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  1. Yeah, I wasn't trying to offend LaMont or copy/cheat off of his work. I'm just working on refinishing my Futura Phantom. So any advice would be helpful. I honestly have no idea where I would even start with a project like this. I've been told spray paint which just seems like a bad idea to me
  2. In the past few days I've read a lot about white putter finishes. I'm told it's a white polymer finish and I've seen a couple companies that offer it. I'm wondering how I would be able to apply the finish by myself. Also I was wondering how it affects the feel of the putter.
  3. The adipure shoes are by far the best looking and most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. If I had the money I would buy four pairs today
  4. Just heard of a new training aid called the tour striker. It was described as a normal club, but the bottom half of the face is rounded so that if you don't hit down on the ball, you will completely shank it. I'm not so sure if I like the idea just because it would kill a player's confidence. Any Opinions?
  5. Being a huge fan of Cobra, I am extremely disappointed. With puma owning them I'm sure they will completely change the look, feel, and tradition of Cobra
  6. I'm a fan of the one on the right (pretty sure it's a titleist, but who knows) I'm not a fan of hybrids that have an overly bulgy, round face. I just feel like if i miss it at all the ball will be 50 yards right or left
  7. My furthest 3 wood is by far the Nike Sasquatch that i still have in my bag. Steel shaft, and everything else stock. This thing just goes. I've driven multiple par fours with it and have hit it over 300 a couple times. Great club and very easy to control
  8. great finish and great colors, not a fan of the weights on top and you should notch the back that would be sweet
  9. Scotty Cameron D009 That's the damascus putter that looks absolutely unbelievable, and is a true work of art http://www.scottycameron.com/studio/articles/details.aspx?id=33 Newport2 Timeless SSS Xperimental Blue Pearl Mist finish http://en.cameron-museum.com/shop/putters/id-2447, that putter has the best finish scotty has ever used and last but not least the Odyssey PT82, for those who don't know that is the prototype putter that replicates Phil Mickelson's putter used in the 2010 Masters
  10. These wedges look terrible, and I'm sure they'll be around $1000 each. Gold's factory makes good putters, they should stick to that
  11. I've played Cobra my whole life, and I can't see them making a driver called the striker. It just seems to go against what they've been about for the last decade or so. However it does look like a sweet club, if they made an option without the changable shaft/face angle I would absolutely love it
  12. Not gonna lie the style is not even close to as good as the G15 or the I15. It just looks a little too plain for me, but who knows. The G15 and the I15 were two of the best drivers on the market this year
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