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  1. I used to LOVE Spy vs. Spy! That was my favorite part of MadTV.
  2. I'm a Hireko guy. I have all Acer XK's- from the driver to the irons. My wedges are XB's (though I've just ordered some Integra Soft Cast wedges from Diamond Tour Golf). One thing I dissent on is their Bionik putters. They have a different line of putters (the CB) that look good, but since they don't make them in lefty, I don't get to use them . I guess I wouldn't say they're "junk"- unless it's a counterfeit it isn't "junk" in my opinion. It's just for some irrational line of thought I don't care for zinc putters. There's no true playability difference (there's a feel difference, though) but it's something I can't get out of my head. It might be a twinge of something (maybe jealousy?) as well. Their CB line looks familiar, but different. I like the looks of them. The Bionik is a copy of the old Anser.. meh.
  3. Each loft had a different color. Can't remember off the top of my head which was which, though...
  4. Got any details? Don't leave us hanging!
  5. Thanks Foz, I almost ruined my new monitor when I nearly spit coffee from laughing! Thanks for the laugh!
  6. Maybe they should up the number of tourneys to 18 or 20? Force guys to decide between appearance-fee tourneys (or the WGC tourneys) and homegrown tourneys. I mean, these guys are independant contractors, so really the rules can be changed if need be. If they don't like it, go join the EPGA, but they'll lose all those appearance fees- which was what was drawing them there in the first place.
  7. Gotta be different, I suppose. I will say, Poulter gamed the white Cobra with a white shaft and grip (no idea what brands, though) and it looked sharp. I still think it'd be hard to maintain, but maybe that's just me.
  8. You just reminded me of something: the ball's role in all of this. The hardness of the ball does account for sound... the softer the ball sounds, the softer it feels. I've stacked a TP Black against Titleist NXT (not on purpose) and noticed, when chipping and pitching in my backyard, the NXT feels (sounds) softer. Even though it isn't the case- the TP Black has a urethane cover, the NXT a Surlyn cover- but whatever Titleist does with their chemical composition makes for a softer sound to my ears. It's intriguing to me. I think you're also right about the Cast v. Forged never-ending debate. Forged clubs have been around since the beginning of golf. They have a loyal following. Really it all boils down to what the individual wants.
  9. Very solid- thanks, guys! I've seen those ProSofts, but had a "meh" attitude about it. Kind of similar to how I felt about colored ferrules before RB7 and Satern pointed me towards Cell-Parts (which, by the way, I'm still grateful for).
  10. I have a couple of questions on this: 1. In the most basic of definitions from what little I understand, it sounds like Medicus's version would violate this patent, as well. Am I correct on that, or is Medicus behind the lawsuit? Or, is it someone else altogether going after Mizzy? 2. If not, is it Mizuno's tools ability to throw out shaft recommendations that puts it over the top? If so, that throws me off, because the Medicus only measures swing speed, whereas Mizzy's has that aforementioned feature. Wouldn't that make them, technically, different? I'm kind of confused here...
  11. My current irons have "Sensicore" inserts- all it is is a straw with weather-stripping spiraled around it (the "true versions are black straws... mine are multi-colored! ). Cost me $4 total compared to $27 for a package of 8. One thing a guy told me not too long ago was, with either the "homemade" or "true" Sensicores, the stripping can hold moisture, which can lead to premature rusting of the insides of the shaft. Obviously, the area you live/golf in can have a major influence, but I definitely found it interesting. I'm working on building a new set... this time, I think I'm doing the dowelling.
  12. Maltby's done a blind test (the same model iron, just one forged and the other cast), and no one tested could tell the difference. However, there are people that have a highly developed sense of feel- even some highly skilled amateurs have it- that allows them to feel a difference. There's only a 10 point difference between the different carbon steels on the Rockwell Hardness Scale (they range from B60-B70). For reference, 304 stainless rates at B75, 431 stainless rates at C18-C25 (taken from "Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century", p. 29). In reality, not a huge difference. Personally, I'd consider the golfers with feel that in tune A) pretty astounding and the exception to the rule. As for the dispertion, shots struck "on the screws" will perform the same, assuming that all specs are the same (which isn't always the case- forged irons usually have weaker lofts than cast), with the exception of one iron being forged and the other being cast. There's no magic in a forged blade or the material it's made of- everything's controlled by physics. Shots struck AWAY from the sweet spot will have noticeable differences, though...
  13. In my opinion, both of these are excellent ideas. Wincey's dead-on about the Fowler comment .
  14. He used a totally different model in Oz... shaped like Odyssey's #9 (the Phil model). Can't find specifics (I'm doubting it was an Odyssey)... though for full disclosure, I haven't gone looking for them. The Golf Channel made a mention of it, but didn't specify. I'm not an accountant or financial advisor, but it seems to me that all these companies went public, hit the skids and are now looking for ways to get their stocks back up, which makes it appear (to me) that everyone ends up suffering because of it. I wonder what it'd be like if brands like Titleist and Callaway went private? Would it make things better, worse, or the same?
