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  1. I think Mr. Valvoline leaving will be good. I think it's the whole removing the bib before the 18th is finished thing... it seems like a disrespectful and a not-so-subtle "HERE'S MY LOGO! DO YOU SEE IT!!!" move. I emailed him about it a while ago about that... he said it was a "ritual" that he'd been doing for a long time. I asked him in a separate email if it wasn't about the "V" since the only place he doesn't do it is Augusta... and he didn't write me back.
  2. I think having the #1 golfer, known (at the time) for destroying courses and competitors alike, helped give Nike a pretty strong foothold... at least, from the marketing side of things. Of course, I wasn't paying much attention to that stuff back then, so I could also be wrong. My question is, will they still call it Cobra, or change it? It was smart of adidas to leave well enough alone, but will Puma mess with a brand name?
  3. Well said, and I agree completely. He'd better thank his lucky stars if he DIDN'T give something. Whether it's herpes or AIDS, no married person should have to worry about something like that.
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