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    The Flightscope Mevo is an entry level personal launch monitor that provides users with 8 unique data points. Those data points are carry distance, spin rate, clubhead speed, ball speed, vertical launch, smash factor, apex height and flight time. The Mevo uses 3D doppler radar technology to capture this data. Priced at $499 USD (currently on sale for $425 for Black Friday Savings), the Mevo is priced lower than some competitors in the same space. In this article, I’ll highlight what the Mevo brings to the table and who it might be best suited for when in the market for a personal launch monitor.
    Small Size, Powerful Data
    The first thing you’ll notice when unboxing the Mevo is its small stature. It is no exaggeration that this unit is tiny. However, its compact size allows it to be an excellent tool to use on the go, as it fits in the valuables pocket in my golf bag and would just as easily fit into my pocket. That is what I find all the more impressive about its performance. 

    Speaking of performance, one of my initial concerns with the Mevo was how its accuracy would fare in outdoor conditions on the driving range. With the device, you are provided with reflective dots that you can put on the golf ball to improve accuracy. Since I was using range balls, I elected to forgo the dots as I would have no way of recovering them. Early results have been promising, with good to great accuracy across all metrics, especially with driver. I have seen some discrepancies in carry distance and spin with wedges, but that is most likely related to how I deliver the club and not the unit itself. Mid iron accuracy has also been good across all parameters. It will be interesting to compare the outdoor vs. indoor data when winter sets in and I move to my garage set up.

    Of the eight data points available, I am finding the most benefit to my game and goals in clubhead speed, carry distance, spin rate, and vertical launch. I am a high spin player due to a relatively steep AoA, so at times I lose distance on strikes that feel like they should be longer, particularly with driver. I am now able to utilize the data Mevo provides to analyze this. On shots that feel good but don’t carry, I am often seeing a high spin rate and lower vertical launch, leading to an assumption of a negative AoA. On good strikes with longer carry, I am seeing lower spin and slightly higher launch, which seem to correlate with a neutral AoA. While the Mevo does not provide this metric, one can use their judgement to come to a reasonable conclusion.
    Easy Set Up, Intuitive App

    Another major bright spot for the Mevo is its simplicity. Once you download the FS Golf app and create a profile, connecting the Mevo to your smartphone or tablet is as simple as turning it on. It pairs and connects within seconds, no navigation to device bluetooth settings required. The app is straightforward, allowing you to choose a full swing session, participate in challenges, and review data from your sessions. All data is stored in the FS Cloud, which you can access online.
    Within the full swing session, you’ll choose whether you are outdoors, indoors or pitching. You can adjust your altitude to sea level or current geographical altitude, and then simply start your session. A feature I love is that your phone’s camera can capture your swing within the app, and you can see the data that correlates to that swing. This gives you the ability to view what a good swing and good strike looks like, and then compare it to a poor swing and strike. Having this feedback is a great tool if you’re working on a swing change. 
    Who is the Mevo for?

    Knowing your carry distances on the course can be the difference between reaching a green in regulation or coming up short and in a hazard. The Mevo provides that and more, in a pocket sized and accurate package. At a price of $499, and currently $425 for their Black Friday savings promotion as mentioned above, the Mevo is a fantastic option to enter the personal launch monitor market. For someone looking for basic data parameters, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better unit at this price point.
    If, however, you’re looking for a more in depth and advanced unit, the Mevo's big brother, Mevo+, provides 20 data parameters, plus a host of other features including simulation and games. It also just so happens to be on sale for their Black Friday promotion, and can be found here. 
    Flightscope is one of the leaders in the personal launch monitor industry, and their products prove that through accuracy and ease of use. Whether you’re looking to get into the PLM space or are looking to upgrade your current setup, give the Mevo a look!
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