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  1. They have the X and the Blacks in stock but only in white along with the Get Sum, also in white I saw a post that said they would be up and running at full steam in August Only 2 dozen at a time for now
  2. I got a test pack for X-mas this year and settled on the Black I went with the Black for a softer feel around the green and off of the putter. The X is maybe a yard longer than the Black. The feel off of the putter was the difference. I was a Bridgestone player, but the feel off of the putter was a little harsh. I find this ball to be great in the wind. I was playing an OnCor Elixr that the wind was eating up, so I switched to a Snell and it was night and day. I just received 2 dozen Black in yellow The yellow is the easiest to see yellow I have ever played with. This ball is the best deal in golf.
  3. Epic Speed https://www.instagram.com/p/CIk22BYFV1s/ Epic Max https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSuZyxlblz/
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbVD53h6vK/
  5. PING sport tec glove Got a sale of 3 for $24.99 on Rock Bottom one day On my 2nd one Was playing the Mizuno Elite glove for years
  6. 5'10" 34in I putted at 35in for a long time I tried a friends putter at 34 and never looked back I seem to line the ball up better at that height
  7. How do you know which Cobra to try? Do I go with the Extreme or the other one? I know I need to get fit, but I was just curious which driver is for what type of player
  8. I walk after work, when it cools down I have been riding lately because of the heat I specifically bought my golf bag (PING Hoofer) so I can walk I do enjoy walking but on the weekends the course gets crowded and I always ride
  9. Scott, New Orleans Handicap:11 Driver Speed: 109mph Current Driver: Cobra Fly Z 10.5, Stiff Ping G400 Max
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