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  1. That is cool, but I still fail to see how the "power channel" does anything other than just exist. Oh, that's right... it's a gimmick, that's why. That weight chip in the center of the sole is a nice touch, though: low, but not placed in its extreme rear, which would add more effective loft at impact.
  2. +100. And remember to cut an extra 1/8" to account for the extra length the grip cap will add to the total length of the finished club.
  3. It's almost like Christmas time isn't it? That excitement during the wait...
  4. +100. I also like that sense of ownership about making clubs, and how they can be any way you can imagine them to be. Ebay has a few SW scales up right now. Just go to the Golf: Clubmaking Products: Other and they're in there. I bought an older Golfsmith model off the Bay for $35 (counting shipping).
  5. Geoff Shackelford has an excellent book, The Future of Golf: How Golf Lost Its Way and How To Get It Back. In it, he says: Golf's future is far from certain, but it can thrive again with a more balanced approach to architecture, technology, maintenance, and courses. Is is even possible that affordable and fun golf could play an integral role in rejuvenating the spirit of community that so many Americans long for. Shackelford is a proponent of rolling back the ball. This would, in theory, also reign in the 7,000+ yard courses that are too expensive to maintain (which gets reflected in our greens fees) and painful to play. He also suggests the use (or rather, overuse) of trees is a golf-killer. I should explain that one a bit... trees are good for obvious reasons, but too many on a golf course takes away options for the golfer. The trees dictate how the hole should be played, instead of giving us the ability to come up with creative (and possibly faster) solutions. It's also a maintenance issue, though the pace and style of play issue is far greater. Here's a great quote about equipment (p. 222): An end to the distance chase stops the madness of golf existing primarily as a consumption pastime revolving around the marketing and quarterly profit margin needs of a few manufacturers obligated to no one but their stockholders. Shifting the focus back to the sport itself will benefit the shareholders who matter most: golfers. Did I mention that this book is excellent? It is, and there's a few points in it that are in line with what Big Stu and Cheymike said earlier (by the way, +abunch to both of you). Frank Thomas's Just Hit It is another like Shackelford's book. I definitely recommend both to anyone.
  6. I used to not think like this, but I've been doing a lot of thinking about it. The test that Jeff Sheets does to show how torque plays hand-in-hand with a clubhead's gear effect is a little misleading (I don't know if that's the correct word here...) upon further review. The torque values are only tenths of a degree different, and the misses aren't very different from one another. So basically, if you miss the centerline of the fairway with your driver by 5-10 yards because you're using .2-.5* more torque than what you "should" be using, that's still a pretty good drive. I still hold that torque determines feel, but since feel is so subjective that's almost a wash in generalized terms. If anyone's never seen Hireko's DSFI, it's pretty interesting. They don't have every shaft made- which is the only... issue... I have with it- but it gets expanded yearly. Still, neat stuff; here's the link fro the 2010 version: Chapter 1: http://blog.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/2010sfachapter1.pdf Chapter 2: http://blog.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/2010sfachapter2.pdf Chapter 3: http://blog.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/2010sfachapter3.pdf Chapter 4: http://blog.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/2010sfachapter4.pdf Chapter 5: http://blog.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/2010sfachapter5.pdf They're PDF files, in case the link gets cut short. As you'll see, there's a good number of older models, not as many brand new ones. People have petitioned Mr. Summitt to expand to include stuff like the ATTAS, Axivcore, ProLaunch w/ Axis, etc., etc. Hopefully the 2011 will have some.
  7. Really? Do you think it could replace your SC?
  8. Another well-articulated review. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around golf infomercials selling stuff that actually works LOL! I appreciated your stressing the correct choice of Striker... that should save people some frustration!
  9. That'll probably not help with the life span, as well! LOL! I used to get caught up in all that hype crap, but honestly, there's really little difference. The only variable left to play with is center of gravity location and even that can be overdone. I have an FT-3, FT-5 and FT-9 and I hit all three of them the same distance. Same with my SuMo 5000 and Sasquatch. Same with my Acer XK, but THAT'S my gamer, because I'm not feeding the OEMs another freaking cent until they do something about making the game more affordable. OEMs aren't looking out for our best interests, they're looking out for their shareholder's best interests. That's why there's three different models roll out in one year: a 430cc version with all the bells, a 460cc version minus the weights and a 460cc version with all the bells and whistles and a mean paint scheme. Why couldn't that have been done that with the first model? Because they know people are suckers.
