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  1. That is a new finish that is similar to a Black Oxide except it is a really nice distinct blue color instead of Black. For now we are calling it Blue Oxide. I personally really like it.
  2. We have prototypes of 2 different head styles of our new production putters in our booth at the show. There are pics of both above. The center shafted mallet with the blue finish and the Anserish putter with the plumbers neck and the black finish. They are both prototypes and will have slight changes made before the production run but are very close to what we will have available. They are 100% milled from a block of steel in the USA and should be released in April. "The Living Legend" if you are at the show you should try to come back by tomorrow and see them before the end of the sho
  3. Great review! FYI that is not the FAW grind it is the TNC grind which is the standard DS grind for the 53* (and 56*) loft. The EGG is the standard DS grind for the 58* and 60*.
  4. Great review! Glad that you like the wedge. FYI guys we do not use grip solvent when installing the grips. They are put on with an air compressor with no solvent. For more info on the process goto Pure Grips website.
  5. Don did design the MacGregor PMB and virtually every other forged MacGregor iron that was made during his time there.
  6. Tim, These specific heads are 1018 carbon steel forgings coming from the same Japanese foundry as our 1018 wedges and other irons. We are also working with a foundry in the USA on forging us pretty much the same raw flatback blank heads out of 1018 carbon steel but doing it here in the USA instead of Japan.
  7. We will be able to do pretty much anything with these. Here is a pic of one of the raw flatback blank heads that was used for this set.
  8. Scratch Golf wants to congratulate Scratch Staff Professional Cristie Kerr on her record breaking performance at the LPGA Championship this week. It was one of the most dominant performances in the history of Major Championship golf. Her 19 under par finish, which tied the lowest score in relation to par ever shot in an LPGA Major, was good for a 12 shot win and the largest margin of victory in the long history of the LPGA Championship. Her incredible performance also vaulted her to the #1 spot in the Rolex World Rankings. She is the first player born in the USA to hold this distinction an
  9. These are ground from a raw forged blank that starts out nothing like the final product. The muscle is hand shaped by Don White. The raw head has no muscle. He can make an endless number of different muscles and even cavity backs from these raw blank heads. The only issue is how long it takes for these to be made. They are literally 200+ grams heavy instead of 30+ grams heavy like our normal raw iron heads. Normally Don can raw grind about 8 clubs in a day. These could take him up to a week.
  10. I just received the written test results from our independent tester through email. We sent in for testing a 50* Scratch wedge, a 58* Scratch wedge, one of the Tour Spec wedges that we made for Chris (that he claimed to know for a fact was made from S25C steel)and a Mizuno MP Wedge. All 3 of the Scratch made clubs including the Tour Spec wedge came back at 15% carbon which as I posted above is consistent with American 1018 Carbon Steel. 50* Scratch Wedge: 58* Scratch Wedge: Scratch made Tour Spec Wedge: Mizuno MP Wedge:
  11. When we started Scratch Golf in 2003 and no longer had an American foundry as an option, we tested a bunch of heads with a bunch of different players in an attempt to find the best feeling and most consistent forgings that we could to make our clubs out of. The overwhelming majority of players that helped us in our testing liked once specific head the best. The supplier that we got that head from told us that it was made from 1018 Carbon Steel. Every subsequent order form that we have sent in for heads has said 1018 Carbon Steel on it. I got confirmation from our supplier that the steel that t
  12. I have been at Doral all week and have not been online. I will state again that 100% of what Chris from TSG/GTI is saying is not true. I stated that before earlier in the thread and also posted one of our order forms that specifically states that our clubs are made from 1018CS. I also received confirmation from our supplier that the steel used in our clubs does come from Japan and that they use a proprietary blend of steel for us that has pretty much the identical metal composition as American 1018CS. They have used this exact steel blend in the past for Wilson and Spalding when they requeste
  13. Here is the spec sheet that was sent to me by Mr. Ishihara (who is still, still alive btw) tonight that details the material and specs of our raw clubs. This order was for U groove mid weight (we also get heavier and sometimes lighter raw heads in) raw wedge heads to be ground by Don White or Jeff McCoy in our Tour Custom Department. IshiScratchRawWedgeSpecs.pdf
  14. They are Ecco Street Premiere shoes and are available for retail sale.
  15. He does not sell Scratch or Miura but Bridgestone/TourStage is one of his main brands.
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