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  1. Isometric exercises are ok, but not everyone will respond to them. You should check out www.athleticgolftraining.com has lots of workouts, tips and exercises.
  2. “Robert Allenby is his pick, and Aaron Baddeley, and they're Australians and I think they're great picks. But I think I can sit here and say Robert Allenby hasn't won a tournament in 10 years.” Such a good comeback. It bugs me all this banter. Golf is meant to be more noble. Do not let it turn into English Football!!!
  3. The Importance of Golf Fitness. By Alex Fortey, Athletic Golf Training. Every golfer wants better distance, accuracy, and consistency – in short, a better golf game. That's why golf training aids represent a huge industry and we spend countless hours at the driving range perfecting our swings, honing our short games, and trying endless new approaches and techniques to help improve our handicaps. And while it's true that the right equipment, flawless technique, and hours of practice can vastly improve any golfer's game, one of the most effective golf game improvement strategies remains
  4. Ouch! How did you tear your tricep? Are you doing much to repair now and prevent it happening again?
  5. Very amusing these comments. Not that they are funny, just that golfers of all ages and abilities around the world have the same frustrations. Many of those mentioned above I have suffered from at least once! Golf is a physical game that requires tough concentration, it is also a game that entails many more physical elements than individuals like to accept. This might interest you http://athleticgolftraining.com/enhance-consistency-concentration-golf-training The one bad swing that costs you is a common problem, and it is why we love this challenging game. Perfection is unattaina
  6. Hi Everyone, I was discussing with some buddys what we find the most frustrating thing about golf and or golf fitness... some interesting answers! For example one chap who is a PGA teaching pro said that, "every year I have to practice and train more just to maintain my level of play and flexibility" What are yours??
  7. Will tiger make the cut, top ten? Will his swing and indeed fitness stand up to the endurance of 4 days?
  8. Never been a fan of ADAMS really. But it does seem after a while out of the spotlight somewhat, they are making a resurgence with players and promotions. There Products must be good though to stand a chance of making an impact against the big boys
  9. From what people are saying to me on the course and in the gym, feedback is seemingly positive. A few doubts about Haas actually though. People happy to have Tiger on the team, but feel that maybe others earned the right instead. As far as the International team, not very strong, and although these team events usually surprise, fingers crossed it will be fairly close and the Internationals put in a good performance. A lot to has to do with certain players playing schedules... Even though they will be trying to get psyched for it, some have had long seasons and may affect their pe
  10. Do you agree with Couples and Normans picks? Woods and Haas for the U.S team, Robert Allenby and Aaron Baddeley for the Internationals, good choices? http://www.pgatour.com/2011/tournaments/presidentscup/09/27/picks/
  11. Yep agree. They will both make it now Stricker is out. I actually think they are better additions. www.athleticgolftraining.com
  12. the article does seem somewhat anti Tiger as so many topics are these days around Woods. No doubt LaCava has discussed with Team Tiger and can see great potential for the future. I am sure he is optimistic just like many others that Tiger will be back on top, so he is investing/gambling into an opportunity that could well be the best most exiting decision he has ever made. Good on LaCava. Lower your scores, hit longer drives and Increase your shot consistency. http://athleticgolftraining.com
  13. Well done to Justin Rose for posting a good -8 par round in the BMW championship, he normally struggles to put together 4 good rounds, so lets see what unfolds:-) http://www.pgatour.com/video/praxis/?y=2011&t=r028&p=22405
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