  10. Supposedly, this new insert material is supposed to do the same as the polymer-filled grooves of Methods past. Supposedly. Better, though, is the Core only runs $120-ish instead of $armandleg.
  11. Here's pictures from Golf magazine's "Shop Blog" of the new Method Core. There's a side-by-side with the original Method in each picture:
  12. I don't know which is "better"... I think it depends more on what you expect out of the club. Because of the different shaft lengths, the 5w would go farther than the hybrid, but the hybrid would be more accurate (in general). If you need more help on long approach shots, maybe the 5w would be the way to go. If you'd rather have something that you can control a little easier, maybe the hybrid is the way to go.
  13. I'm wondering why it was the caddy's job to know the tee time. Seems immature to me. Might be why the whole fight started- upset that the penalty was assessed, maybe a little upset that he was basically left out to dry... got worse from there. Maybe it's just me, but I could see it happening that way.
  14. I was with him until the "Chevy" comment. Still, all kinds of good tidbits.
  15. Same here. Nice looking wedges!
  16. I agree- I don't think they'd do that in the US. This is what I meant by "transparent". Very, very much appreciated!
  17. LMAO! I get that alot from my father-in-law. "Why do you stand on the wrong side? Doesn't that mess you up?". I think he's working on getting a standup gig. Thanks for the headsup on that- I almost got my wife an Acer laptop! Looks like I'll look elsewhere.
  18. I think there's a place for negative reinforcement, but I really don't want to be whipped for a bad swing, regardless if the whip's orange, green, or whatever... LOL In all seriousness, sounds like a good idea. I like sticking a shaft (or dowel rod) in the ground at about a 45* angle and making swings, being mindful not to hit the shaft. That's helped me come into impact from the inside out. If I go astray, I'll add a towel or headcover under my arms. There's a drill I read in Golf magazine I like to call "The Cheek To Cheek Drill". I can't remember off the top of my head who wrote the article. The premise is, if you have a cart bag (I'm pretty sure a stand bag would work, also) stand it up and take your address with your rear a few inches away from the bag. From there, you just touch the bag with your right cheek (I'm flipping this around for you righties) on the backswing and with the left cheek on the throughswing. I get that "turning in a barrel" feel, which helped me transfer my weight more efficiently.
  19. I got into the "eat only things that start with a vowel" diet fad a few years back. For breakfast, it'd be eggs and oreos; asparagus and oreos for lunch... Eventually, I just went with the oreos.
  20. Isn't that sweet?! There's a blue model, also... not sure if I said that already. I really like these shafts- the Std. Stepless is heavier- I had them in my bag last year, plus these three colored ones, and they all ranged from 127.4 to 128.6 grams... pretty tight tolerances. A quick funny story: after I put the LW together, I brought it inside to make believe I was golfing. My wife looked at it and said "What is that?". "It's a golf shaft- pretty neat, huh?" I replied. She counters with "It looks like a PVC pipe".
  21. If we're talking strictly from a business standpoint, I couldn't have said it better than this. I think MizzouLefty has a pretty strong point, as well. But from a personal standpoint, I'm in complete agreeance with TheHacker.
  22. Yes, Dave, I do. I think I border on the fanatic when I talk about them, but I've never gamed a better "bang-for-the-buck" brand. Same goes for the True Ace shaft and Apollo shafts. I've gamed a bunch of different brands, but I won't stray too far from Hireko (the Inazone wedges are pretty sweet, though). I did build them. I'd like to consider myself "Minor Jr. Indacup, Negative First Class" (that was another Red Vs. Blue reference!). I would really like to be at someone like Indacup's level, but right now it's just me, my garage and a bunch of stuff . Radar, I AM going to sound like a fanatic when I talk about those ferrules. Everyone I've talked to at Cell Parts has been beyond awesome. And they have SO many different models! The blue ones in the pics are called Pearl Blue, I also have some green ferrules for my sister-in-law's set. I've seen colored ferrules on Ebay, but something about them always turned me off, so I just stuck with the all-black or black-with-a-colored-ring style from Golfsmith or GolfWorks. Not these. When I shake things up with my woods and hybrids, I'm going to go back to Cell Parts. Dork Alert: I'm a HUGE Nebraska 'Huskers fan, which is why my wedges look the way they do.
  23. I'm +1-ing this... Sounds like your buddy got a bad shake.
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