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  1. Well, here's an updated WITB. Thanks goes out to Radar for the kick in the pants- I am guilty of a "no pics" WITB. No excuses... Let's get to it! Here's what I game: Driver: Acer XK, 10.5*; True Ace Blue Crush currently with a Black Widow Tour Silk grip 44.5" (This is going to change to the Acer XF when that comes out... pics will follow!) 3 wood: Acer XK; 15*; Aldila NVS 85 with Sharpro Multi Compound (non-cord) in black and blue. 42.75" All other grips from here on out- until the GW- will be this grip. Hybrid: Acer XK, 19*; Aldila NV 105, 39.75". 4 and 5 irons: Acer XK Standard; FST Pro 115 6-PW: Acer XK Pro; FST Pro 115; all irons shafts are S-flex soft-stepped once. Wedges: Inazone Shadow CNC (52, 56, 60); Apollo Colored Std. Stepless; Sharpro Dual Matrix grips in Black and Red. GW is Black Steel, SW is Red Steel, LW is Ivory Steel. Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #9, 34". Blue Iomic grip and MyGolfSpy headcover (another item where money was well spent- not the grip, the headcover). All iron/wedge ferrules are from Cell Parts. Call them, visit their website, something. They make an absolutely beautiful ferrule. Great product and even better people. Yeah, someone might think "Oh, it's only a ferrule"... I know I did. After RB7 and Saturn pointed me towards Cell Parts, that changed my perception entirely. Sounds like an ad, but I don't care. Yes, that's Yoda over my 3 wood. Chewbacca will be coming for my driver shortly. The pic of my bag has a FT-3 in the driver's side. Yes, I'm in the midle of a driver test: FT-3 v. FT-5 v. FT-9. Been interesting, and inline with what I've been thinking.
  2. +1 I'd just add that the industry "standard" (as far as that goes) seems to hover around 12* for a SW, and 6-8* for a GW and LW. But there's more to it than that. Some people are getting into using the LW as their greenside bunker wedge, with the SW used for longer bunker/finesse shots. So to make a LW work from the bunker, they need more bounce than "standard" and a thicker sole. There's also manufacturing of said bounce. Some companies claim a wedge to have 14* of bounce, but that's only for the exact center of the sole. The toe and/or heel have been recessed (ground) to allow for flop shots and toe-down chips. Still others will say a wedge has 14* bounce, but the sole will be beveled along the trailing edge. You get the benefit (with this term being relative) without the possibility of a distractingly thick sole.
  3. Nice blog! I like the honesty in your writing. I also learned something: why golfers put that towel down. I thought it was for alignment, since the towel has a straight edge. Thanks for the clarification! Good luck out there!
  4. Sweet looking driver. Never heard of them before- where'd you get it?
  5. I'm going to say "ditto". Very pretty! As far as weighting goes, tungsten would work. You use less when compared to lead powder. If my calculations are correct (and I'm not sure, but this is why I don't work for NASA) it looks like you'll end up with a SW of C1 (C1!). I'm going with the 40" model TTDG, the one that's going for $14 at Golfsmith. Anyway, that's 11 swing weight points that need to be recouped. 3g in the head equals 1 swingweight point. So to get to D2 you'd need 33g to make up the difference! That's not very feasible... if it's all powder and it's put in the hosel, that's enough to shift the head's CG location enough to effect playability. It'll also soften the shaft's flex quite a bit. High density lead tape (or those rubber/tungsten stickers that GolfWorks sells... I really like those) could be used in conjunction with the powder, but from a personal standpoint, I wouldn't want a bunch of tape messing up such a good refinish job. ~9g in the shaft can effect one SW point, but since TTDG's are already some of the heaviest shafts available, this doesn't seem to be a feasible way to go. I'm also still assuming I'm using the correct shaft, so really this could go either way. It takes about a 5g difference in weight in the grip to effect one SW point. Unfortunately, I can't think of any method short of not using a grip that won't have an eventual effect on your clubhead's center of gravity location. If you use a grip like the Winn Lite, you could raise the SW py 4-5 points, but that'll only get you to C5 or C6, with 6 more SW points (18g) more needed. I very well could be missing something, but I've been wracking my brain for a bit now trying to think of something else and can't seem to do it. If I think of something, I'll add another post.
  6. #1. Don't sweat it. Stuff happens. #2. that makes pretty good sense. #3. I didn't know it differentiated between sole widths. Interesting... #4. The link didn't post, but either way, looking forward to a new review! By the way- LOVE how you write them up... easy to follow. Keep up the good work!
