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  1. I hate it when I am in a group with slow players. It starts an argument if you say they are slow and you cannot personally make up for them without hurting your own game. My wife and I were playing with another couple and my wife asked me on back of 14th green why I insist on letting singles and twosomes through (3 small groups in 14 holes). I told her that we have been out here 4 hours and still have an hour to go. We cannot make others suffer like we are.
  2. On the other hand, my son once hit a 3 wood on an unfamiliar course from 315 and ran it across the green. The guy ahead was ready to take his head off for hitting the ball 20 yards from his daughter (60 feet away and rolling..... wow, someone could have died).
  3. I do not like it when the slow group ahead is slow because they take the cart one by one to each ball (bumble bee golf). The obvious solution is to go to ball that will be first to hit and other one either take cart out of way toward own ball or simply take clubs and walk so that nearly ready to hit when it is their turn. I am not bothered at all by noise but I am significantly distracted by movement in my peripheral vision. I tend to try to figure out what or why the movement is occurring instead of focusing on my stroke. It is especially disheartening when a playing partner wants so badly to see every one of my shots and is jockeying for the best view. Rodney
  4. I worked through series of Odyssey putters including Rossi, Two Ball Mallet, Two Ball Blade. All of these were either handed down to my kids or lost somewhere in the garage. Although still Odyssey, I got interested in #9. Initial one had white hot insert "with the screen". When the screen came off (design issue), Odyssey replaced it for free with the new at the time (O-Works). I handed this one down to a friend when I bought the Stroke Labs version of the O-Works which I still play. I have a one inch shorter #9 (w/ simple white hot insert) that I practice with in the house. I also have a center shafted aluminium head SeeMore putter. I bought it out of curiosity but in the end did not like it. Looking to trade both practice putters in for a different Stroke Labs (perhaps a Double Wide blade). It seems that Odyssey discontinued the #9 for the time being. I want to try something currently in Stroke Labs line up that will continue in One-AI milled version. Any suggestions are welcome. Rodney
  5. I make fun of a guy saying that if he can touch the flag with one hand and reach the ball with his outstretched putter, it is a gimme. Same guy complained in a match that he has not missed a 4-footer since 1985. I asked how many times he has actually tried. In seriousness, I give putts that I think the person will make 90%+ of the time. There is no reason for someone to be upset by the 1 in 10 that they had a spasm or loss of concentration. A 2-foot slider can be more difficult than a 4-footer up the hill so it is a judgement call. My other thought is whether or not they think they will make it. If their knees are already knocking and they are begging for the gimme, might want to see them putt it.
  6. I was intrigued and bought one of these when seeing the ad on MyGolfSpy. I started mainly with 3', 6', and 9' putts on a putting mat completing drills similar to what I do on practice putting green at my club. Recently, I started using it also for chips. It gives the same feedback as putting but I can practice different length chips (within reason) and went from leaving it close to making 2 or 3 out of 5 and leaving the rest close. This is much more difficult to do (at least at my club) so it is nice to have convenient way to practice chips up to 20 feet in my living room.
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