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  1. The guy in the bottom left of the corner of the video looks familiar!!
  2. Here's to hoping we get to play golf this season in Minnesota! More snow in the forecast for tonight! Great looking set! Frank is pure class and a master at club work!
  3. Not a new idea. http://www.google.com/patents/US6835142
  4. My brother has a Retail and Repair shop at Bloomingdale Golfers Club.
  5. You are retiring and giving away mygolfspy.com?
  6. Looks like it would hazardous for others on the range if you mishit it.
  7. The gold & silver putter is one of the most amazing putters I have ever seen!
  8. The Can't Miss video says to stop buying new putters!! What kind of advice is that????
  9. That was Seve's trick shot. Humor from Arnie.
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