  7. From my personal experience, it doesn't matter. If you wanted to game Mizuno's (or Titleist, TMaG, Adams, or whatever) you won't get a thing over what the companies like Hireko (Acer/Dynacraft), Maltby, Snake Eyes, Alpha, KZG, or whatever component brand. You'll pay more for the "big boys"- gotta make sure the ads and sponsorships get paid!- but that's it. If you don't like the black anymore, get the Prophet Tour Forged's... really, really, nice clubs and nice-'n'-shiny. Think about it this way: buy these irons, put in whatever shaft you want- doesn't matter if it's KBS, Project X, Apollo, SK FIber... doesn't matter; put on Karma, Golf Pride, Sharpro, Winn, whatever brand of grip you want and a set of these clubs will STILL be paying less than a set from the "big boys", with all the same playability, feel, or whatever other adjectives you want to use. Here's an example: a 3-PW set with SK Fiber Graphite 100 shafts and GP Multi-Compound grips costs $675.12 from Hireko's website. Another example: the heads, in component form, cost $29.95 each. In this example you need a 3-PW set, so that's going to run you $239.60. PX shafts, for a set (.370 tips) will set you back $268.99, and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips will cost $28.72. We're looking at a total cost, before assembly, of $537.31. Assuming you don't get gouged for someone to assemble the irons, you're going to come out ahead of every single OEM forged offering.
  8. So true. I usually end up giving stuff away to a local golf retailer, he then turns it around to underpriviledged kids, so they can get into the game. I especially like it since I'm a lefty and that stuff can be a little harder to find- especially in that circumstance. And Matt, I'm more inclined to believe you with what you highlighted. When my father-in-law went out and bought all-new TMaG gear the other day (yes, the bag as well, even though I tried to talk him out of it... or least, buy an adidas bag) it dawned on me that it just seems to be the MGS readers that are "educated". Kind of disappointing...
  9. I second the +1 to TW. Where I work, we have a decent number of car components that come from Mexico- notably, the material that covers the armrests, the "arm rests" for the inside of door panels (the soft part), the upper substrate for the interior of the door panel (a different model)... just to name a few. They have to pay a 3rd party to sort all of their stuff, because it's junk. Whenever we get a rejection, it's usually (but not always- we aren't perfect) because of some issue with their parts. While we get charged for the initial rejection, we recoup our losses by charging them. It's been 11 years and I STILL don't have any clue as to how this is is working out, other than by charging an arm and a foot (not the whole leg) for each part. It's baffling to me. I'm no economist, but from my perspective it seems that it'd be more effective to have your components made in the same place you're stationed. If it's the US, have everything made in the US. If it's Australia, have it all made in Australia. Yes, the wages would be a little higher, but the quality would be higher (on average... a person making $8/hour or more with benefits is more likely to care about what they're doing than someone making $8 a day with no benefits). This would reduce scrap costs, which from my experience can get enormous. Savings on shipping charges would also be reduced. I don't know the details, but I can't figure out why this is "bad". I'm not trying to disparage anyone; this is all based on my stunted personal experience. Maybe it'd be different with Callaway... but from my point of view, I doubt it.
  10. That about sums it up for me. They won't compare their "forged composite" crowns to others like Nike's on the SuMo 5000 (or their own from previous models), but they'll sure compare it to titanium... that sounds like a swipe at both TMaG and Titleist to me. Their execs gave themselves bonuses for poor performance and now we have this petty excuse of a flaw. Titleist is releasing the new/old ProV1/V1x that they couldn't release in 2009, thanks to Callaway's eventually wasted lawsuit. They also are going to (hopefully) have their hands full with the lawsuit over the "octane" name. The end seems near... This is just me thinking out loud, but if Callaway does happen to go down (or is bought by Dick's) could the Ben Hogan brand be revived?
  11. I'm not impressed with either club or company... does that make me evil? I hope so! The adjustable hosel isn't much of a much- open a clubface and you decrease effective loft; close it and you add effective loft; both happen in a 1:1 ratio. Are there any compensations for this? I couldn't seem to find any. Same with the MWT- there isn't enough weight (10g) in these new models to have ANY effect on flight control. Sad, but physics doesn't lie. To move the CG location at least 1/4" (the minimum needed to see a difference) takes much more than 10g... throw in the other two weights and they're negating that use further! Callaway isn't much better, though... a new "forged composite" (when you read that, read it as Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies would say it; that's my feeling as I'm typing this) crown that they don't have the guts to compare it to the crowns on the FT-3, 5, or 9... but they're lighter than titanium! Woo-Hoo! It sounds more like a potshot at Titleist and TMaG than anything. That, or when coupled with their "partnership" with Lamborghini it looks like a way to keep costs high. Having a Transformer on the sole doesn't really help, either. Throw in that from my vantage point I get better results with the FT-3 (not the 5 or 9 that I also own, or the RAZR that I played around with) and it's easy to see why I'm not impressed. Just my opinion, but I think this is more of a signal of the end for most of the "big boys". They know their stuff isn't that much of an advancement. People are getting wise to the game. So, they resort to the name-calling and kid games. Shows what little integrity they have in a game that's supposed to have the most of ANY sport.
