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  1. ps if you read the post correctly i was willing to pay for x amount to achieve free shipping which a lot of websites do say spend $300 dollars get free shipping
  2. steve it was just a question i through out there, i do buy a lot of gear on uk websites and apoligise for ruffling your feathers but i was silly and thought golf forums were there for felow golfers to help each other, ie if i seen somthing on a uk website which would help americans I WOULD, but i think i will stick to uk forums in the future to avoid being attacked verbally by someone like yourself cheers and happy golfing
  3. particularly interested in cobra puma golf gear
  4. does anyone know of any us golf sites that offers free shipping to the uk, even if it means i have to spend a minimum amount, i just cant believe the prices you get on golf equipment in the us , its just over half price when you consider the gbp to the us dollar
  5. sorry but shipping makes it to expensive but thank you for your post
  6. dont like the white r11 dont like the white burner superfast , at the moment im using the black burner superfast but god thats uglier than my first wife
  7. i have noticed that adams golf seems to be big in america but not here , i use cobra clubs myself with a taylormade superfast driver, looking to buy the new cobra zl driver
  8. jim sounds good to me not a drinker believe it or not for a scotsman, but seen to many people piss there hard earned money up a wall but would be delighted to do a trade etc cheers
  9. does anyone on the site ship to the uk
  10. im 48 years old had an operation on my spine and had 4 discs removed which left me having to learn to walk again , so on constant morphine and use the golf as a pleasant form of pphysio , but i cant stop buying clubs , have only played 4 years and went through a lot of drivers had the hippo hex as a starter then the cobra l4v, cobra l5v cobra s91, now i go with the taylormade burner superfast , would like the cobra zl but to expensive at the moment, anyway am a member of my local parkland course ,play of 18, and ussually play 4 to five times a week, and as a canny scotsman always on the lookout for a bargain , as i have said the clubs look a lot cheaper in america
  11. would love to buy this but the shipping cost to scotland would pu me out of the ballpark
  12. 48 years old took up the game after having four discs removed from my spine and i use the golf as some fun physio down to eighteen , but boy i want to buy some clubs in america the new and used are so cheap compared to the uk , but shipping is to expensive
  13. hi ther is there any use me joining in here as im in scotland but enjoy reading the posts but getting annoyed how cheap the prices are in america
  14. bought a cobra limited edidtion bag whom cobra now own and it was so much nicer than this, wouldnt and couldnt put this on my trolley
  15. you guys in america are so so lucky ,the prices of new and used clubs is unbelievable if any of you guys find any decent sites with free or cheap shipping to the uk i would appreciate very much if you would let me know thanks
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