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  1. Happy birthday @BackNine29. Have a great day.
  2. Holy s***. This sucks for anyone. Any ideas how at this stage?
  3. Happy birthday @GregGarner and @ryan.mzzz. Hope you both enjoy your day.
  4. I got one 16 years ago next month, less than a month after my son was born. Wasn't a big deal except I felt one get snipped, it didn't hurt as such but felt like it was up in my guts somewhere. I too didn't need some weird contraption for afterwards. Done on Friday and sat around for the weekend with bags of frozen peas on my gonads.
  5. First time buying a GHIN membership through my club. It was actually cheaper getting it there than through anyone else.
  6. Happy birthday @artful_golfer and @TylorJudd. Have a great day!
  7. Happy birthday @hohjoe and @Sparkey67. Hope you both have a great day!
  8. I used to wear @The Hat but he started getting a bit too big for his boots and thought he was the boss, plus he's too heavy and not breathable so I sweat like a ho in church. Now I use either a gray or white Mizuno Tour Sun Hat that one of the guys from Mizuno gave me last year.
  9. Happy birthday @YourKillingMeSmalls and @doubleduhric Have a fantastic day!
  10. So not like @Golfspy_CG2 missus that's seen hundreds then?
  11. Happy birthday @Hoganman1 and @JeffK. Have a great day!
  12. MattF


    Did another cherry cola pork tenderloin on Saturday. It was so good.
  13. Not golf related at all and you'll see why. As an Aussie, I actually do eat Vegemite. It can be hard and expensive to get (World Market is a ripoff) but I usually get it on Amazon. October 21 I bought a 12 x 220g case for $75...bargain. The same one now they want $125...ripoff. So I bought this guy, 2.5kg tub, should last me a minute. The 220g jar is for perspective.
  14. I only buy bags with putter wells. BTW, Furyk's theory is wrong, kind of. I live in Ohio (north) but IF I HAD to use that bag, my putter would go with the wedges. However, the argument could be made that I'm from the south originally....the deep deep south.
  15. I think they're overestimating the value. Clubs you're looking at about $2700, the bag, putter and fiiting aren't worth $2300+.
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