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  1. That's NOT a thrill...it's a little bit of coming out!
  2. I'll trade your boring arse golf for my WTF golf...
  3. Press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds, that should do a reset on it.
  4. Happy birthday @Peterpc2828! Enjoy your day!
  5. That could be a possibility, although Friday the 9th would be better.
  6. A very Happy Birthday to a mate @Mr_Theoo, also to @CarlH and @2puttbogey. Hope you all enjoy the day.
  7. You'll have to let us know where because it's on the Gulf side you could get in on the March spectacular that @revkev, @fozcycle and I always play.
  8. Avery Happy Birthday to @BIG STU (don't be climbing any ladders!) and @poprocksncoke! Enjoy your day!
  9. Pretty damn well if I do say so. Something just clicked yesterday and I shot a 39/43 82. Hit some good shots and some crap ones but all in all it was a great day.
  10. Please wish a very Happy Birthday to @silver & black, @blackngold_blood and @palvord. Hope you all have a great day!!
  11. Tony said in the comments that it's next on the block.
  12. Yep. So, how are you with drywall?
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