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  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing, Foz. I hope to get out this week. We've had 20+" of rain so far this month, so things are bound to be a little soggy.
  2. I haven't- in well over a month! Sounds like a great round in Florida, though, regardless of scores.
  3. Always nice to read or hear these kinds of good CS stories. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Getting out tomorrow (9 holes) for the first time since incorporating the swing adjustment. Should be interesting.
  5. Rev, reading your posts here and in the SCOR review thread has given me renewed purpose regarding my wedge game!
  6. Congratulations on that great milestone! What a great feeling! I'm guessing breaking 90 was a big deal for just about everyone who reads this at one time or another.
  7. My condolences. Good luck with the fitting. I'm back to breaking down the swing mechanics and it looks like it might be a long road. Did struggle to an 89 on Sunday- not a 103, but it wasn't pretty.
  8. There's a lesson in here somewhere- I'm sure of it! Nice wedge work Rev.
  9. MGS- cheap therapy. Thank you all for your support. I wish I could blame that abominable round on my equipment, KB- what better excuse to look for new stuff!- but unless I were referring to the "equipment" between my ears, I would be kidding myself. "Keep hitting it and something good is bound to happen. How's that for advice. Best wishes!" This is what I do in lieu of actually getting any kind of professional help! Ha! .
  10. I'm in mourning as it appears my golf swing is dead- at least for now. Saturday I shot 103- yes that reads one hundred and three- on a course where I regularly shoot mid-80's. Absolutely nothing was working. It was truly a, "What is this game and what are these crooked sticks doing in my hands?" kind of experience. I did not walk off the course after the fifth hole (took a 9 on the par 5, thank you), even though I would REALLY rather have been drinking at the 19th hole at that point. Oh, and did I mention that this was a TOURNAMENT?! You see, it's taken me four days just to put the experience into words. Well...that and I had to wait for a few people to post and put some distance between my whining and Foz's great benefit post above. Ah, perspective. Anyway, I'm in mourning nonetheless. Recovery starts this weekend, of course.
  11. Holy smokes...that infomercial is awesome. "The Hammer Eeexxxxxx!" Love it. And the shaft..."shaped like a sword..." Fantastic. Next time at the range, I'm yelling "Aaaaarrrrrr!" at least once.
  12. Like crap. I don't even have the stomach to get into more detail. Suffice to say I had back-to-back 7's...and one of them was a par 3.
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