  12. Oh. My. God. I HATE that commercial! I'm not too into violence, but I think dude would get something- either a backhand or a 9 iron- upside the head after the first warning. Holy crap...
  13. And that is why it's so sad, because it's so true. I have friends that don't want to take up the game because of the supposed high investment costs and/or the learning curve... but come on! If EVERYONE, from the Callaway's to the Acer's lowered prices, the perception would NOT be so bad (still waiting to see if Mr. George Fellows follows through with making the game more affordable). Not only that, there'd be money left in the coffer for lessons! How does the game of golf really lose? I mean, other than the CEO's making a little less money, everyone else (courses, PGA teachers, etc.) would make more. It seems like golf's infrastructure would be made stronger overall by this. This is why I game the clubs I game. I'm not a bad golfer (not great either, but above average), yet I don't spend two months worth of wages whenever some company rolls out their "new and shiny". Not only does this leave me with more money for greens fees, I can provide for my family guilt-free (could you imagine? "Yeah, the power got shut off, but I just got that SWEET forged iron set that looks and plays the same as last year's set") and without any hassle from the wife. The PERCEPTION is what I would want to change. Go ahead and play whatever you like (except counterfeits), but gaming a full set of "big boys" means absolutely nothing. People want to grow the game? Get that ridiculous notion out of people's heads. Hard to do when it's shoved down everyone's throat, but it can be done.
  14. I haven't been a true follower of WRX for some time now. I do like to occasionally go in, ninja-style, to bad mouth Golf Digest (they make it so easy!); I just never bother to see if there's any responses or if they even leave my comments up. Maybe I should... but since I really, truly can't stand GD, that doesn't seem too appealing to me.
  15. I don't think a monopoly will form, there's just too many different companies (and that whole thing about it being illegal here doesn't help). I do think it's possible for a Callaway or whoever to go bye-bye. It happened to Spaulding, Top-Flite, Ram, Strata, Tommy Armour and Ben Hogan Golf to name a few. To think it couldn't or wouldn't happen to the likes of a Callaway is being close-minded.
  16. I think Tiger's dropped into a top 20 golfer, not the best. He's had multiple surgeries on his knees, one on his Achilles, another on his wrist (left one, if memory serves), had those stress fractures from the last time his knee went gimpy and a couple surgeries on his eyes. That's a lot of wear, tear and repair for a relatively short span of time. Couple that with the influx of young talent that finally seems to be the real "next big thing" and Tiger's run at Jack's record is in trouble, in my eyes. I think he'll get to 16... eventually, but 18 or more? I don't think it's likely. This is why there's times I'm surprised golf doesn't get the ratings I think it should. There seems to be a storyline for so many, regardless of what side of the Tiger fence a person is on. Even those nowhere near the fence has so many reasons to watch. I love golf season!
  17. I like these responses. Like Sactown said, try 'em all. Buy sleeves and go out and play with them. Golf magazine did a test a few years back that showed there's only about 7 yards difference from a "cheap" two-piece ball and a "tour" ball. Of course, there's a discrepency in spin, because of the "tour" ball's urethane cover. So it's up to you: do you like to spin it, or do you like to let the ball run to the hole? That can help narrow down your choices a bit. Listen to how the balls sound off your putter. Some have a sound that resonates with a person, some golfers don't care how it sounds, but it's something to consider if you're torn between a couple models.
  18. There's no way I can follow up with anything really better, so I'll just say my piece: Sounds like the end is near for Callaway. This isn't based on any one fact (just stuff I've obvserved), but companies that have their top dogs looking out for #1 regardless of performance don't seem to last very long afterwards. Maybe they're rewarding themselves for their eventual sale to Dick's? Sorry, I couldn't resist rehashing an old topic.
  19. He's like us, only he's on Golf Digest's payroll. I'm not much of a gambler, but that's one bet I would take.
  20. That's EXACTLY how I feel! It's asinine to think that TV viewers can have any effect on the outcome of a tourney. Besides, why should only the "TV-worthy" pro's like Harrington and Villegas be scrutinized so fiercely? It's total BS.
  21. Westwood talked regardless of his rank. Being world #1 gives him more weight when he does speak, though. I actually agree with him... it doesn't matter how much money you made, or how your FedEx cup standing is- a win's a win. Not only that, but 1>0.
  22. The black ones are still really good, regardless of what was said here. I remember they got dinged for the 3 iron's loft being off, but EVERY club manufacturer has tolerances. Like the saying goes, "it is what it is". The black blades have a longer hosel. The Prophet Tours have a slightly smaller hosel length, and that extra mass is used, in a nutshell, to fill up the stability slot. That means there's a little more "meat" behind the sweet spot.
  23. I think a lot of people are missing the boat with these guys. Not just their heads, but the Apollo line of shafts (they offer the Humps, .355T in X-flex now) and Karma grips. I don't know about everyone else, but $.89 for a grip that'll last all year (as my wedge grips did) is pretty reasonable.
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