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  1. As much as I would love to think they are reading this (same goes for all the other OEMs), I highly doubt it. I doubt it even more that they'd care. They aren't here to help us, only make money off us.
  2. I'd be shocked- SHOCKED!- of this were true. Adding two and two to get five, it kind of explains why their clubs are cloned the most. They probably don't have complete control of their designs. I've heard elsewhere (where exactly, I can't remember) that TMaG has the foundries handle their R&D, but I've never seen any actual proof.
  3. I'm with you, Shambles. They were deemed non-comforming years back, as well. Frank Thomas even talks quite a bit about that case in his book "Just Hit It". USGA testing proved that the original Polara UNDERperformed compared to the conforming balls. According to Mr. Thomas, they were even preparing to go to litigation (not unlike Ping and Callaway) to make the USGA add their balls to the conforming list. To me, that screams "we're doing something we know is wrong, but we're going to use brute force to make it right!". My driver headcover is Chewbacca, my 3w is Yoda, and I have a Nebraska headcover for my 5w in the rare event I take it out. That's all the novelty equipment I need.
  4. You know, I had a sarcastic remark prepared- it was about how even though this is a beautiful putter, it isn't worth it because it's not from an OEM, but I'm going to leave that one to myself. Seriously, though, that is an incredibly pretty putter. How many people have tried a Super Stroke putter grip? If so, what'd you think? They also make regular grips for the other 13 clubs, but I haven't gotten around to trying them.
  5. People see Tiger slam/throw clubs and curse like a sailor and say "he's just competitive". Sabatini does... things... and he's a jerk. To me, they're one and the same. John Feinstein, on Morning Drive today, said disciplinary actions should be made public. I agree. If anything, it could act like a scarlet letter- if we know Sabatini was suspended, or Tiger was fined, maybe it could act somewhat like a deterrant for future issues. Of course, this could also just be a pipe dream.
  6. I don't see anything wrong with how you've described the situation. It sounds to me like Titleist is just being unreasonable. You can't have the tip, but you sure can buy the whole kit and kaboodle! Reading between the lines, that sounds like someone would be upset without a kickback. Total BS if you ask me.
  7. But how many could tell a difference between DW's and JK's in a blind test?
  8. The ball flight is stated as "low" in Hireko's catalog. But how low, I can't say, because I've never gamed the Humps.
  9. That's why I posted it. Glad it was useful!
  10. Same here. Just get a ball fitting from a fitter, or do it yourself. I had to really make myself sound like a duffer before it'd recommend anything other than the Vapor or 20XI models.
  11. I'll be right there with you, Big Stu. I TRY to get banned from GolfWRX, but they won't do it. I thought I had something going: anti-golf conglomerates and anti-Golf Digest*. But nothing... *= I would go back to GD if only they'd get rid of their equipment jerk Mike Stachura.
  12. Same here, Reg. I wonder if you're on to something... aside from Ping's house line, the only AWT shafts that are billed as AWT is from Snake Eyes. Jeff Sheets, who was working for Golfsmith for a time, is a big proponent of AWT for irons/wedges. At least, that's all I've ever been able to find. You can simulate it with something like TT's GS75, 85 and 95 series or Apollo's Acculite 75, 85, 95 series... there's others, but you get the idea. Makes me think Ping is just making sure they're the only game in town in that regards.
  13. Very nice. I kind of like the idea of the "white, but different" look. I'm also digging the alma-mater look you came up with- neat concept!
  14. We're slowly (or maybe not so slowly) making our way to having a handful of "major players" in the golf market. That's not good news for us. I highly doubt it's going to be good long-term for Callaway (acquiring Ben Hogan and Top-Flite wasn't), or be some route for the "little guys" like W/S, Srixon, or a component company to make a move... not with the brandwashing of today's golfers. Won't be long before we get to golf's version of checkmate.
  15. LOL- true. I'd be there with the both of you.
  16. Aaaahh... thanks for that, Nic! A stepping option sounds pretty interesting.
  17. I'm going to throw my hat in with the "where are you, W/S?" line of questioning. I'd really be intrigued by a bigger presence in stores.
  18. Here's my questions: 1. Why does the RAZR Hawk look so much like the FT Tour? 2. How come they don't compare the "forged composite" to their earlier composites? Why do they only compare it to titanium in advertisements? Thanks in advance for any info you can glean from them!
