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  1. I was and thank you for filling in. Hope you had a great day all!
  2. MattF


    Well, I got it. 15 hours and 888 miles, we loaded it in the back of my TB and I headed home. Got a whopping 16mpg on the highway...I really need to get rid of that pig. I'm playing today so I'll be firing it up maybe during the week to play around but doing ribs and baked beans next Saturday. Well, here she is. And being introduced to the rest of the family.
  3. Congratulations on your team winning the ping pong mate. Of course, Manly were given a flogging by Souths in the final so our year is done.
  4. Happy birthday boys! I was up at 2.25AM and driving to North Carolina and back, hence my missing the shout out.
  5. Have to do mine shortly too.
  6. If you wanna drive to NE Ohio I could put a little something on.
  7. How long will this bag configuration last? I'm taking bets...
  8. Please join me in wishing @den748, @DJ Mico and @BH43 a very Happy Birthday!
  9. Not golf related at all. As some of you may know, I'm into BBQ. I've had 2 smokers, one a cheap offset and my current UDS (ugly drum smoker) that I built and have been using for years. I want to take my BBQ to the next level so I started researching what I wanted and came away with an insulated vertical cabinet smoker. From there I narrowed it down to Humphrey's Smokers, which are very popular around the competition circuit. I really would like their Battlebox, but at $2,300 it's way out of my $ range, so I looked at their Weekender series and it fit the bill. Long story longer, I happened across one for sale in NC for close to 1/3 the price, so I'm going on a 15 hour round trip on Saturday to pick up this beauty, which also comes with the cart, cover and a couple of other goodies...$2,300 brand new but 1 year old for $800.
  10. Sweet. I hope I can play a round with you there one day.
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