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  1. Made in the USA! I liked last year's model, but I had a helluva time keeping the white grips clean... and I was cleaning them daily! Next time (I'm sure there'll be one), I think I'll play it safe and go with black or blue.
  2. No, Jamo, it's Mike Stachura ("Gouge") and E. Michael Johnson ("Bomb"). Oh, yeah... that "Obsolete List" stuck a nerve with me, as well...
  3. Since I have no designs on ever owning anything made by Taylormade ever again... nothing.
  4. And the long irons: 3- 4.3mm 4- 3.8mm I'd be hard-pressed if anyone could look at the 8 iron and say "Geez, 1.8mm offset? That thing looks like it's open wider than a barn door!". Here's the offset for Mizuno MP-52s. Their website gives inches, but I'll convert them into mm (thanks to metric-conversions.org)... 3i- 3.6mm 4i- 3.4 5i- 3.4 6i- 3.3 7i- 3.2 8i- 3.2 91- 2.9 PW- 2.9 So, there's just a hair more offset in the 3 and 4 irons, but less offset from the 5i down in Dynacraft's than the Mizuno's... interesting. I'd like to do more, but since I've laid the ground work, everyone else can do this on their own if they're so inclined. I don't really have the time right now.
  5. I'm going to "ditto" this. Let's grow the game, but make everything too far out of most people's price range... really freaking smart. I'd LOVE to change that.
  6. I have Acer XK gear. I recently switched my wedges from Acer XB to Inazone Shadows. My gamer putter is a White Hot XG #9. Why do I game them? Let's see: I own a Callaway FT-3, FT-5 and FT-9; a Nike Sasquatch and SuMo 5000; an Adams A3 Boxer hybrid; Callaway X-20 and X-22's (both Tour and non-Tour versions... not whole sets, either); Callaway Big Bertha irons; an Odyssey Dual Force 2 putter (my backup putter; had an original White Hot Rossie, but gave that to charity), Tour Edge Progressive J/Max irons (another charity gift); a Nike NDS 5 wood (3w went to charity); Cleveland 588 and CG12 wedges (56 and 60*); Taylormade RAC (56*) and Rac Satin TP (52*) wedges; a couple of older Vokey wedges (52 and 56*); Adams Watson wedges (52, 56, 60*); Dunlop Pro Combo irons (made from zinc)... you get the idea. I get just as much performance with my Acers as any of the other clubs I've listed, for a fraction of the cost. Gives me more money for greens fees!
  7. Just to throw it out there: instead of a bunch of tape, you could look for a lighter grip. It's ~5g of weight change in the grip to effect one SW point. So, if you decide to go through with the cutting thing, weigh your current grip after you cut it off, then look for something that's lighter. Without knowing what you have currently, I can't say for sure if this is going to definitely work. It may not be possible to get all 6 SW points back through the grip alone, so you may have to combine the lightest grip you can find with the HD tape. The tungsten/rubber sticky pads from the GolfWorks are really nice, as well. One chip equals one SW point, and they're a little easier to hide than tape.
  8. Tom Wishon made a similar statement about advertising dollars driving the Hot Lists in his book "The Right Sticks". He doesn't delve too deep, it's only a sentence or two long. I'm going to take his word for it, since he hasn't been wrong about too much in my eyes. Being a former contributor to GD helps me believe him, as well. I have VERY little respect for Mike Stachura. Some of you probably have already guessed that by some of my previous posts. So, for all of those who don't know, I'm going to say it again: in my humble opinion, he's a jack@ss. In a nutshell, he said in an older "Bomb and Gouge" blog post that anyone not playing with the latest and greatest (at least, no more than two years old) equipment is only "pretending" to golf. Yeah, I took offense to that. Physics drives a golf swing (not the name on the soleplate, as he'd have you believe). No matter if you spent $100 or $700 for your new and shiny driver; or if you bought it in 2006 or 2011, if you can't swing it more than 105 mph, it'll NEVER go 300 yards... which, by the way, isn't that where the Average Joe/Jane should be at, with all the new technologies/marketing gibberish?
  9. I hope you win... someone needs to take the big-named bullies down. Good luck, and keep up the good fight!
  10. +1. We use all different types at my shop. I found out about the spray stuff when I started there- Like a "My God, they're everywhere!" moment LOL.
