greens because of the spin on the Triad. It's not a bad thing, just not use to it. 2. Would not play these in the wind. I went out on another day when there was a good 10-15mph wind out.. The Snell IMO is the best ball in the wind and the Triad was falling well short of the Snell. Especially with irons. Every shot into the wind was well short of the green with the Triad and on the green with the Snell. Would play Snell or the Z-Star on windy days. Overall a good ball, was very pleased. It will not replace my Snell Black but it is a possible replacement in the event of TM going nuclear on Snell.
  8. I have the PING G400 and thought about replacing it as I was looking for a little more distance So I went and turned my 5 wood down from 17.5 to 16.5 and got the results I was looking for Little bit more off the tee and still easy to hit off the deck Should be good for another year, while I wait for PING to upgrade the 425 so I can get a 425 for cheap. Or at least cheaper
  9. They have the X and the Blacks in stock but only in white along with the Get Sum, also in white I saw a post that said they would be up and running at full steam in August Only 2 dozen at a time for now
  10. I got a test pack for X-mas this year and settled on the Black I went with the Black for a softer feel around the green and off of the putter. The X is maybe a yard longer than the Black. The feel off of the putter was the difference. I was a Bridgestone player, but the feel off of the putter was a little harsh. I find this ball to be great in the wind. I was playing an OnCor Elixr that the wind was eating up, so I switched to a Snell and it was night and day. I just received 2 dozen Black in yellow The yellow is the easiest to see yellow I have ever played with. This ball is the best deal in golf.
  11. Epic Speed https://www.instagram.com/p/CIk22BYFV1s/ Epic Max https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSuZyxlblz/
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbVD53h6vK/
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