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  1. Exactly, I agree 100 % and, I should have said that myself in the first place! Having had a post deleted in the past on a forum that I used to be very active in, made me feel that I was in Nazi Germany rather than an "open forum" in the United States. Censorship is not a good thing regardless of the circumstances. I guess the only thing I am worried about is the predators that are unavoidable and always accompany a community like this. If everyone stays vigilant and, we all work together, we can make this the best and, the most honest, and open golf forum in the world.
  2. Personally, I hope that this forum becomes the best. There are obviously other forums on the web but, I feel they have let their forum(s) turn into their own animal and grow to a point where they can no longer control it. People arguing and, members taking advantage of other members. I hope this becomes a place where honorable members get together to enjoy the sport they love.
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