  19. That's the thing about big chains: you never know what you're going to get. The Dick's in my area is not that great. But when I think about it, I've been to Wal-Mart's and Meijer's that have fluctuating customer service, depending on where I go. I know it'd have to be frustrating, especially if a poor Dick's is the only golf option. Jamo, I'd believe the guy about the understaffing. Both of my younger brothers (they're twins) worked at a local Meijer's for most of their college days; one in frozen and the other in hardware. They saw their resposibilities increase, while some workers either quit or were let go. We do it at my shop (and others that are "Six Sigma Certified")... they call it "running lean" or for the cynical "do more with less to make profits higher".
  20. I've never got to play with this tool (though I'd love to), but I agree. From what I've been taught, you get a starting shaft flex based on swing speed and make tweaks from there. If you have an agressive tempo, going stiffer is usually a good idea. But if your tempo's smooth, you can still be successfully fit into a softer flexed shaft. Nic, I do have a qustion about the Optimizer... Does all it's recommendations end up being TTDG's, PX's and KBS's? I don't have any "real" experience with this thing, but based on the few people I've talked to about this, that's all it recommends. Would it recommend any other shafts than the "big three"?
  21. Totally agree. I could care less what everyone games... sounds harsh though I'm not trying to be, but it's basically irrelevant now. Unless there's some super-metal that comes out of nowhere... but even then, the heads can't be bigger than 460cc, they can't have an MOI greater than 5,900, can't have a COR of .83 (or 256 CT) and has to fit inside a 5" by 5" box with a face no greater than 2.8". They also can't be longer than 48", but that's OK, since most of us shouldn't be using drivers longer than 45". You can play with the head's center of gravity location, but there is no "right" or "wrong" answer to what's best for that variable. Same can be said for face angles. Get fitted. Whatever that ends up being, that's your personal "best".
  22. That right there gives you every reason to brag. You're making a real difference for our future generations. Here's a heart-felt thanks to you and your friends.
  23. And that's my goal: find out how true that is.
  24. What you see in the "real" club is just visible technology. Some companies emphasize what they're trying to promote by changing a color, or adding a special badge, or colored flecks in the new "technology". Like those Rapture's- that's tungsten in the sole, and it's designed to lower the CG. How much is truly there has never been stated, as far as I can remember. They'll tell you the percentage of how much the CG is lowered, though. Same goes for Taylormade's "inverted cone technology"... it's smaller than the badge would have you believe. "Hyperbolic" has two possible meanings, since the word can be used with either: 1. based off the word "Hyperbola": –noun Geometry . the set of points in a plane whose distances to two fixed points in the plane have a constant difference; a curve consisting of two distinct and similar branches, formed by the intersection of a plane with a right circular cone when the plane makes a greater angle with the base than does the generator of the cone. Equation: x 2 /a 2 − y 2 /b 2 = ±1. 2. based of the word "Hyperbole": –noun Rhetoric . 1. obvious and intentional exaggeration. 2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.” Thanks, Dictionary.com. Now, which is it? I think it's #2...
  25. It has nothing to do with skill level. According to Golf Magazine, it's very easy to steal technology. It also doesn't help that some of the OEMs rely on the foundry to do their R&D... though no one ever mentions who, making it tough to really prove. Adding 2 with 2 and getting 5, it seems to me that Callaway, Taylormade and Ping are the ones... For instance, I've never seen an Adams Speedline/Fast-series clone, or a Wilson/Staff Smooth clone, or Mizuno clones in legitimate channels. I have seen the rare Nike Sasquatch clones and some Titleist, but they were on Ebay, so it was one of those " " deals. You have to ask yourself: why is a place like Diamond Tour Golf or GigaGolf still open, if they're supposedly violating the law? Either the OEMs being cloned have no control of their property, or there's some type of deal involved. If it was stolen and cloned, that'd be illegal, but since no one's going to jail, that's a wash. But if it was illegal some other way, wouldn't you think someone as big as Taylormade- who, along with the other OEMs, are pumping billions into efforts to stop counterfeiting- take umbrage with this? Their only "defense" (I don't even know if you can call it that) is to try to demonize any type of off-brand. Of course, they're all busy demonizing the USGA and each other as well, so it's hard to really get to the meat of what's going on. Sounds like I might have another project on my hands...
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