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  1. Both look awsome, but I think I'd get more use out of the Big Shot Tuned Golf !! Thanks!
  2. Joel / MN TM M3 / HZDOUS Black 117 / 4.6 HCP 9.5* / MCA Tensei Blue Stiff/X
  3. Monticello, MN Ping Kvetch Hitting it on the proper line - speed is usually good, but a lot of lip outs and missing the hole on the 8-15 footers.
  4. Joel MN 4.6 Titleist AP2 Stength is distance control... I would like to hit my irons a little higher.
  5. Joel Monticello/MN/US Short/wedge game usually very good (practice a lot). Around the green I am solid, if any weakness it would be the 1/2 shots and shots under 50 yards. 52/SS, 56/SS, 60/SS Color Code: Purple Shaft: N.S. Pro Modus3 105 [X-Stiff] Length: Standard Grip: Dyla-wedge
  6. Joel Minnesota I currently use an older Bushnell model that is well past the point of replacing. It does not have the slope feature, which I am very interested in trying. Thanks for the opportunity, and happy holidays!
  7. Woohoo . . . great opportunity!!! 50+ rounds/year Current handicap = 3.6 Current putter = Ping Ketch (original)
  8. 1. Joel/MN 2. 4.2 3. I think it could help me get more consistent results from my iron striking, plus added yardeage and power is a bonus. The consistency at impact point is something I would like to better hone and think repetition with this would assist in achieving that.
  9. Joel, MN Current: Ping Ketsch Tour Mallet - RH, 35" Common miss: Left
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