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  1. That kid has got a bright future ahead of him...
  2. He did - but like most golfers, they were on the back of his head, and fall off when they doff their caps on the 18th...
  3. Wales for being wet, (I know, I live here, and its just rained !!), and golf for being a great, great spectacle, when done right... My brother is a non-golfer, and even he took a vacation day on the Monday, and SMSd me the whole day! Oh, and for the pressure putts, the ones that turned games, and switched momentum. Love it.
  4. Look similar to my SZs from the topline - very thick. Not sure I'd bother upgrading to these just for the forged aspect. Buttery feel will always take 2nd place to 'getting it up in the air'
  5. Wish I had the game to do them justice. Saw the fg59s on sale here in the UK for under 300 gbp today. Nearly half price. Now I know why!
  6. The face photo reminds me of the old platform shoes Herman Munster used to wear to make him look 7ft... Not sure I like it, face too deep and square for me...
  7. Oddly vitriolic, and extremely speculative article that. I'd be more amazed if Tiger DIDN'T win any more majors. He hasn't lost an arm or had a lobotomy, so I'm guessing his ballstriking talent is perfectly intact. I'm sure its the same for all golfers, but if your mind is elsewhere, work/money problems, sick kids, etc, you'll never play well. I can't imagine the mental hurdles Tiger is going to have to get over before his mind is clear and calm enough to play at his best again, but I'm pretty sure he'll get over them eventually.
  8. Bump for this - I've only just noticed I can't get to the forum with my phone, because of the dead mobile version...
  9. Um - you can buy those in any DIY store surely? They are just angles for supporting shelves? Probably a quid a piece?
  10. Keep an eye on Rhys Davies (Wales) - he's on a pretty decent run of form at the moment, his putting is just old-school magic...
  11. I'd make a rule allowing distance measuring devices at any time, not this rediculous 'fudge' of a rule we have over here with the R&A, and their local rule cop-out...
  12. I read last night that Tom Watson could very well be one of Corey's picks.. Now - Watson and Woods as a pairing - that would be an interesting dynamic
  13. As I would have, if I had taken time out of my day to type it all out, and was having the discussion on multiple fora.
  14. When I use the View New Content link, I get 'Sorry, no new content found.'... I'm logged in fine, and come to the site from a shortcut to forum.mygolfspy.com It annoying because I lose track of all the threads that have been updated the previous night. When I go to the forum, there are plenty of boards with the 'New Posts' icon, rather than the greyed out one.
  15. I've just picked up some of these Pro Stingers but have yet to use them, not because they aren't allowed, but because there are a couple of treacherous concrete paths with 45 degree inclines at my course. I'm worried I'll end up on my @rse, and possibly injured.
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