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  1. I'm not a believer in the "lighter = longer" theory, on the whole. More mass at impact means better energy output at impact. That said, it's just like everything in golf: there are no absolutes. Someone is going to benefit from this (or Integra's 175g version) technology. As an almost across the board Acer player (only my wedges and putter aren't) I personally stand by their quality and playability (sadly, I'm not being paid to say that). I've never regretted ditching the OEMs, and the only reason why I have an OEM putter is because I can't find what I want in component form (which is made a tad tougher being LH). I don't miss the upcharges; I've never been a "see what I'm gaming?" type of person... I just want to play, and play as best I can.
  2. Even better, if you want a Project X/RIP/whatever other high-end shaft, or a GP/Lamkin/other higher priced grip, you'll STILL come out ahead, cost-wise, with the same quality. Personally, I'm holding out for the Acer XF with the QuikFit. Kinda like the I-MIX, just doesn't cost $30+ per adaptor. Oh, the Adrenaline and Leggara have that, as well.
  3. Very nice! It's hard to let go of a putter you really like... unless, of course, you have an idiot attack and run it over with your car... You are the epitome of what I try to talk about: you prove Golf Digest's equipment "editor" Mike Stachura wrong... how can a "pretender", which by his definition is what you'd be, attain a 5 handicap? Now I have that McDonald's tag line in my head: "dah-dah dah dah dah... I'm lovin' it".
  4. Here's the Q&A from Golf magazine's April '11 issue. Apparently, the one that's causing the big stink... http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/article/0,28136,2057896,00.html Two things I think after reading it: 1. My opinion of Foley is about 100% more positive than it originally was. 2. This seems like another semi-sensationalist move by golf journalism to move a needle. I didn't come away feeling like Foley disrespected Haney. He wasn't being "PC" (thankfully), but not malicious, either. Any thoughts/opinions?
  5. Thanks for that- just shows how easy it is for people not in the know to be duped. I can easily uderstand how just seeing a picture, or having something be the only one in stock, lead to a purchase like this. But do a side-by-side, and things become MUCH different!
  6. Good point... I mean, he even had his Whiteboard (in the driver) and Mitsubishi prototype (in the 3w) painted orange. That's according to Golf magazine's December '10 issue. Why not get the putter done, as well?
  7. I really, really like this. +1(I can't fit all the "0"'s here). Another good line: "I turn 40 this July and have spent 13 years on the PGA Tour, along the way making more than $9.3 million and nearly as many friends". That is pure class. Thanks for a great post MGS!
  8. I'm in agreeance with this. The only thing I'd add is there should be less time involved. Tiger remained #1 for so long because there's a two year rollover in points. If it were one year, or per year, things would be very different. I liken it to having USC ranked #1, win the BCS, then go no better than .500 the next two years... all the while being allowed to maintain their #1 ranking because winning the BCS gave them so many points. It shouldn't work that way... it doesn't in NCAA football or NASCAR. I personally like a NCAA-infused NASCAR-style ranking. Have a preseason ranking based on last year's money list, then hash it out throughout the season with a set amount of points per place with every tourney, until the start of the FedEx Cup playoffs. When the playoffs start, hit the "points reset" button and away we go. Will there be a lot of upheaval throughout the season? Possibly, but remember: Jimmie Johnson won the title 4 or 5 times in a row, so it's possible someone like Tiger, Phil or can do it, as well. If anyone- especially the "big guns" of the tour- really want to take things seriously, they'd realize those appearance-fee tournaments during the season won't get them ranked, so they could either keep doing what they do and hope for excellent showings in the tourneys they do play in, or stay on Tour and accumulate as many points as possible, then after the season do the appearance-fee tourneys.
  9. LOL! Or, just wait it out another 6 months and get one with not only the adjustable stem, but an adjustable mouthpiece... in white.
  10. Whatever YOU want. There's very little difference nowadays... so as long as it sounds and looks good to you and you're properly fit- that's what matters most.
  11. I read that last night! My thing is, I know it's tough/expensive to run a football team, and I know it's tough to be an NFLer. How are we supposed to feel sorry for either, though? The owners built these fancy-pants, state of the art stadiums that make it even more expensive to operate... but for what, other than bragging rights, increased ticket sales and ego-feeding? The players do put themselves through pain, but they're always looking for the big payday. Couple that with the college education they were given just for being football players and I fail to see how they not only squander their money, but go completely broke. Of course, this is assuming they're actually finishing college... if they don't, I don't feel sorry for them. The ones I do feel bad for are the older guys. The ones that got the game to where it is, who didn't make $400,000+ a season just for being the long snapper or a "special teams standout". They have the medical bills and physical trauma that these new players have little to no idea about, thanks not just to advancements in medicine/surgery but to safer equipment. Sadly, those guys are left out in the breeze because of greed on BOTH sides of the argument.
