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  1. Nick in New York, NY Titleist AP2 712 irons with S300 Dynamic Gold shafts 21 handicap C300 irons
  2. 1. Nick in New York, NY 2. 28 handicap 3. Titleist AP2 (712) irons 4. JPX 900 Hot Metal I'm looking to play a lot of golf this year, and would love to game the Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal irons. Mizuno has a reputation for making the best irons on the market, so I think it would be interesting to put them to the test. Thanks!
  3. Nick Hasegawa New York, NY Walker (carry) Dartek Go Lite Pro I typically walk 9 or 18 with half a set. I'd love to give the 2Five a try!
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