  15. Sounds good! I will say, though, that everyone from Summit's "Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century" (p. 79), Sheets's "The Perfect Fit" (p. 106), Wishon's "The Right Sticks" (all over the place, but Myth/chapter 2 focuses on it), to Maltby's "The Complete Golf Club Fitting Guide" (p. 48) all state that loft of the driver head is most important, with Wishon and Sheets both referring to it as "Physics 101". You can tweak here and there with shaft weight, flex, bend point and whatnot, but loft is, at the very least, the starting point from which all other decisions are made. Maltby even lists the order of importance: 1. Loft 2. Lie 3. Center of Gravity Location 4. Shaft Flex Point 5. Shaft Flex 6. Hosel Offset (again, p. 48) Do I agree with this as a set-in-stone deal? Yes and no. While I think it's smart to have a "blueprint", everyone is different with differing needs and swings, so it'd be (quite frankly) stupid to be so rigid. You do what you have to, within the Rules, to fit a golfer to their best club possible while taking into account ALL factors- not just swing speed; but swing mechanics, expectations of said new club, budget, etc., etc.
  16. I had a Nike Sasquatch (the original one) 13* with a Graphite Design YS-6 Type II shaft. It was great off the tee, but I was a little erratic everywhere else. Switched to an Acer XK (15*) and with a True Ace Cadence Red FW shaft. Again, great off the tee, but I always hooked it off the ground. Now I have the XK with an Alidla NVS 85 ($20 from Rock Bottom Golf... the retail version, not the Ebay one) . The TACR is a good, solid shaft, but it has too much torque for my swing- I have a tempo on the quick side. Switching to the NVS, I went from 3.9* to 2.8*. Very solid now. I have a thing with 3w's being over 170cc. Never owned one. Hit a few and just can't get used to the look. The Sasquatch is on the small side (though I don't know exactly what it is) and the XK is 160cc. Just right for my tastes.
  17. This is probably the first topic I've seen here that made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. Very weird. One, the Moore-Scratch split. No, I didn't see that coming. One thing (more like a tidbit) was when Moore made the news for eschewing sponsorship: Golf magazine reported Moore was leaving over $200,000 on the table. Make of it what you will, but I found that pretty interesting at the time. Second, I can't stand GolfWRX. I'm a member that makes rare appearances, most times to stir the pot. It got worse for me when I noticed their partnership with Golf Digest- in my opinion, the WORST golf magazine available. They are SO in bed with the OEMs- not a surprise WRX is, as well. I also don't like checking out posts and seeing how (what seems like) 95% of their members are Tour-caliber. If they're all swinging the driver 110+ mph, gaming "tour" gear and putting mad spin on the ball, what are they doing on WRX? Meh. I know I'm one of the disenting voices of OEMs here (though I will throw in a deserving compliment here and there). I don't hide it, I don't apologize for it. They want to "grow the game", but they're not doing anything on their part to help out. I think that's wrong. If you don't want to participate, fine, but don't b!tch when people aren't coming to you for gear. I'm thankful for MGS, because here I'm able to speak my mind. The only thing I'd ever ask of this site is that they don't change a thing. The OEMs may hate you for what you do, but your fans LOVE you for it.
  18. LOL- I knew what NGage meant, but this was pretty funny (the mental image alone was laugh-inducing).
  19. That's not entirely right. The head is the most important factor. No shaft, whether it's $10 or $400 will help a golfer if the head isn't right for the golfer. There's no point for a slow swinger to use a 10* head- they'll put too much backspin on the ball, which will lead to many ballooned shots. The shaft is important, but not as important as having the right head, club length, swing weight and grip size. For the great majority of golfers (and definitely the beginners) just getting the right flex will suffice. When the game comes around, it would be smart to reevaluate the shaft- torque corresponds with the head's gear effect (helping to mitigate misses) and maybe look at something like bend point (AKA kick point). There's only ~1* launch angle difference between a "high" and "low" BP shaft, but there are feel differences. (paraphrased from "The Right Sticks" by Tom Wishon, with personal experience thrown in)
  20. LOL- honestly, though, my personal view is no club whatsoever is worth more than $150. FWs, hybrids, drivers... Irons are an exception, because of how they're packaged, but I still wouldn't pay more than $4-500 for a set.
  21. I haven't heard too many bad things about the Deep Bore... so maybe just buy another? You know, the whole "If it ain't broke" thing. Maybe get fit this time (if you didn't before) for it and see what happens. Good idea, though, for getting current-groove irons. That's something that really seperates the Pros from the Joes- practice time. If you get irons and wedges, you'll have PLENTY of practice time with them for next season.
  22. Good on him for wanting to keep his amateur status. To me, that sounds like a high dose of maturity.
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