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  1. Another great opportunity from MGS: Brian Arizona 14.5 Ping i20 (purple dot), TT DG S300 Ping i210
  2. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Ollie Schneiderjans Tier 5: Shubhankar Sharma Winning Score: -7 Low AM: +3
  3. Brian Strong (50) Tucson (I'll save you the air fare!) Inconsistent swing tempo is probably my biggest swing issue (at the moment).
  4. This is excellent! And while club choices will depend on the fitting, here goes: Brian, California, 14.6 Srixon Z545, Z F45, Z H45 (19*) and Z765 (4-PW) Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin (50, 54 and 58) Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 and just for good measure Srixon Z-Star XV Tour white balls
  5. Quick follow up after 4+ rounds of walking in these. The highlights: - Supremely comfortable: no hot spots, no break-in period, no slippage at the heel, and a comfortable toe box. - Great traction. No slippage there, either. - Love the zero drop feel, as always, and TRUE have certainly figured out how to do it in a spiked shoe without the wearer being able to feel the spikes through the foot bed. All in all, this is (so far) the best golf shoe I've ever owned.
  6. Strength to you and hopes for a quick recovery for your dad.
  7. Yes this, I believe. Too bad- seems like they were trying to make a go of it and give to charity. I played the 3F12 and found it to be a pretty good ball.
  8. Holy mackerel! That's a smoking deal! Thanks for the heads up. Done. Can't believe the CAO sampler was on the list. Unbelievable deal.
  9. he he he... thanks for posting the video. That could have been me with the Tour Striker at first- and the first few (and by "few", I mean dozen or so!) swings each time I train with it. Great review, MBP.
  10. Yep- and worth the trip for the golf, scenery, crab, etc.
  11. Just got mine in a few days ago. They'll get their first feel of (hopefully) fairway grass this weekend. Man, they just make great shoes those TRUE folks.
  12. I have to say, having played 3 of the 4 private courses close by there is only one that I would say is somewhat superior to some of the public courses. The others are just exclusive. So what- I like my golf on a nice, challenging course. You can have your exclusive, and I'll take Bodega Harbour or Windsor GC, or even Northwood GC any day.
  13. Welcome! Seems you've had a hand or two in developing some of my favorites. Can't wait to try the Snell ball itself.
  14. Not too many worries it seems for the Sonoma County public courses. Weekdays can be slow sometimes, but weekends remain busy. The CC courses seem to be having bigger issues- they've dropped their initiation fees and lowered their monthly rates in many cases.
  15. Ah, yes. I overlooked the obvious! And I'm not being sarcastic- this would do the trick for me if the putter "worked".
  16. This is a good question and one I have also been pondering since reading Dave's thread. For those of us who don't really live within what might be considered a convenient distance of a good fitting center, it becomes a question of taking the time and energy to set up the appt, travel to the fitting location, perhaps stay overnight, etc. For me, this is a full day event each for irons, woods, and wedges/putter. You might combine some of those together, but I'm only good for a full fitting of one per session. Needless to say, I have not been back to have my specs checked since I was fit for my irons and driver 3 years ago. I don't feel like much has changed, but am I really the best judge of whether or not my swing has changed? Would I notice gradual changes in torso rotation or swing plane? Maybe, but maybe not.
  17. Actually, from the bottom I think the club looks pretty good. But then you turn it over and there are those damn squares. Deal killer.
  18. Have had five (yes, five) pairs of TRUEs so far, and saw a very small photo of this little number in an ad somewhere. "Wait a second!", said I, "That looks like a new offering from True!" And this morning I thought, "I'll bet Zinger has some info on the Forum about these." Low and behold, here it is- and with a coupon code to boot! Saying they're the most comfortable TRUEs to date is big talk, and seals the deal with the coupon code. Can't wait to try them.
  19. SF giants driver head cover... ...even when they aren't winning the World Series every other year!
  20. Ouch. I'm also a back-pain sufferer from a damaged disk. Here's hoping for his quick recovery!
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