  11. You're right- I am lucky. I know it helped because it was Christmas time, but still, to think of that of her own accord was too sweet for words. As for the grip, it feels similar to a Ping (the one that Tiger uses; blanking on the name of it right now), only a little thicker. I'd say it dampens vibrations- not absorbs; I can tell a difference between the Iomic and the stock grip in that regard. Just holding on to it I thought it was lighter than the stock XG grip, but it was a shade over 10g heavier... yeah, I was surprised by that. I'm not sold on the "minus ion" stuff, but the grip looks sleek and the color is bright. Even better, I paid about $8 less for it off Ebay than what Golfsmith is currently selling it for! Dave, yes! That cover looks exactly like the prototype pics they had earlier- to me, that is really cool. I told GSX that I've never been excited about a headcover before until this one. There wasn't even any loose stitching anywhere inside the cover... I kind of expect that- I file it under "manufacturing tolerances"- but there wasn't any. Anyone that doesn't have a MGS putter cover yet- get one! They are worth every penny. Hopefully the mallet version will be coming soon for those that have the bigger headed putters.
  12. "Spongy" seems accurate to me, but I like that feeling. I can still differentiate a good and bad putt. Kinda shows why there are tons of putters available... so many golfers and so many differing tastes, but there's going to be something for everyone.
  13. That's a good question. I know my shop goes through tons of ABS and polypropelene a year, but I couldn't tell you how much Odyssey uses. The red part feels like the same material they use to make action figures, for comparative purposes. I also find it just a touch interesting that they hold the face insert in with two-way tape (that gunk in the second pic). That's how Bobby Jones Golf does it with their wedge faces, for what that's worth.
  14. Here's an exchange between my father-in-law and I one day last year: FIN: D@mn lefties... just doesn't look right. Me: Yeah, but I did it "right", I'd be aiming right at you! FIN: You know... that's a good point.
  15. The new XG face doesn't have the 6 red dots and the "checkered" pattern on the sweet spot area... it's the White Ice cover. For some reason, I find it interesting that there's an "XG" in the red (3rd pic). It comes from working with plastics, I think.
  16. I forgot... someone got a new headcover!!!
  17. I recently had a dumb@ss attack and destroyed my beloved WH XG #7. It wasn't in anger, it was a decent amount of both stupidity and a moving vehicle. My wife, though, came to the rescue: she was going to surprise me with a new putter for Christmas, any way! She asked me what I wanted and I suggested either the Yes! Sophia or WH XG #9. I ended up with the #9. It's really a nice club. I actually like the toe balancing. The did rework the face, though... they're using the White Ice face now, with the XG insert (the red plastic behind the face cover). Anyways, I got the club and "reworked" it. I ditched the stock grip for another. Here's the pics: I don't believe in that "minus ion" stuff the Iomics sell. I had a Trion-Z when it first came out and never felt any different. It reminds me of a Ping grip. Really dig the color, though!
  18. I bet it's hard to say "I told you so" to the other wannabe's when it comes at someone like Yes!'s expense... But I also bet it's nice to have some validation, as well.
  19. I was thinking the same thing. Trevor Immelman gamed a STR8-FIT SuMo driver when he won the Master's. Golf Magazine had it in their version of "WITB?" not long after. I can't remember ever seeing one in retail. DyMo's yes, SuMo's no. Am I right, or did I just miss something?
  20. That made me laugh- my boy (2 years old) is getting into that "mine!" phase, and the opening sentence made me think of it. Of course, it's not funny when you're trying to get an expensive watch, or your wife's earings from him, but it is cute in hindsight. As for the MGS Store, I can't say it any better than Tim did. But like everyone else, I'll be waiting eagerly!
  21. Maybe an acronym of his name? Still mean the same, and wouldn't infringe on any copyrights (though not sure on that). That, or just call them "Joe" putters.
  22. I'm in your boat. Hard to get US sponsors when they don't trust you (Tiger) anymore.
  23. God, this counterfeiting market is getting good (meant in a bad way). They look so real... I'm not a huge fan of the OEMs, but as I always say: this is ridiculous. Counterfeiters hurt EVERYONE.
  24. I'm not an Oregon fan (Go Big Red!), but they have scored a LOT of points this year, so that means a LOT of pushups for "Donald" Duck. I say he wins in a landslide.
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