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  1. You can get more accuracy and distance from your current driver if you get it retrofit. If they say you'd need a different loft number, you'd be out of luck, though. 250 is pretty good- the male average (last time I saw the National Golf Foundation's numbers) was 235y. That'd be the only reason to buy a new driver... technology's maxed out, and has been since 2006. Now, if you're admittedly inconsistent from 100 yards, switching up the wedges makes sense. Six degrees is a pretty wide gap for an amateur, and not all of us are good with partial swings or going all-out with a higher-lofted wedge. So tightening up the loft gap makes a ton of sense. You'll be able to use more full swings, and more consistency with your yardage gaps. As for brand... that doesn't matter. My only thing is, pay attention to bounce angles as well. With all the options, you don't want to end up buying, say, a SW with And get fit for your wedges, as well. Make sure they're the same length, or a little shorter, than your PW... it'll help with consistency. If you really like a wedge and it's .5" longer than your PW, don't sweat it. Some people also like their GW to be inline, heft-wise, with the PW, while the SW and LW are more head-heavy. I don't know what you like, so I'm not going to say "Do it this way, 'cause I do", or "Do it that way, because Tiger does"... it doesn't work that way. It IS something to consider, but do it with a fitter, so you can determine what's best for YOU.
  2. Wow... thanks for the info, Puku! I agree with the none too inspiring comment. The sole plate looks like an absolute rip-off of the TMaG plate in 2D... unless TMaG's coming up with something different? The picture of the I-MIX looks a little like the new Fuz-Fit adaptor from Club Connex... it allows you to use the adapter without having to tip-trim the shaft. Very curious, indeed!
  3. Is that a Method, or a Method Core? Maybe it's just me, but in a cosmic sort of way, I find it interesting that Tiger and Phil were using the same shaped putter.
  4. Oh, god, John... I can't know that! Anywho... I find it funny there seems to be a groupie following of those Matrix and Miyazaki shafts, yet they comprise only 10.7% of this list (yes, I did the math...) of the best players in the world. Same for KBS (Femco Steel owns them) and Nippon, but only 13.13% of all irons gamed are those two brands. And that assumes all the Femco shafts surveyed are KBS, not a FST/KBS mix. I wonder who was the one gaming the Aerotech?
  5. I don't care enough about Tiger to boo or clap. Simple as that. He isn't why I golf, isn't why I watch. Yes, he's a douche for cheating on his wife and hurting his kids; he'll pay the piper just like everyone else does when it's time, but I'm not his piper.
  6. It's your game, so you have every right to be "petulant". That does kind of surprise me about the Wishon fitter, though... Shows that they all don't seem to be in the same loop, just like everyone other fitter. It seems to me you're not launching the ball high enough with your driver, plus you're putting too much spin on it. 238 carry distance/150mph ball speed equates to about 100mph clubhead speed, give or take a couple MPH's. Ideal LA for that speed is 17*, with the ideal spin rate is 2,157rpms (I got those number's from "The Perfect Fit" by Jeff Sheets, if you're wondering. A pretty good fitting book, I think). But how do we get there from here? I'm going to interrupt myself here to say that I think I understand why you were given those two varying shaft recommendations. The 'ahina is light (61g) with a high bend point; the thought being, the light weight would allow you to launch the ball higher (raise the effective loft of the driver head), with the high BP keeping spin in check. As for the Axiv Blue, it's a heavier shaft (69g) with a low BP; the low BP would increase the effective loft at impact, raising your LA, while the heavier weight would help keep spin down. Basically, they're trying to accomplish the same thing by opposite means. My own personal feeling (take this for what it's worth) is, I agree with the person who fit you to the Axiv Blue. From what I've learned in my travels, loft is the primary means for affecting LA and spin. Doing something to increase a club's effective loft at impact is the second best choice after buying a new driver with a higher loft. Sometimes, things aren't practical economically. Switching to a low-BP shaft is that "workaround". It probably won't be perfect, but it'd be as close as one can get. So, I like the Axiv Blue as a possibility, or maybe the ProLaunch Blue w/Axis (it's 58g), True Ace Green Ghost (67g), ProForce V2 High Launch (65g) and (maybe) the Grafalloy Epic (70g). They're all low-BP shafts, with between 3.5 and 4 degrees of torque. I'm a little higher on the Axiv Blue, Green Ghost and Epic because of the heavier, but more than likely manageable, weight. Some of the experts claim (and I believe) heavier shafts reduce spin, but it still has to be light enough to not wreck your swing and/or tempo, so finding the right balance can be tough. You may be able to get away with something heavier than the Epic, but I can't say for sure. Are these the "right" choices? I feel strongly about these, but this is being done without seeing you swing, so I can't (won't) in good faith make these set-in-stone "have to use these" options. They're just that... options.