  12. Thanks for the detailed info!
  13. Thanks for the link. I agree, if you can get a good putter, don't let it go!
  14. It all makes perfect sense. It's also occured to me that I was also more negligent in my Tour observations than I originally thought . Thanks for the quick responses!
  15. I think I like Moecat's 2nd option as well. Not everyone feels comfortable hitting, say, a 6. Maybe if they were allowed to use their "it" iron there'd be a better chance for quality shots, which might lead to better test results.
  16. Holy crap- for 4th? What were they giving away for first, your own personal airplane? Seems like that was a helluva contest!
  17. Anyone see Bridgestone's new commercial? It has Freddie and his... assistant(?) reading a fan-letter about switching to the e6 ball from a Titleist model. At the end, DLIII comes on and talks about kicking that same "habit"! Now, this is most likely a nonissue, but the first thing I thought when I saw it was "Oh, no he didn't"! Anyone else catch this? Did you have the same (or any) reaction?
  18. Hey, all. I saw a Srixon commercial Wednesday and there was G-Mac in it. Then I caught the first round of the Honda yesterday and there he was, in a Srixon hat! I thought I was paying attention fairly well, but that isn't the case if I missed this. So, I have some questions: 1. When did this happen? 2. Did he give any reasons for the switch? 3. Is it just the ball, or is he gaming Srixon/Cleveland clubs, as well? Thanks in advance!
  19. From the outside looking in, it is enough to drive a fan- like myself- batty. Some people never recover from a change. Paddy's always admitted to being a swing-tinkerer, though... but still, I'd think there'd have to be a point where you tell yourself "Hey, let's just go out there and win/do your best". As far as him being "delusional", EVERYONE gets that label... wrongly... in the Tiger era. Look at Jason Day: he said he wanted to be #1 and nearly everyone and their brother tried to crucify him. What's wrong with wanting such an aspiration? It's like anyone other than Tiger didn't have the right to be #1 at that time, and to even try would be the dumbest thing they could do. Same goes for Harrington now... there's nothing wrong with "shooting for the stars" as they say.
  20. "I new you were buying irons, but when did you get the putter"? "Oh, that? I've had that". - I don't know if that works. My wife is pretty understanding, but she still puts enough fear in me to prevent doing that sort of thing.
  21. Wow... going old-school with that set-up LOL!
  22. From personal experience, working in a union shop is no guarantee of anything. Maybe if it was the NFLPA or Teamsters, but my union has given up a lot, including retirement benefits and wages (including a little "the company can do what it wants" clause, which doesn't sound like much, but really neuters the union's "power" in many situations), which we oblige because A ) we want to not be unemployed and B ) we want not to be unemployed. LOL... yeah, I said it twice, but it's that important. When your back's against the wall, you do what you have to do to make things work. Maybe some of those stodgy unions don't, but making a blanket statement about all of us is just wrong. In my small microcosm of the auto industry, the two biggest automotive component plants in my area have both taken major concessions in an effort to maintain our companies "viability" (their word, not mine). And yet, more and more jobs are moving to Mexico and China. What's more, with all that cheap labor, the cost of new cars isn't going down. Some are going up, when you see the trucks and cars with the new-fangled bells and whistles (like cameras in the rear, extending side mirrors and bigger engines) Why is that? If it's made cheaper on the whole because of the foreign labor, shouldn't that cost be reflected onto consumers? Not at all- that money is being given to CEO's, marketing/advertising/sponsorships and being eaten by scrap and shipping costs. Also consider that the Toyotas and Hondas have more American component companies (according to our plant manager, because we've been trying to secure business with them), yet they offer the same type of vehicles at roughly the same price. Does any of this sound just a little bit familiar?
  23. I'm not going to... I think you're right. I do like JD and his game, but no one on Tour is an "average Joe".
  24. My brother had a clone Hi-Bore (the original, not the Monster or XLS) and that thing worked great. I put a Purlple Ice 75 "S" in it and it became his best-performing driver. His twin, who isn't that good (but he doesn't get to play or practice near as much) ended up denting the heel- but I can't complain too much. I dented the toe of my original Sasquatch (the real thing) within a year of buying it. My guess is, it'll perform just as well. There's been articles written about some of the OEMs relying on the foundries to come up with their designs. But as is always the case when it comes to equipment "reveals", no names are ever given. It does make me wonder how much intellectual ownership some of the OEMs really have on their designs.
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