  7. Price point is just a marketing tool- that "it costs more, so it HAS to be better" mentality. The head design, loft and weight of the club have more to say on trajectory and spin than any golf shaft, regardless of how much it costs. Tom Wishon, among a large group of others, developed a software system that systematically measures golf shafts and categorizes them. Similar to Maltby's Shaft Playability Factor and Hireko's Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index, just with a much bigger database. You want something like a Whiteboard, but don't want to pay that kind of money? No problem... crunch the numbers and you can find alternatives at differing pricepoints. Some people will claim a $300 shaft "feels" different than a $50 shaft, but: A ) the club head's design, the grip, and the total weight/swing weight of the club have more say on "feel" and performance than any shaft, and B ) actual "feel" is subjective, at its best. What "feels" whippy to you may not to me, and vice versa. That's why "feel" is so often used/abused in ad campaigns... it can't be quantified, so any claims made can't be brought to litigation for false advertisement. That's why you've gotten so many different options... there are no "true" answers. There's what you like, what you're willing to spend, and so forth. Some fitters have "go to" shafts that are their personal favs; they've had success with them in the past. Doesn't make them right or wrong- it is what it is. They trust those models. First off, determine a budget. I don't care if it's $20, $50, $100, or $1,234,567. You WILL find something at each pricepoint that will work for you. Let the fitter know what you've told us... with luck, you'll get to deal with a Wishon fitter (if you see a fitter with only one shaft brand's banner, be wary), so that software can be used. Go to Wishon's website and do a fitter locator search. From there, STOP LOOKING. I think you've already confused yourself by doing all these other fittings. Remember to be as specific and honest with the fitter as you can... that will only help you. From there, you just have to hit-test what the fitter's recommended.
  8. I like the look, and am surprised (pleasantly) that Oakley would offer these at such a great price. The heel doesn't look as blocky as the Asics GSM reviewed... maybe because it's rounded? I don't know, but I could definitely see myself in these.
  9. True, but it definitely wouldn't have had the same feel. I used to wrestle (not the WWE stuff... REAL wrestling) and I always liked Asics. I was pretty interested at first, seeing as these are Asics, but I'm not a fan of cluncky heels; I do have a fondness for sounding like Darth Vader walking through the Death Star, just not while I'm pretending to be athletic LOL. Thanks for another thoughtful, insightful review!
  10. You guys stole what I was going to say!! LOL... just kidding. But yeah, I like it, and I want it, as well!
  11. Am I glad I'm not the only one who does this... I've gotten better as I've gotten older- with shoes on, I don't do it as much, but barefoot or in sandals I still do it.
  12. I agree. US Opens are ALWAYS made more difficult (gotta protect par!) with the narrow fairways and 6" rough, Open Championships can be played at quirky tracks, the PGA and Open Championship are also more apt to have varying degrees of weather differences, depending on where they're played. Not that the US Open or Master's isn't immune to weather, I feel it just seems to be more of a factor in the other two (think along the lines of the 100+* temps at the PGA at Southern Hills).
  13. KBS TOUR C-TAPER HIGHLIGHTS: - Constant taper design with unrestricted energy transfer (where in a golf shaft would there be restriction? Is there a microscopic traffic cop somewhere in their older models and everyone else's?) - Optimized taper and tip section for low launch and low spin performance (why would people want less spin for their irons? The Tour people have the restricted grooves, the average golfer can't make a ball back up, regardless how much they spent on their shafts) - Offered in S, S+, and XS flexes at launch with additional flexes in the near future (let's see how many people buy these, even if they should be playing "R" or "A" flex) - Unique and highly durable satin finish texture (unique? is it diamond-plated or something? was their last offerings less durable?)
  14. Unless that "fin" moves, I don't see it doing anything other than sitting there. If you miss-hit a shot on the toe or heel, the head rotates about it's CG location horizontally... the fin doesn't look like it's in a place to be of any help. There also doesn't look like there's enough there to effect loft or lie. It's also tough to really ascertain anything from a 2D drawing... The cynic in me says they'll try to make people think it's a rudder, cutting through the air and giving us all more distance than those other bum's (especially Titleist and Taylormade) normal hosels.
  15. True, but not everyone does... it was more for those guys/gals who come here. After messing with adding the video for about 5 minuts (felt like 7 or 8 minutes) I finally got it to work. That's why there were like 8 views right after I finally posted it... all the times I spent editing it LOL!
  16. Oooohhh... now I get it. I'm going to blame it on how late it was when I responded to it. LOL... no, I couldn't do that. That's worthy of a facepalm.
  17. Sounds like you have a good buddy. You know, I (day)dream of days like yours... 54 holes, hot dogs, 300+ yard bombs. Take out the 300+ yard bombs and 54 holes and that's the closest I've come to fulfilling that fantasy.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec95TZSPnoQ&playnext=1&list=PL64C4A3716BB9F6F0
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seZJUO4ZQ_s
  20. Very interesting... The lawsuit thing is sound, Steven, but here it'd just take up taxpayer's time for something that should be open-and-shut. Big Stu's idea seems less messy... and more fun!
  21. I'd give that a whole-hearted second. If ANYONE could/would do it, MGS is the site I'd feel comfortable with to do it. I HIGHLY doubt the big golf media outlets would even think of it... if it was proven that they are exactly, or even close, to performing as their OEM counterparts (mind you, the test would have to be fair and unbiased), the whole world would probably explode. I know it would be fun. I have the Inazone Shadow CNC wedges that are supposed to be like Vokeys. I will hands down say that, as far as what I can do with a wedge (and I still own two of my older Vokeys) they are the same. Not the same material: Vokey's are 1020ish carbon steel, Inazone's are 304 stainless. There's no playability difference, and they're very close in hardness (based on the Rockwell Hardness Scale). I don't own any woods, hybrids or irons from DTG, but I think I can extrapolate an outcome... What say you, MGS? Interested in something like this?
  22. Who did they bully out of those names? LOL... I couldn't resist. So, we have new balls, a new adjustability system, and a device/website to rival SkyCaddie. I just can't wait.
  23. I agree with Shambles. Maybe we should be relaxed on weed, maybe not. I don't know. But like I said, I know of some (not personally, through people at work) who are already abusing their "right" to grow pot for medicinal use. I'm not big into oversight, either, but something so... edgy (?)... needs close regulation. Would that, or could that, be given where the dispensory would be? I know this is a very hot-button topic, but still...
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